WG is for WAR GAMES: Do you want to play a game?

McKittrick: See that sign up here – up here. “Defcon.” That indicates our current defense condition. It should read “Defcon 5,” which means peace. It’s still on 4 because of that little stunt you pulled. Actually, if we hadn’t caught it in time, it might have gone to Defcon 1. You know what that means, David?

David Lightman: No. What does that mean?

McKittrick: World War Three.

One thought on “WG is for WAR GAMES: Do you want to play a game?

  1. Like mathew broderick i skip school and write rhymes, run around stealing cars and shit doing my crimes. And then i suddenly stooped when the code turned amber thought…..Oh shit not now, i’m about to take that volkswagon camper. so i left her pants damper, the girl in the camper, we was eating together out of our new picnic hamper > when along came davideo with familiar voice > lie down on the floor and be quiet, i vill sey ziss unly wunce. i’m already crouched down with my head between my knees sayin prayers to jimi Saville i wish i could breath. smushed up smalled like a little mouse, a little scared cat or kitty woodn’t say boo to a goose and then expanded when handed a mic and had my chains cut loose. Deaf conspiracy of world war three it’s over already. if you want it. And if you don’t then keep voting for the killing party and keep pushin them > over the edge > into the hedge rows where the crow crows and where the berry sit’s in it’s place, sweet, silent, succulent and “free” don’t wanna do no harm to me or anybody. like peace i see trees just swaying in the wind i ask a friend about it, i’ll never hear the end of it, a wind bagga rappa. Do you wanna play a game hell yeah, but if it’s game bwoy i warn yeh i’m the best in the west, if it’s hop scotch you got me, soccer i’m done, if it’s cricket were playin well you best just run. Golf and tennis i’m perty crappy at, i got 12 fingers and i drink and i just carn’t hold a bat. But if the game is war games which i suspect that it is, then i give up cuz Von neuman show’d that it’s mutual assured destruction, or mad – which as a metaphor for these times on the most part ain’t bad, it’s like chess yes Porn to castle – queen bangs the Bishop and we all protect the King. well i’ll protect the bling before i try and save the king [in a computer voice over my shoulder] “Do you want to play a game of chess” hell no, but i’ll play turn on your talk tapes, talk back system feedingback freestyle rhymes, cuz it keeps my mind of crimes, like that camper van > oh man, and that girl i left in there, Oh she is cute and loving she adhores me so much i wanna scream “i want more ice cream” more sugar coating on my teeth cuz when i used to play chess i confess i would suck gob stoppers. kitteridge i’m curious where you met Dave? reminds me of a dude i met while visiting your grave. But the message…. the message goin out to the people is pick up your pens, gather your paintbrushes and stickers and throw up your truthies like this – Liberty cap ain’t called that for nuthin, it’s cuz the revolutions comin it’s cuz the word is growin under you feet > just meet and greet the little critters in the plants just under your feet. now today i’m kinda pompous like a pope or captain, captain captain. yeah liberty you hear me. My language mostly gathered from skandenavy sauces between 800 A.D and me. Acrillic dipping chickens in psychotropic lookin juice, makin poetry from Polltree, pull a rhyme out a goose. Story, a ghost story about a big frogs pouch, a puca tale the size of a whale and my nose has shrunken from so much truth. You see bag or pouch equals bog and puca this makes me the boggyman from outer mongolia. I am a frog with a pouch all puffed up atop my stool, a frog or a toad? well witch rhymes with stool. you werk it out while eye blow it out > my ass like the last day of class i remmber learnin sumthin about force = mass x time x the amount of wine tricklin down you spine. Change is constant so measurment fake, carn’t have a ruler with a rubber inch on it cuz the trubble that’d make. Scales…. weights….. velocity…… measure, i’ll pull em all apart with the tools of art just watch me do my pleasure. Most ground feeders creepin through the underbrush see me as a puff. A big blown up oversized ego to their visual cortex, but if they would just hear it’s made clear that my recording on ampex > hear the tape hiss in the undergrowth like a python, skin made of poison i wear many hats, i watch all the wildlife – the dogs and the cats. I sit on my stool with a big long hookha, you think you know me well blow me i’m the invisible pooka, came here from saturn on sporespace ship, and right now i’m a question hanging from your lower lip. say what? who is this kid, well i skint, mad and full of it without a Dollar or quid. You think it’s funny a white kid like me got no money, but honey > if your not hungry, lost and lonely how can you be ready for the rapture, the rupture of time > my machine just constructed has green wings and a purple tail, it has glitter trawling of the back like that stuuf on your nail. Don’t get me started on my raps about the spacetime machine cuz i wunt stop, ever, and any other story will just seem lean > in a comparison between George Harrison and Harrison Ford you might get bored but think about it the beatles and the search for the grail [as the python hisses] my heart misses a beat, and then i’m up fast quick, to my feet. Elvin Jones and the last crusade i gotta bring super kozmic sounds free, like homemade lemonade. A love supreme – be humble on the ride symbol, for the ride for the ride > thankyou for the ride. Inside my mind i got a factory producin these words, deeper there’s a farm where lives a hip crew of birds – turky farm, turky burgars Turkey eagle on you coat of arms, and lions climbing up another coat, another gloss > another finish, another Acrylicked masterpiece. see my seal calender puts a leaf around the world, the U.N reef just turned into s spleef, the U.S flag an old rag holdin grief and pain and ignorance cuz it pays the painful consequence of Single Sight! One God, One Nation, One Truth, One Power, One world government. Somebody needs to provide a suppliment, a newtritious meal, some vegetables perhaps and a visit to the sea side. A walk in the park, anything to pull em the dark closet of sercret sea, behind closed doors, in the grip of claws of a creature from the black lagoon, more like the White House. A doormouse told me that lagoons, bogs, muck, mud, marshes, stuck, dumb, bomb and slum all comes from the same etymological drum. Humm…..i think i run on too much with that last sentence, but it’s true the powers that be make bacteria bad, make dirt and sign of dullness, make primitive people primivite. you get it? So take the PRIME directive, take a rib and make poems, Invite everybody over for your prime directive > be a detective ventriloquist > get my gist? Powers that wanna “Be” call themselves sophisticated people, civilized and “Social” ha, just three words like “God” “Wealth” and “Truth” get dragged through the mediasphere everyday, till you just stop….and say ‘What the hells goin on?” i ask myself, is the world gone mad? or is it me? well, i think i worked it out the other day while sippin Chinese tea – language is a virus and it’s out of control, so lasooo it, get into it man you know, movin, doin it. Grab it and love it, spank it and crank it up full blast. Ghetto blast your latest Canto > and i know most you readin do! but anywho i still goo on bout how them “mediapirates like clearchannel and BBC” whatever there names mebbe > they certainly ain’t you or me, so ……i was sippin my tea and it struck me like lighening, my one leg went week, my arm startin twitchin and i stopped bitchin, stepped to the keys and typed. I am a…….and it seemed so weak but all everything else i wuzzent. I war a cat, or a plane or a river or even my own bloody hand. I was a “statistic in their pathetic robot band” like Brazil bizzness iz ill. Like Micheal Moore sez and Dead Prez and KRS. Time to grab your pens, paintbrushes and cans set to work constructing plans, build your own empire town city and home. don’t sucked up into the maddness of the CNN zone. If you know it’s them then stop and be still. Find a friend around you, talk to them know them be straight. Put it on a plate and serve them with a gentle introduction – not with a security warning saying be prepared to die. Ask why, ask em whats changed ask em if there’s any rules to their game, ask “them” whomever them are? who are they, were they > just another category? Well my tea told me the Map is not the territory, Alan Watts sez the menu IS NOT the meal. What your eyes really SEE ain’t the whole picture. Were all PSYCHIC sea, sploshin minds adrift on the aether like wireless internet lyk WIRELESS internet we communicate. The truth somebody stop me, i already made it to the future now it’s up to you to join me. Switch off your TV for once and for good, well maybe turn it on if the movies real good – like Dr. Strangelove, Eye’s wide shut, the Godfarther or Jaws? I don’t mean to preach but reach, and i see us all chillin on the beach playin by the ocean minds in motion, change flippin sentences back and forward like i knew what was gonna drop in my lap 4 minutes before it….dropped…… So there don’t lapse in the mediasphere – theres MC’s over here > Dj’s over there. Go get the news from your family, just because it seems OFF topic don’t mean the wizdom’s not part of me, but i mean a part of YOU, yes YOU do what i do, wrap words round you finger and imagine your a singer, up there on the world stage, with mic and a 12 gauge > about to the turn the next page and calm the new world dissorder by being braver, by a close shaver you can sava all human poetry – and poetry i might add if you forgot or misstuckit are the spokes in the wheels of all things you might “put it” like a “Birdie” this wordy nerdy raps all i got, but i pot all the balls > in one shot, i’m so hot who can deny me when my ego’s ablaze > even Zeus tries to stop and put my mind in a cage but we gotta get aboard the language game, be a playa and saya your DNA’s will. look at my spill i am crill, gettin ill like the reflection of a tree in the dew drop upon your window sill. Still just cuz i think i am it don’t mean i should spam it, or should i write a book? but publishers suck. Fuck i’ll just take another look at the game and tale a plane and craft my trunk of oak into a wand, sit motionless……next to a pond….listen for the waterskeeters, algae and birds….apprehend nature her cycles, chronicles dank smell and bright bright illuminating truth. The earth the earth for Christs sake. Why bake your pies in another oven [the television] why profess you love and cry tears for another [the television] when your own vision can show that next to you sits a lonely husk, confused at the signals, late for work feeling sad generally, slightly depressed, wishing they should of pressed “OFF” don’t mean to scoff at the poor blighters but the vampires come with a deadly swosh, they spaceship satellites > armies institutions and proof. And me….i’m standing here naked with a thumb up my own ass, plugging the truth about civilization, holding back the poop of distorted stories, contaughteddy bear history, one tracked mind. One tracked Mind. carn’t find themeselves, i mean the journalists and columists, scientists and theologists it’s all about the self preservation society peeps just tryin to keep their crews on top. Who can blame em cuz like revolution when you in power, you play high tower, you abuse power, you become conservative and loose the maverick spirit like Lenny Bruce or some brave warrior, Che, X, Lennon or Burroughs. Don’t take long to find the artists who rub up, against the grain. before their time a threat and terrorist, the great beast of the apocalypse even. So now work through the riddle, how can any word of “hate red” “vial-sense” or “suffering’ really apprehend the expereince? Huh. Again, how can any word you possess really get to the heart of what you mean which is probably something assimilated from previous experience? i mean, sense sensation > with nature. rolling down a grass bank, stinging your armies on poison ivy, jumping and swimming in the river – these are actions our words only label, like a hello my name is…..label, or the name of the TV Channel. But with TV it’s another layer of abstraction cuz your in the real action, out in the world, on the front line, INside newsweek, at the SCENE of the crime, inside the actors studio. It’s a joke, they all vampires, me too, therefore you better tighten up your talk tapes and think this all through. alphabet hijackers each place i look, even in the pages of my favourite book, alphabet hijackers, jerks and lurkers, in simple poem my dimples growin and i think “i can see you” but it’s my mind, and your mind that see’s and it’s the googles your prescribed that bring the world wide disease. Taxonomosis it should be called, or categories disease. The will to spill non-ill rhymes, supposed to be about truth, and then tie em round poor youths throats, just get more votes, so they can float votes to poor foreign people’s throats. Vote in your own name > not in my name* cuz it’s your pen and mind bond that’s gonna say it most plane. I should stop and write a short poem, but now i’m off i’ll just keep goin like rain or heavy snowin. kuz i admit i know nuthin and the world seems strange and my freestyle gets longer sometimes way out of range. Standin i’m standin up against the wall, they got me blindfolded gagged, hands tied, and i’m tired but i just fired a rocket out my school stachel, a genisis Bomb, you hear me Skull and bones men, a Genisis Bomb like the one from Star trek, makes rivers and forests grow, turn concrete into leaves, you know. The stuff of life everyone can see, so grab it, take your pen out, stab it, be it. yeah lyra sister i feel the truth and the spirit, fuck em armaments gangster nazi Inteliigence illuminazi, they don’t know about me – yet, i got a bullet proof vest, rhymes that can test any “Intelligence “Analyst. Sprint like ben johnson yeah i use dope too, cuz it’s everywhere you see, in regular house plants in poo. life god truth wealth everywhere we look, it’s our perception that’s priceless, it;s their deception that ties us > to the “Guilt” of blood spilt, forgettin Dada and Picasson and good arts that we built, rounding up Jazz men in new York since 1933. being in ireland since 1132, founded the states in 1776 and so > Be Bop and Bird you know, they locked Im out “Birdland” Put “Pound” inna cage, shot Biggy and Tu Pac and try to stop the new age. But it’s Knu – electric – pivotal – invisible – essential and extraterrestrial! we bring em here with poems, thats why you, me and them are all on the same page when the language gets untied, and we can make big Blocks of rocks rise with Hiphop and build pyramids and houses, how come the greatest inventors always end up getin housed on? Tesla if you remeber was a genius like Trane, but if you research they locked off his science to make their aeroplane. with a passion i’m dashin around the world with my lance, the four horsemen just squashed em like republicrat ants. here this > never to be challenged on the M.I.C especially infront of chumps like Bush and Blair see because them and their whole crews got news to make the delta blues seem applewhite. so fight the power pick up a pen, write a metaphor again, and again and come again, and don’t back down from ascension, did i mention the the crown how your all destined for royalty, but deep down reely it’s no more special that mint tea! don’t squint SEE Kakuzo taught Ernest Fenollosa the secret of tea in my dream, and there can be no secrets so i’ll share it but well…..i’ll just place in aside for a split second and compare it. Essential pivtol yes yes yes, to the marrow of the problum, burrough like Bill i’m makin holes in reality, diggin into their ceremoney, their ritual sacrifice and it’s “me and you” our names and meaning upon the alter, so alter your talk tapes and fasten your pencil case, paint ball warfare puffed up like a Dali skunk! Pump pump me up for world war three, it’s just us and them, me and you, don’t forget wee six billion others. yes i play a game but the rules are bent all out of shape, i have the mic.

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