E is for Ear: cumz evez rear booty

unedited freestyle mind spill revolution….

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fflyagaric23%2Fshannanigums-wave-book-1-chapter-1-d& Shannanigums Wave Book 1 Chapter 1 d by flyagaric23

if you missed it i come again. babies and gentlewomen, butterflies, all the “Unrepresented natural whorl’d” to come > In birth, birthing NOW wording, yes. All this is coming, everybody is coming. it’s called the revolution and I Acrillic, Agaric, that’s fly agaric will be an avatar for something like it, but not “It” cuz it is YOU, when you actualize the new world, the new age, toss your calendar in the bin. it’s sinn, i am Pagan. here me…i say i am neo pagan, that means i am with the earth, she, here soils, tyo rukh/phul ke ho? [what tree/flower is that, in nepali] Acrillic Rowan Atkent Red Blackthorn Brazen Nut! nuts and friut, the most common mushroom throughout all fairy land, and not a soul seems to “show that they know it” some BIG secret? An agent of evolution contained within a seed planted in this Revolution. me Fly acrillic spinning a whole new calendar/seal language from my fungers in a freestyle lingo to show my sincerity and care for hilaritea, and justice and crying out for peace LOUD. Poetry, i am the poet, the return if you push me and so i am the second coming, right out of the tomb, sleeping for over 12’000 years my spirit arise like your eye’s alight the skies ablaze woid is born, and again. I’m not afraid to use my poetic heritage to spill facts on chumps about “Trees” “plants” “animals” and their role in ‘Our” history, they are everything and us, but now we sit on the verge of destruction, like two suicidal lovers [maybe Micky and Mallory] maybe but on the edge, and then….Woid is born…..and it’s me who brings it tyas-ko phul khah nu hun cha? [Can you eat the fruit?] Like the local drug enforcement were at the first day of creation, no don’t eat the source, oh no, naughty devil, evil women, ate the APL og no, what now? erm, make war on anybody who thinks that god is in nature….”God is in me” I am King, bring me my supper now…etc etc…..get it? No? well err, the Trees the great tree of Mugna contains in itself virtues ofapple, hazel and Oak. No joke i grow around oaky doak steel works didn’t eye, go ask Alice! Hazel is the Poets tree. really that’s not just a clever rhyme, it’s true….i’m really cryin here….tryin not to tear up too much but I’m here, fly agaric and bwoy have i got news…..I am the stag of severn times, over the flooded world, borne of wind, i descend in tears like dew, true…look at me over there i lye in glittering tinsel towns, and yet mycelium roots hidden under hills Clent, Malvern, hereford, Warster. War me….War me lyk…..I fly aloft like a griffon to my nest on the cliff, i BLOOM amunguss the most spectacular flowers, i am both the Oak and the lightning that strikes electric eeled and reeled lightning bolt one legged, shade foot, mycopoet, mushroom defender of HER, nature, come with your bulldozers and sleep at the controls of a 10 tonne truck [civilization] out of control, i’m pushing on the deadmans handle, stop this train…..i wanna get off…..i’m a poet, swimmer, drummer drowning in 21st Century metaphysicks, too bright for my own power flower source, to in love with Fish to sound sane, too: over enthralled by certain Bark’s that i’m laybulled “barking” i’m over over come by Fragrance of “Dolmens of Ireland” overcome by facts about psychotropic roots, to everything, the whole mess, mopped up with mushrooms, you kiddin, itwood be crazy….[wipes eyes] folks running around speaking gobbulday guck, jabberwocky, spellin all bazzerkatronic, never heard of beatifick innovation: whatch you cat stare into space momentarily between chewing cat nip. THERE, GOD of cats, behold a pale horse. Behold the Alphabet and the Goddess, a poet gone mad in a prophets world, poets lay praying like Buddhas, Buddy saturdevas, banshees, Goddess yes sitting still. Like a Tree. Just like a tree has stood for six million years six billion stares from different creatures just strivin for light, change, language, a cat……does it not strive for language….and I teach the councillors their wisdom, i inspire the poets, I do….I rove the hills with just two books like a raving roving bear, grizzly i roar like Winter sea in blackpool, and i fly agaric like finn, like Horus, and like jesus, come again, again like the receding wave. Who but fly agaric to unfold the secrets of the unhewn dolmen? 2062
B.S [Bikram Sambat] Clay water wool and blood, wood lime and flax-thread full DNA twisting Yosh yoshi, full twist: The Nine of Nimrods Tower. [babel Loth Foraind Saliath Nabgadon, Hiruad. Dabhid, Talamon, cae, Kaliap, Murriath, Gotli, Gomers, Stru, Ruben, Achab, Oise, urith, essu, Iachim, Ethrocius, uimelicus, iudonius, Affrim, Ordines. ogham’s friends > These are not the Runes witch are German language type stones, this is food of the gods, a world of Trees and plants, nature herslef, herbalism and it’s reconnetion to Poetry, authority. How many months are their in YOUR year? There are thirteen i say i say isay thirteen, a new octave, phase shifting post kwantum jump, into hypereality, 28 lunar mushrooms, the stems and branches of trees which surely, must have…..must have…born ideas at the least in man? the wind of river, rise of sun..yes..The flower petal growth patterns, forms and functions, trees and species and tales and berries and altered hyperreal real trips man, you know like trips and like wow this is an amazing tree, better Hush hush this one, called it jesus or fly agaric or something, you will find in English there IS no WORD for fly agaric, this is latin i speak fly agaric [fly killer] which is a lye, i just put you too sleep, but now i want everybody to wake up, finnegan askew it you and you, everybody…your all equal, all got brains and hands and limbs to build and march and make peace and bring love and all that malarchy, but how you gonna present this to the monarchy…erm….excuse me miss, we gotta change your calendar, your language and your drug laws, excuse me…my names fly agaric, i’m the worlds greatest living poet, i know it and show it when i spin it, into your royaltea, your oily spoiltness. Gosh washed down with dry blackthorns, a sip of river stour, and a then a mouth full of fevers, enough to kill a mon, chlorine in the water, taxes, embezzlement in muzzled nuke deals wanna make you puke, same old same old rich scotch stinkin, red faced bizzness men, dinasaurs, dying of greed, on their way OUT….the rivers are getting cleaned up like Charles bronson became Julia Butterfly and it was genesis wish, Justice through life affirming actions, growth to bring change, real potting and creating of space for plants, but…i’m not really talkin my talk tapes to you peeps, my kind loving intelligent audience, i am squarking at the big Birds, the main playas, who will not read this poem because it’ already going going gone way over their heads, heads of state think my poetree is anything but first rake. Some say thou art john the baptist, and some Elias, and some, one of the ancient prophets risen from the dead….pick up your pens my brothers and sisters rebirth your ancestor spirit with ink, kick up a blinding stink, tinker away at your arts until you can generate enough power as maybe 72 big farts and just blow government out your ass, take in a big deep breath through the valleys, from HER, Alivia the real real world, far from cameras, roads and bars, breath in through the lost valleys, through the unnamed lakes, 60’000 of them, and then blow government and dogmatic reality pundits out your behind, bzzzzurp. And Poetry is born, telemachus sneezed and gave birth, come again out the tomb, the poets womb stone, the head zone, where you is yourself, don’t let nobody tell you nuthing but yourself, but see ignorance from that view, but Ignarance is impossible with TV, not Cause TV is bad, but because there are so many channels now you watch what YOU like, what you know, what you ego feels comfortable with. Wake up from history people it’s a nightmare brought to a Screen near you, it’s eating you and me, but i’m fly agaric come to tell you it’s trying to eat me, but i just swallowed it whole, language swallowed itself and gave birth to a Muscarinic anatagonist: knu part chemical, part poetic equation which saves lives. By doing this in a different language, i translate for my RNA, and for you…Phig trees are awake or was i planting seeds that pissed em off so much? is it just beacause i challenge their god, their gods, i chew em up and spit out their husks, i say “So strike me down you son’s of bitches” each day and still i watch the birds fly high at sundawn, the newspapers are still delivered and the ocean still breathes a deep sigh of relief, the blues spill for ever and ever, god in all things, in everything and so not in a single Sigil, temple, word or spell. Hell does hot scare me, but pictures of Young soldiers of god getting blown to smitherines in iraq does. Who else? but me to bring the age of the moon, a new age of new calendars and merrygoround amusements, who can change the hills, mountains or Bough’s as i can? who? where? Ku? I am the womb of everywomen, i really mean my POEM IZ…queen of every hive, shield to every, innocent, lost, hungry, diss own’d chiles head, i am now a super cunning poet who invokes prophesea, i invoke Timewaves for seafarers, wake surfers i sing praises, celebration, my voice, i am…..Woid birthing….happyness and i am salmon in a river or a pool, eaten a gold ring, Oh lord my belly….i am still the Lions roaring of a winters sea, and on i go….into the darkness, emerging as a ray of sun with a new plum plucked frsh as daisy froma plum tree, seed imbedded inside no need for manufacture, it’s DNA abundant like oxygen, like water, but not for free. I am a god of druid fluid dynamical systems, stems and branches exstend around my museum or forest show room, i am a skilled artist, i am also twenty five battalions, i am an OX in strength, my powms inflated to the size of the globe, i’m swallowing all boundaries and limits, Woid is born onto the edge of an Abyss, how long till world war three, and will it be televised or will it be before our very eyes? I am the world and it’s over if you want it, i want it, i take the weight of a revolution in the minds of everybody onto my shoulders, a poet from the future, on an American adventure, here to save the universe and kill the baddies, with nothing but rhyme and love for others, demonstrated by confidence in my mouth, to hand, to eye to knob coordination, and compassion to hold back 5000 tanks and unlimited flanks of troopers, running with live ammunition in 6005, a crusade hidden behind a panic and a regular public disturbance, the media spin Dr. Pundits

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fflyagaric23%2Fshannanigums-wave-book-1-chapter-1-b& Shannanigums Wave Book 1 chapter 1 b by flyagaric23

killing meaning and poetry every day, and each day i get stronger, my raps get better and longer and stronger again, and i brake the chains holding me in this electric chair and wammo out out, awake and it’s……NEO….standing there, a dream he sez don’t scream he sez, everything you know is wrong, reality is a story fed to you by the powers that be, but it’s too late for me, and Holywood to wake you up, a movie Huh, is this a joke, Christ still in pain and suffering while war profiteers still profiting, how fitting Christs warriors and world wars, holy books, truth, ownership and laws, Dogma, Eugenics magik and more Bombs, and i am gonna bring it all to a stop Now with these whispering drums, these whispering poems of peace, to excorcise all demons, prophets, taboos and so called new papers, so called Pope’s leaders, official representatives, where are you? hello…hello….is anybody there? this is 2005 right? Earth? huh, i here to early, y’all just gonna sit and give up on birthing a nation, birthing a new age, a new people, new and beautiful like lovers rolling amongst flowers, these flowers are ours, and all things go back to her, mother matrix momma earth. Don’t doubt it, i know we all have our own woids for it, and please forgive my own waxing poetic on it, but timewave calendar seal discs spun like records by the priest who brings in the new year sound like a valid shamanic practice in 6005, the DJ, spinner of the discs, sacred scrolls wound upon vinyl, grooves carry feelings and moods reflecting seasons and gods, MC’s bring in the revolution, It’s happening everywhere, it’s just the airwaves are jammer spammed with automatic machine DJ’s playlists so empty of music it’s called clear channel because no real “Musiq” actually comes through it’s channels of communication. Real music is meaningful, packed with revolution and passion, full of knu languages independence, a maverick approach, from the street, the underdog, the unheard and nameless, the annonymous massive, we run music like the way we run poetry, and this is for all of you babies and gentlewomen, all of you who sit and wish and wonder and ponder the bullymen, the rough and violent ways of a dominator culture, on the verge of a new Partnership civilization, where official contracts between governments and it’s suspects, i mean subjects, replaces wars and rogue macho orgies of Cock technology, shooting it all off into space, shooting it around a tube and smashing sperm into other sperm to look at the little bits of sperm interact and them call em names and write a story, a fairy tale about em which is unquestionable and yet….meanwhile the other 99.9 percent of humanity half starves to death, carn’t catch a breathe in the social chaos, the rules and minimum wages, weed smokers pot in cages, lovers and poets forced into the wheels of corporate industree, if your not with us your a terrorist now, see, i seen this a little while back and so i filled by back sack with books upon how to slay the beast, the fake priest calling itself “God” and i learn’t how to disturb it, for my own Evil and megalobibliomaniac wayz. These raps turning darker as the truth gets brighter and nearer to me, who switched the lights on! like dylan sez, and i dream on the couch don’t slouch, love grouch some cats know this, they drop illness like Shaman, get it off their chest drummin strummin paints and breakdancinsing gekko Ginseng it say it clear, seal calendar getting born this smorn, woke up with the horn, woke up and John Zorn was sounding like my poem, complex cycles of sun/moon stem and branch seed banking, the Trees the trees, please here me, the Treestyle raps will bring the revolution, the words will spin webs with poetic plebbs, amayba logic, maybelogic magik and it might be tragic if the wrong officer reads my raps and takes my talk tapes down too deep, wants to blow me into next week, with all this time travel, this true gritt, gravel Acrillic [down on his knees praying to the goddess] Truth, wisdom, peace, kindness compassion who can ask WHY. Its self reflective, obvious on the tip of your tongue, YOU cannot be wrong, but when a group get together and want to inflict terror errors emerge, and were on the verge of world war three it seems, but we all still enjoying our Ice creams, i bring trees: [Hazel, Oakholly, Ashthorn, WhiteRowan, Birch Ivy, ElderWillow, Alderthorn, Vinepalm and mistletoe] ode to Rob Graves and forgot one or two corpses, but the Truth is SHE earth > gaia, our mother, mutter > she IZ all around us, born unto us > in language watch your street names grow veins and start bursting with brazen rayzens, bursting with hazed purple mittens, her hands grabbing for us, asking us to help her, speak woid is born, birth to nature in gesture, the language and my sandwidget iteract with Mayonnaise, i tryin aiy eye? at least i’m droppin live. It’s 05 so where you at? who’s live for the life force, no money no family connections, no government backers, crazy cracker lawyers, nothing…just me and my pen…..my ship set sail, off my lip > mail comes sweet APL agaric crimson in hue, Which grows concealed in Forest Celyddon, we are all Don’s brothers, sisters you are princess, and that don’t mean you can wear a crown, or a fancy gow’n, although crown is nice…yes…..we can use this, a crown of blackthorns from my school, Quarry Bankrupt, Industry found Electricity and left me for coal dust, and the thickets still grow through the smog, through the social fog and pollution and wars….the trees, the Ents, they walk and weave and grow like Gaia’s fingertips, creeping up and into our visionfieldof > the roebuck$ in the thicket. And poets sit cross legged, calm. waiting for Spring already, singing ancient songs of LOVE. Attraction, bringing planets here through rhymes and reasons to help us, a call to our spore core family, we are interesting so….come save us….we all don’t want to enforce WEestern Logic, Christian Science, measurment, religion and war and Hummers on you. really i speak a truth you must hear me Clearly, more clearer now i move nearer, a toaster comes closer, to dose ya, read and bleed like jesus, don’t get croix keep your legs crossed, i don’t critic ART or culture or motion, just the ocean of things which “Sleep” brings, i sing my songs and dance around, Look…

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fflyagaric23%2Fno-parking-garaj-fly-high-sierra& NO PARKING GARAJ FLY HIGH SIERRA by flyagaric23

to me….to me…..and search for a better world, a better way, a love world where we can all speak freely, groovy, yeah and be merry, use our peaceful technology to communicate, have fun and be happy, so….why am i not happy? because i am changing the nappy of “George Bush and Tonee Blah” Blah, i feel “better and fitter” than these people. i’m not disrespecting them, they are all equally coming Buddhas, but their ideas are crappy, they have no good rhymes. They don’t know how to hang out without their friends, family and security. Pussies i would call them, and so i continue i my mission to bring a brush to each Kid, paint and canvas speakers fresh rhymes and free food, everywhere. Stop the war. God iz Dead. Please read Kneeche he knows what i meaN, my dog is dead and i’m unddergroud. Who would deny that Nature should be our sovereign? Huh? How can a river, an ocean, another living creature be anything but “Her” She mother earths DNA code, Gods, eyes, legs, all Coded like this text like my uncle jams Jones, i’m kiddin but not stoppin till i got hip hoppin flip floppin over the gates and into the vaults, language and culture have come. The time is come. We stand on the doorsteps of power, its the hour of change, Revolution is coming and its feeding back until it reaches a new phase shift and SHE is wise, fickle, ninefold muse, primordial ooze Omnibroadcast news, DNA sono Bio Luminessence. And this might be called spammin when i’m just jammin out the only way i know how, no time to edit, no way, in the flow, now YOU know……..i just make this stuff up, and then drop it with a passion to make groves in spiral gyra donut star systems, spinning sugar sweet fly sucker, awakening, resurrected and to be perfected, here cumz Eves Rearbooty

3 thoughts on “E is for Ear: cumz evez rear booty

  1. This is my word from dome sight, fly to the eye sight, its all about..need i say it….workin from dome. I got so much income i need new sunglasses. Yeah i’ll see you….thanks for stopin by a soup, wishing you best with managing your day…..whichever witch way away you wanna slay it. Thanks for slayin Live in 05 A souper, thanks. Thanks a lot. I’m werkin from home. Thanks for the reminder, yeah……

  2. I like the flow of words, my friend.So…why Agaric? Are you a wild shroomer like me? Right now, the Fly Agarics are in full force, and can be seen all over the course. A favourite place of mine is Snellsmore Common, Oxfordshire – beautiful and mystical, all these things bursting from nowhere before winters blanket puts everything to sleep.But, if you dont like the shrooms, I’ve just come across as a right geek.x

  3. Oh yes, i do love the shroomz with a passion, but even more than the shrooms themselves i like the words, because words have birds in them, and your beautiful and mystical, all these things bursting from nowhere before winters blanket puts everything to sleep. ” is exactly what i mean. Poetry come forth by day, sprouting from young and old mouths like honeysuckle. its as/if the natural history channel started scrambling the boring old news when you think and talk the poetry of the natural world, oh yes….don’t stop Yes i love the shrooms and their habitat, enviroment > they are in FULL force right now, yes. Did you know that there is NOT a word for fly agaric in English. if you have any pictures i would love to host them.YoursAcrillic

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