CT is for Clone Town: Strip Mall Stourbridge.

Before my response.
Here’s some writing, prepared for this matter of Stourbridge, Shopping Malls, Poetry and me:

MONOPOLY Everyware like ©hristmas board-room games. Monopoly on water, air, land and thought. Wee drink Peace for sport. Ghosts of Slaggy Thatcher’s Britain. Great became grit. Industry sold to Palmer Eldritch. GO GET HOOKED on Kapitalisimus. Here comes E-Bay, Amazon, flare trade and google, everybody together again. Faceback to the singularity. Digital highs and lows. Get hooked on electronic DRUGS! Mental-pathic wrestling matches Inn-the-net! Up against the wall Monopolying Motherfuckers. Direct deception delivery services.

Who issues it, how? Get a loan, get hooked on consumerism. Get a Good stale corporate Job for a multi-national and help expand the third world war. I pray to the rusting iron-ore Sun set through a cracked looking glass, sand Led and a bitter pint on my heavy maybe mind. Not rioting just wrioting. Making herbal Fli-Tunes for Bob. At peace with Mary Janne. Gordon Brown in Bollywood, B☠sh in Disney world, Bl☠ir playing Tennis With Cliff Richard. Me, I’m down the pub getting pissed and stoned. U.K Lottery economy. X-factory life. U.S Citizenship lottery. The War lottery. All balls up in the air, have yours Dropped? Get hooked On Urban Shamanism.

Big Brother maybe watching YOU His Sister Him the last time I looked. Crime against humanity, crimes Against supernature Tzar’s “Faith based” government wishes humanity be Dumb, hooked on sugar meat Fernsehfunk And Koks-Kapitalismus. Drop the “IS” of identity and discover a semantic clarity. Old Angleterre of mud n’ bog I love thee so. I love BOG Spirit. Damn, the longer I amaway the more i pinefor Great Britain. S/he hooks me. Get hooked on supermarket nature brands, seed, fruit, bloem under one roof waterfall the rivière and the hills, psychokinetic spores on the air.

Mycoremediation of a nation, a Riverruning renewal. And so a lone duck pushes on down rivière. Sovereignty = supermarket-nature, Eglise d’Etat spires interrupt Malvern and Clent hills and the Distant Chinese landsCapes, a Salamander spitting fire on a Dudley coat of arms, forging a head.

From Spore of the words….by Fly Agaric 23

Now HERE’s the BBC news from last week,
Stourbridge Crown Centre: approved
The go-ahead has been given for a £50 million regeneration of Stourbridge’s town centre that will change the skyline forever. See our pictures and have your say!
More photos of the Stourbridge redevelopment >
After years of negotiations, planning has finally been approved to transform Stourbridge’s ailing Crown Centre with a £50 million redevelopment scheme.

How development may look

The go-ahead has been given and if all goes to plan construction will begin within the next 12 months.
The scheme – spearheaded by property developer Modus – will see a 70,000 square foot anchor store – tipped to be a Tesco’s – and a brand new multi-storey car park built in place of the current centre.
Shop units, 75 apartments and a new market hall will also form part of the redevelopment, creating an estimated 750 new jobs.

Lower High Street – how it may look

Stourbridge councillor Les Jones, former Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration, said:
“I’m delighted with the news. We stuck to our guns and and made sure that any development was kept in the town centre. I think it will really help breathe a new lease of life into Stourbridge.”
Modus investment director Peter Macfarlane added:
“We are absolutely delighted with the news. It’s fantastic for the people of Stourbridge and will help the town immensely.”
These photos are computer generated images of what the scheme is expected to look like. Click the link at the top of the page to see more.

What do you think? Tell us below!
BBC Story about Stourbridge SALE to a company worth 2.5 BILLION POUNDS! !!!!

My comment, which is now under moderation…

“See our pictures and have your say!”

Well, it all come’s a bit late i feel, I’m sad. i mean, to comment about the GO-AHEAD!

I’ll state for the record that IMHO the methods by which Governments and HUGE Businesses do their dealings–like this one in Stourbridge now–seem crook’d to me. They “the goviness” have IGNORED many local Stourbridge voice’s.

There was no “mass assembly”: a town meeting, to have a proper and fair and open deabte like they used to have in any respectable OLD market town–(1786, like when the 2nd U.S President John Adam’s was in Town)–but now in 2008 a meeting in which the individuals, the community groups, and the bizznessezz can all hold a microphone, operate an overhead projector and use the most advanced multi-media tools available to have their say and make their comments is possible. But, this means to better communication seems mostly ignored and even blocked by most HUGE power-brokers, like in this sad case.

“What do you think? Tell us below!”

Why didn’t the BBC help us with their networking and social communications technology BEFORE the GO-AHEAD?
For Crying out LOUD.

Build a Ecological fun-house, an interactive learning center. Teach about permaculture, Local exchange and Trade systems, and the pro’s and con’s to international United Snakes style “Shopping Mall’s” moving into your community/culture/home!

And so now, i started reading the other comments and found that Cllr. Les Jones made this comment:
“”By the way, the Crown Centre is only about thirty years old, if anyone can show me its historic character I will be very happy to protect it!” Cllr. Les Jones.

So this inspired me to recall Stourbridge Crown Center.
Memories and thoughts, to answer the question “What is the Character of the Crown Center in Stourbridge”?
I have it.
ILLUMINATION! is the essence of the CROWN Center.

Its really interesting that you mention the historic character of the Crown Centre, and the fact that its only 30 years old. Well, I am 31 years young and i was born in Wordsley and i grew up, lived, worked in and around Stourbridge. I love the town, and have many experiences and tales from in and around the Crown Center. To begin with i’d like to talk about URI GELLER and the Crown Center.

I met URI GELLER in the Crown Center, back in the 90’s as he was appearing at the Earth Mysteries talks, which were maybe the best events i can recall (well, excluding my sisters 21st Birthday party in the Amblecote room) at the Crown Center. Uri geller is a famous Pyschic, and i met him at the Crown Center. Also the Library is housed at the Historic Stourbridge Crown Center, a place i have spent many many hours of study, composition and execution.

I will not list the books i have read inside the Crown Center, but if you like you can go check the library records, as i’m sure Stourbridge Library, being so hip to security will have accurate documents of which books i’m reading, but, unfortunately not any accurate records of which books i am NOT reading. But the point is i have gone through the rituals of reading at the crown center for over 20 years. Therefore, i feel i have some sense of the historical character of Stourbridge’s Crown Center Market.

The Sacred Stourbridge Crest lovingly and skillfully crafted into the floor. The Train that sits along the guttering of the inner square of the Crown Center. There’s the small blue/red and yellowfull flower buckets that contrast nicely with the dark purple bricks.

The people i have met, kissed and fondled in the Crown Center. My sexual exploits at the Library, unforgettable trips around town, on foot, bicycle, skateboard and Roller-skate, snow-ball fights, can’s of larger, a funny cigarette.

All in the Crown Center, and all probably tales that can be backed up by my beloved friends and loved one’s from in and around the Stourbridge area.

So the there is a very strong character to Stourbridge Crown Center for me. Historic in every sense. And it is ILLUMINATION. And the awakening to the Religious over-tones to the words “Crown Center” and the holy art of shopping Mall Bizzinessizzss and the commodification of Culture.

Now a failed hunk of capitalist plastic and useless garbage, verbage, and just old age, old wit, (missing) and a paranoid, conservative sickly addiction to greenbacks, power, control, security, and monopoly on culture.

Golden chariots blaze acroxx the sky at Sun set. For sale. News arrives left to right black and white print. Castle Bridge of red hash-Brick-silver haze of steel, thc crystal Glass in Knuberry muffins.

Petrol Station next to an expensive German car showroom next to a ©hurch next to a Snooze Paper office next to a ©hurch next to the Polizeiwache, damn, must escape on my bicycle but the road just leads in Circles.

Retreat to le verte collines, Stroll the woods bare foot and starry eyed, Green medicine Criminalized by uptight mostly white honky chaps, huh? Green PETROL stations are really Black.

Cycling through the L.S.D market I glimpsed the geist of Frank’s Trolley. I Cycled in hairy Steven’s park and picked Cherie Rosebaud, popped it onto my tongue and awakend to some lost senses. Full Moon around Mary’s lake.

Ducks perform water rites perfect rote order, I observe Green awe under oak canopy. Feather and tree Foliage both pocketing similar breeze.

❍ak tree silent, Day in day out, quietly Budding a young Girl picking yellow daisies sighs in a winter graveyard.

Clone towns: a new American strip mall. Councillors like Carnivores hunting in packs. Hannibal Rising in parliament, Church and state croxxed like roads Like entangled tree Branches, young sapling Wrestles a Tesco shopping bag blown Along road.

Strong winds are the Message, Multi-story skateboard park and Layers of konkrete, liars in property And liars in Law. Liars. Somebody’s going into business, competition Commission inquiry so tell me, Trade Union busting, Worldwide Slave wage? Tes©o℗oly Commission impossible?

How can you fully gauge their global IMPACT? Winter blackout electric droughts and climate change, country all skint’d by the illegal War. Got any lamp oil, Jobs? BLEW-BERYYS MY ASS. I saw mushr❍❍ms growing on mars. De vine D’evil D’corked, Double “J” Dee. Axis monday, around 23 degrees ℉oreign height to bludopeSKY rope-a-dupe, umbilicalendar light pipe.

Some sanskrit-ching. What you callem’ I was busking in my local subway i headlined every night got paid in cash and the whole show was recorded each night free of charge as a demo on CC✟V. To be self indulgent, pathetic, no more idea how to write. Block. Wall. Paint. I busk till dawn.

Lazy stoner. Drop out. Slacker. Wish i wuz a painter. Deflated long haired white middle classed exile. Sweating in case i get sprung, in case they find out i can’t do the math. Suffering from Cannabis Psychosis.

Gov Liars. About to go nuts
and bolts and berries all over
again again.

–fly agaric 23.


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