Acrillic Figa

Acrillic Figa

[starts rolling the next joint]….a lot of timespace has passed since i last posted. Reading Alan Watts has been difficult and testing. Although in some sense he holds the Kryptonite, the antitdote to our “media monster word virus run wild in the western lands” )+()_()+(

[takes a swig of red nectar beer, pulls on spliff] Since i last posted i have also spent months working towards the publication of maybelogic quarterly – a labour of love which i am still recovering from, in regards to being subject to it’s contents. As editor i was able to work right up until the very last few hours with the content of my own pieces about hiphop and the New scientific language of maybelogic. Without cell phone, television or regular internet access i am able to project “Internet” onto just two texts which i am currently embroiled and entangled within; Finnegans Wake by james Joyce and The Cantos by Ezra Pound. Both of which seem able to telecommunicate certain structures through the air – like wireless internet. I know it sounds rather strange but i am not joking about the power of poetic verse and meter, especially when recited or sung and danced about, shouted maybe even, to “teleport” what you might call “Web sites”

Out of thin air.

Get the two texts and try it. I swear it’s better than gameboy

Acrillic Figa

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