A is for Awake: FW title plays

Acrillic Figa
The following is a fresh poem i just spat out, which is fourteen anagrams of Finnegans wake. After that are quotes i collected and posted at maybelogic academy six months ago titled “3000 years of psychedelic poetry, Finnegans wake and the Cantos” Read them! And read them again…..

Finnegan wakes, awake eng finns,
finnegan askew, a fake news ginn,

Weaken gas finn, weakening fans
Nasa knife gwen, Anna fiske gwen

Fake anne wings, fake anna sewing
Ages waken finn, Sage waken Finn

Wake fang nines, fakes wang nine,
Insane fag knew: sneak fang wine,

Wage sneak finn, fang nina weeks
waking ann fees, wahe snake finn,

Fawn ask engine, fan wan seeking,
a swan gene fink, fawn sank genie

Gas ann week fin, fan as gene wink,
Gnaw as knee fin, nag as week finn

flynagains awake.

“This is bureaucracy, ” said dionysus, and he smashed his wine jug in anger; beside him, his lynx glared balefully. – Book four, the eighth trip, or Hod. (Telemachus sneezed) The Illuminatus Trillogy. “Illy Trilly.

“The resurrection and the life. Once you are dead you are dead. That last day idea. Knocking them all up out of their graves. Come forth. Lazarus! And he came fifth and lost the job. get up! Last day! – James Joyce, Ulysses, Page 87

“Section C: Re:volutions and Evolutions.
One of the greatest difficulties facing the world today is the passing from one historical era to another. – Count Alfred Korzybski, Science and Sanity, Page XXXVI

“In Tibetan the Kalachakra puja is called dam-jho which is particularly important during times of great difficulties – of wars and natural disaster’s. The Kalachakra is the mandala of the four door’s or Qing – Ghou.



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