In like

In Out the dirty bin, like Flynn, trippin’ Sin of Johnsin, Jonesin for deregs Suckin’ the last dregs of capital From a burst bubble In, in with them, in it together With Europe to weather the weather You choose Trump or Tusk? In with your kin Folks in mass who be from working kingdom class … Continue reading In like

“Borrisalooner” – James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, Chapter 23. (Page 337)

The future prophesy reported to surround the highly weird book, Finnegans Wake (1939) can be evidenced here: Chapter 23, page 337. Sounds a lot like Boris Johnson to me, and my sentiment asking for buds, and order. John Bercow anyone. I am incorrigible too. Boris the LOONER, and Boris Johnson the loner. Spot on jim. … Continue reading “Borrisalooner” – James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, Chapter 23. (Page 337)