Just one shoulder

...to be stillsilent and readyto bless with furywhat you thoughtwhat you knowwhat’s new?horror and terror error and mirrorsmoke everywhere identity dented dayafter day by searching forthe elusive otherthe you in themthe us in wethe feeling of solidaritylittered livessplintered sentencesthe struggle to makeit whole and neweven the philosopherof science and magiccan feel cold chill of doom de doomand … Continue reading Just one shoulder

Introducing Islam in Finnegans Wake

A Fragment from "Introducing Islam in Finnegans Wake" By Aida YaredWhile writing Finnegans Wake, Joyce jotted down abbreviated entries in some fifty notebooks1 that he took great care to preserve. The entries are mainly fragments of sentences from books or newspapers that Joyce was reading - or that were being read to him, scraps of conversations, and personal … Continue reading Introducing Islam in Finnegans Wake


Fillosofly FLY AGARIC 23:   Constructivist Synchronicity? I attribute most of my early independent consciousness research to Dr. Robert Anton Wilson and his book 'Cosmic Trigger' in particular; combined with my will to contact some of the entities from that book, and share my findings with friends, family and local community. What happened changed my … Continue reading CONSTRUCTIVIST SYNCHRONICITY: Steve vs. Fly?


A TALE OF A TRIBE: OUR HISTORYS BACK.SNIPPED and Re-ripped’ FROM MY FORTHCOMING NOVEL CONFESSION:OUR HISTORYS BACK.Prose Tools, Tribe Table’s and MPHDJ method. DURING THE AEONS SPENT developing a new MPHDJ method for novel novel composition and historical research nicknamed – tribetablism – Plush has been keeping detailed notes and detailed writings on the subject … Continue reading SNIPPED and Re-ripped’ FROM MY FORTHCOMING NOVEL