E is for End of the football season.

  1. Freestyles for the sake of crillick for lick
  2. Anita tongue bung lung twisted tales carn’t stop me,
  3. spillin til dawn till i yawn and lie back with my head
  4. on the ege of the bed – dreamin – stargates cogs and spiral galaxy
  5. travel – woundead whorlds like cream stirred with sugar
  6. in my coffee priXion
  7. Sure thing i’m humble as pie super baked bird
  8. plane, kamikaze freak home rule comet flash out the sky. Bck from before timespace beyond
  9. me and my peeps used to live in the pond at the back of your house with likkle doormouse,
  10. we run with wild grouse, door louse nation > Alphabets are off, c ords pulled out wall sockets, but lights still shinin low.
  12. lower lights tribe beat tanned tawny star bulbs – manga tanka vivid proseody. octosyllabik carved my dna
  13. out of a block of jello. hello! “
  15. noway! tiss true – i wobble as you gobble sweet raspberry – merry pie sized cake holy jiffy – contents spillin from me gobblets, aerospace pirates wanna go play star wars > i got knu’s for your navy blues > live’s with the sky, ocean eyes the hues of this postion, Azure deep whales know what i’m sayin yeah – 1o’000 leagues under the sea it gets darka, i’m down there, with Leviathon, Hobbes and swift’s tale of tub, Rubber dub dub plate – walkin a straynge new land, born into debt from the second world war – 
  17. my folks were drafted into it by Newton. Aristotle put whisky in my Grandfarthers bottle. Same doctore put him on milk cheese and alchahol In ireleand > never met im, but i’ll never forget im > [as i swig from the bottle for Belushi] Lenny bruce talk dirty but intelligent too – but most foul mouthin fakers seem lyk a really bad joke – a sad adult joke – makes me wanna puke in the jukebox > over them unpoetic tradjick approaches and encraochments into mysterious innocent young posters 
  19. End of the football season tickets sold out , poets bailed out on the woid, or were they hijacked and gagged robbed and burned shot and set up for suicide? poets of Sun/moon don’t forget, thats never too cliche. Che she planet flows, all creatures, people dont loose it. Dont forget your galactic heritage – star born – Dont let hate sickreate itself into your sight. whorlds still ours. always wuz cuz we be the divine kings without staff and with graff. turntables microphones and a name to come, if you invite me to jam i’ll bring kazzoos and me drum.
  20. ratta Tatta ting. and yeah – i gut
  21. swing unta skins. Grady tate’s great when i’m curlin like a Buddha i’m learnin, fakers and taper’s hoax shows of my flows, what i mean, sed sayin who knu and who knows?
  22. no charge – all electricity on the field – shroom guide to dummies, a cyclopedia in yr/ tummies.
  23. I’m born of irish brummies, yeah straight out the Industrial Bull ring of fire, bit like detroit – factory minds built by Marx Engles Manchaster slums spread evil capitalism. heh hem > each weekend kids still die on the street, lack shoes on their feet or a “GOOD” thing to eat. four reel > ill gangs and thugs still smoke the wrong druqs but with a mycological atalas in yo tummy you just start te’think it’s all funny > teacup fury freaky brothers, i just entertain cuz outside and in > tv’s just payne and corportate gain. again and again and again
  24. Words our kraft what we own, our poetry a radioactive field of protection. defense of meaning like it was my dog. defense of the craft freestyle > from the heart of no nation no agenda, race blood > Just healthy life lows just believe me as i weave
  25. you – and breath me into frost. most high tracked bounce track to track boom bass snare snappy. Although white my afro beats nappy. 
  27. I’m playin the kid, my conclusions illusions and i knew that much. remains unamed lessons in yangjung wrong
  28. theory, like leary tuck tiss sentunce and spun frontspace backblurr curvizz refracto morpho actions. What…. “shapes” i gesture …..[onward.] Up and into the future – pushing for a solution, real;ization. encouragement for my otherr peeps who wanna just wright but wunt just let go. let loose. Fight the powers that be, slay em each night before tea.
  29. Clear Channel ‘poof” goodbye. No wires with just two texts finnegans wake and cantos bring Internet straight to the sauce perceiver – ridiculous you might be tinkin at fust, but baby baby please believe me,
  30. if the heavens fell tomorrow get a copy and swallow the cantos and awake. somawake and study till you bake and your tongue turns ruddy > Until cherry red lipsick appears to draw itself onto your lips, bringing your family closer, the familiar sketched in a mirror- tattooed onto your skin, a poem > de revolution in the minds of the people. steep and tall order, but odd numbers never been my forte. new scientific breakthroughs are being made, the chains of law> broken. Resurrect – direct – so eat well gather your strength – stop hatin! start marchin and gettin jiggy blunted > responsive , prepared. Not so scared. Freestylyn for free for unity
  31. between all MC’s, web sites celebrate mostly party
  32. saddness kills me and i am drawn to it, remindead me of my own loss, in my own life things missing,
  33. absense the toast highest formation of pressence. Pressage of my gills brings golden juice to switch on the lights of new dawn, new age, get up somaawake. it’s time heard it echo! . get up awake, todays the day – the woids baked frum the grave we splinter dogma like it was logs, keep eyes peeled out like dogs
  34. Independent no joke
  35. im still frsh out the yoke mathematical dope krunch table twine table tableau rosa – mind chess crest on my vest – eyes playing games behind my back at least thats how i’m feelin, animal farm gets brighter 1984
  36. Oh why in the presence of such beauty and bounty would you try and stop the clock – broken for 4 years.
  37. I’m from the future
  38. introducing masterplans, escape from planet earth with marching bands – beats to propell the sons of the sun, the daughters of the sons of the muthers matix arc malarchy. look up, the sky still sits amongst it’s background, with it’s own problums amongst stars and galaxies. loonies in power must be stopped, must be you might thing – at least, presented with some good food, andsome great music, mebbe they all gotta just get down get over it laugh get plastered and take shrooms. yi hee. be happy and skip about and act enlightened. I’m being sarcastic! can you tell? – the smell is your past work rotting, corpsemanure in the pastgrave, written and smitten. what’s written dead on it’s footnotes So i bust live from the hive who a bee acrillic maverick returned in times of disaster and panic, what the fuck else can i do, tread carefully until everything returns to “NORmal. I’m brewin kryptonight on the wheels winding flows till dawn if that’s what it takes i stand the ground, although it’s just ground up rice cakes.
  39. Empire of a donut glazed monster face lift!
  40. cosmetick tocks time for your knu nose job, time for
  41. your tity expansion – “implants” – credit cards,
  42. mobile phones > whatever makes you happy,
  43. well,
  44. if you knew you’d prolly drop a squid in yer nappy. Likkle braun nuggets of truth phill my draws, i pooped myself cuz my rhymazones squirly, don’t know if it’s jimmy dave sammy or shirly. it’s late. No – it’s early. merry gentlemen
  45. and women i’m spillin for thrills , might bethe illist > I’m deff called “crills’ > growing wings and gills so i can live under ocean. respect is nills for trash talkin leaders, eye can see thousands bleadin for uncle Bushsammy? > disturbs me Like Ivan the terrible! Ghengis khan – killers
  46. thugs pirates, like a macrocosm of the local G crack dealer – global speed pusher and coke synthetic monsanto monster clause, i’m disgusted by the chemicals put into kids food, it’s just rude man!
  47. wot cha doin? At the supermarket why you gottcha put bright Candy, choco and MSG filled Cows bones krushed up and called ‘Kids super hero gum” you fuckin sadists. ?
  48. I’ll, come put pounds shillings and sense inyour makers
  49. Safeway noway – wal mart , crewl stagga lee
  50. Sears go figure, in fact most money makers don’t wanna consider the other options. Luckily super bionic critters are here!
  51. no more sicko posters here –
  52. playin off each others ambiguous puke,
  53. united in sour stale adult banter. wack and slack, go step outside. cool of your macho self and penis.
  54. Praise mountain, the crystal computer. praise trees and grasses for goods sake. yes, i mean it might feed ya, My poms from the heart i’m blunt and honest today -i always thought Bucky fuller had the mobile house made anyway,
  55. whats government doing – people stewing > whats anyone doing? well im goinf off topic bck to the supersonic, back to the building of the revolution in the minds of the people. not a moment too soon my minds on the moon, pullin waters too and fro > soon soon i’m patient. Just sitting observing drip drop beats and rock rhymes but not running for congress. i’m not a law changer, policy maker, meddler in others bizzness.
  56. Arts for change or just that we don’t yet realize the power of our farts, if in unity we can cause a big stink, imagine if we filled a whole ice wrinq –
  57. what a smell > shoot hell what a stink new world order slushed down the drain pissed on. Control stuck inside alphabetical prixonx, break out!
  58. tell your fam and pops, time to write your book of spooks, speel the wheels, entice thrice greatness deep within your being, channel the flannel which washes the face of a bass line i ain’t describin cuz you gotta feel it.
  59. carn’t learn too mcuh. some might step away when i open my mind to the vultures and the critics > deep thinkers: thought police hackers and wack exec’s.
  60. there all out there waiting for people like me. fresh faced genius with a hot cup a tea. boilingover off the temperature scale, blah blah, i should remind y’all agen what i say ain’t set in stone, that’s my punch line, i don’t stop,
  61. respect to plurality but what we are doing is shortcircuiting gravitea, reality and authority.
  62. don’t believe me ask yourself, what ingrediants you see left on the shelf,
  63. microphone [ dusty and unplugged] – takes my eye
  64. i have waited and contemplated the players and craft builderbrothers – The cannibals of Europe are eating their litter. zukofsky make a rich man puke, angleton gave your aunties heart attcks. Unbutton your shirt now baby, it’s info for sexual favours, i’ll tell you the passwerd to my “skull and bones ‘ mens club. No nation owns me, contain or refrains me spittin > these truths spill over hills and mountains, far and yonder hey listen i got sumthin to say > i’m acrillic
  65. not a critic, i’ve been shinning all day. hey,
  66. wots up in your local neighbourhood? who’s the baddy the robber? who distributes your facts and how?
  67. Bread line was left to guide me to back to castle, grab my sword and cut the kingdom up into 22 pieces
  68. split em and be as cosmopolitan as i can make myself, afro celt tibetan irish bards, made of nothing but love – yeah LOVE i said it. sey Cheese. Thugs need love and doves and pigeons. gang’s just describe a group in the plural, but with added social moral poop. Here’s a scoop >
  69. most troops talk poop and peace talkers talk piss. in fact all the preachers talkin more stinky manure – funny to see donkey dropping splatter stunkle out of knowers gobbs. worries at the same time though. Angry mobs of knowers with horse manure falling from their chops, smells like the army, smells like the cops,
  70. i’m droppin science in the name of humanity, meaning gets twisted for rhyme and your sanity.
  71. Don’t stare just continue like that, i’m not fruntin, don’t wanna prove nutt’n just grove and add sumth’n – fly agaric muscarinik flavour naughts – element zero at each momoent i perceive, i read the notes on my sleeve about building stargates
  72. to lands of Ellingtons standards on rotation. be bop futures spontaneous, beats carn’t be heldf, marchin bands, snares rata tata rap slap rim shot, flutter like a rattle snake tale. A male, big one angry rattler must think of the force, no anger, no hoarse. [i cough and think to myself am i proff] from cambridge or oxford, or is this ox crap which spills from my glands?
  73. am i in the runnin
  74. got a point you recognize?
  75. re size the universe and put yerself in, make a edit and feed it back to the sphere – medias live don’t feed it in 0h phive. become the media more and more each day, microphone pychologist everythings possible, most stains washable. frum worsster sauce i first dribbled, from the UK you might say and then i woke up dribbled to the land of the free where pounds shillings and sense mean’t nuttin to most > no beans on toast and marmalade no > decent chocolate in the 711. I’m in heaven 20 years ahead, but 12 years behind in my blind, gagged and bound hijacked state > love you all, i’m here to help
  76. i carry raps i got the torchlight tight > tonight i sprint wirless back from the primordial ooze, dialed and projected i’m sorry if you observe me as absurd, abstract or silly. yo, my names cap chilli call me fly hash or crilli. it’s the twentyfirst milly according to many but each day is your own event horizon > your chance to become fully satisfied. remember the past when we was not under threat from the returned nazi storm troopers? and the propagandists. i recall my youth when i tucked in the world to my stinky shorts and farted between nations. Creating inflations and economic situations that effected – as it turns out, over nine other nations too. holy hole in a dionut. i’m doin it live. shoutin me gob of in the name of cheese. havin fun readin yes i seen john cleese. My projects funky half
  77. finished never spell’t wright cuz the empires aflame, set alight by Dada, Vico and Voices of Joyces ghost’s, Hi ho > a toast !
  78. to escaped scribes > drove mad by a world in a straight jacket, hooked on nothing put the bright packet. cozmetic souper kosmick christmastime > bring the truth in a broth,
  79. Suntergrass, grass and yoga maps to the cosmo alignment code. tricks to puttin chakra’s in a puttin line, knockin bones into alighnment, wishn i was a chiropracter of this government. last night i dreamt i was a poet and woke with the cantos impressed in my nose, Adams and Kung Fu fightin it out in my temporal lobes, straight to the flows. who knows > ninja cuts cut and transformed, rewound plus six, damn!. is this thing on…..?

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