The beat the beats the beat

After Hangin’ up me mouse last night, i dreamt

Amen, Amen brother. I can sure dig that beat.

One for the Winston’s.

Amen and drum nd’ bass culture wave rebellion spirit of uprising

Dansin’ blayzing chronic times

Sweaty times and Spaces

Thunder Bass ([{whu wowu’ womb]})

And to the Funky Drummer: Clyde

Amen brother, and the udder drummer

Bernard Purdie, and the other…

Drummers a one, two, a one-two-three-for

Good god’ the Break-bits, is there no school left?

Once rare Akai now popular Digital sampler software fully-

Loaded HTML SD

To King Tubby and Lee Perry , Sly and Miles

Amen, Peace

To the funny people who came again and again,

Paid their fees and maybe ate a few E’s and got down

On their bare knees

With Whistles and Horns and lighters

Amen brother,

heh heh

Reconnected with Funk-Soul-Reggae

Roots Roots

To the “Amen” break break

Church of Drum and Bass congregation

Sweaty jungle orgies of sound,

My om pom: A sample sample of terms Word word, jams germs

Credit where credits due

Thanks bro. NOW-Now

Let the DJ DJ DJ DJ


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