S is For Stourbridge: what is for sale?

I have been aware of the long and on-going campaign by re-developers to do a deal in STOURBRIDGE.

A Deal that will make Millions of Pounds of Profits continue circulating amongst the BIGGEST. The RICHEST and the most powerful corporations. If not Tesco then some equally SUPER-RICH Capitalist BULL; to BUY OUT the means to production and retail space-time in Stourbridge Town, Black Country, England.

The majority of the people who live or have lived in Stourbridge are being IGNORED! with regards to this SELL OUT deal, thats “Going Ahead” according to the crooked reporting that always accompanies crooked business DEALS.

Crooked or “CROOK’d” as i prefer, implies that the decision made by our so called democratic government IGNORED most of the views and feedback from the local natives from in and around the STourbridge area. I for one have been IGNORED. Repeatedly on not just the TESCO, SUPER-HYPER MARKET Bloodsucking issues. But the destruction of Brierley HILL Swimming Baths, and the neglect of the RIVER STOUR, considering the Town is NAMED after the River. (which may or may-not get modifyed by the New Hypermarket Cabal.)

I am, however open to debate and discussion, even lunch or a game of SNOOKER on the issue of URBAN RENEWEL. And will wager my ideas, projects, community group values and cultural experience against any International Corporation with an annual turnover above $23’000. (Modus has an estimated 2.5 Bn turnover) And here is some etymological information to help us evaluate the bull-shit, deception quotent within:

Modus means mode, way. Vivendi means living. Together, way of living, implies an accommodation between disputing parties to allow life to go on. It usually describes informal and temporary arrangements in political affairs. For example, when two sides reach a modus vivendi regarding the territories disputed, even though they may not agree with each other’s values or attitude, they have worked out a way of living with their differences.–Modus Vivendi @ Wikipedia

Peter Macfarlane, Modus director of investments, said: ‘It’s fantastic for the people of Stourbridge and will help the town immensely. We aim to provide ever better goods and services in a way that is profitable, ethical and respects the environment, individuals and communities in which we operate.’

Modus bought the centre in January 2006. The permission follows the plans referral to the Secretary of State by the Government of the Northwest.–Stourbridge property Sale in Property Weekly

I do not know this Peter Macfarlane. But if he wants to meet be in Stourbridge for a chat about ethics, respecting the environment, individuals and communities then i extend my welcome.

In the meantime, while people like Peter Macfarlane, and our local M.P and most of the other M.P’s from in and around the Black Country area were not born and bread in the Black Country, they TALK as if THEY KNOW OUR/MY Black Country Culture.
All they know, it seems to me, is how to talk to Bankers, Lawyers, Police and Thieves. The audacity of these suits and cops to SELL OFF OUR MARKET TOWN, as if it were just WATER, OIL, or ROVER cars. And the cheek of them to talk about their willingness to interact with the community, individuals, just makes them look more slimy, more slithery and snake like. And thats what they is. Snakes. With a UNITED SNAKES SHOPPING COMPLEX! And a religiously inspired fundamentalism towards SHOPPING. Now, i am mixing my own personal feelings with the more factual data. Mixing emotion and subjective bias with the more objective reality i.e the agreement of Stourbridge Burrough Council (Whom i am unfamiliar with, strangely enough–as Stourbridge comes under DUDLEY Burrough Council–control) to GIVE-THE-GO-AHEAD for a total transformation of the Old Market Town, into a new SUPER-HYPER COMPLEX. With shopping, car-parking, even houses for Shopaholics to breed in, or their religiously inspired shopping managment hierrachy.

The fact that i have called for a simple open group on internet, and a saving, documentation of the people of STOURBRIDGE their comments and feelings expressed through words, about TESCO, SHOPPING MALLS, Local Government and other realted topics. OK, (i think to myself) so i’ll go get em’ myself then shall i? I could use some help.

Big Business is stealing our culture with stolen teeth. Our Swimming pools, our Skateparks, our Night-Clubs our Pubs and community spaces, even our rivers, and our language (They steal the word Community when they “The property dealers” are not even on Facebook, myspace or any open web forum for a chat) they hide in their mansions on young peoples blood. Vampires day and night. Do anything for them GREEN frogskins, and their masters.

And so, i dedicate my spore of the words to smuthering this highly deceptive crooked Hyper-Market business model that seems to be killing my country, my culture and my poem. All i have wanted is to communicate, and i have been IGNORED! for more than 4 years by the Dudley MBC Government, and their fine plucked Journalists at the local Newspapers who reinforce these Crooked lies. Our collective voice’s as an alternate and COUNTER-CULTURE, in the Black Country are IGNORED. The heart of Industrial revolutions is under arrest. And great loving people of the general heart are bleeding for Justice, Freedom, Liberty and the local means to production. Let us PLAY! WATCH US PLAYING. And remix your praying into a new saying. 50 Million! You better Pay and Display.

Steven James Pratt
DJ Fly Agaric.

Modus means mode, way. Vivendi means living. Together, way of living, implies an accommodation between disputing parties to allow life to go on. It usually describes informal and temporary arrangements in political affairs. For example, when two sides reach a modus vivendi regarding the territories disputed, even though they may not agree with each other’s values or attitude, they have worked out a way of living with their differences.–Modus Vivendi @ Wikipedia

Modus gets green light in Stourbridge

09:27 | 20.03.08

Stourbridge Borough Council has approved Modus’ plans for the redevelopment of The Crown Centre in Stourbridge.

By Deirdre Hipwell

The retail developer plans to reconfigure and extend the retail scheme to provide an 80,000 sq ft Tesco food store, a 15,000 sq ft Market Hall and a 458-space car park. There will also be an additional six shops and 75 flats with car parking while there will be an improved pedestrian linkage between Bell Street and the Town Centre.

modus said it hoped The Crown Centre would ‘once again become a central focus for the town’.Stourbridge property Sale in Property Weekly

Modus Property

Spore of the words….

The Rivers are our Thothers, they quench our thirst. & we’re thirsty mothers. The whole world word wide is named after her. Her, SHE, Anya Liffeystour. All women, all blue pearl rivers, all goddesses. Yes. wow. Still suffering in the name of progress, polluted by wars. Even today in 2006 i spot shopping trolley remains littering her veins. No crack commando team to remove grandmothers ailments. Does “GoodGod” clean his own Rivers with his almighty weather cycle life cycle. Only natural we shoot our shit into your local waterways. Oh my sweet brandywine lover. And hoily w☠rs pollute the Tigriss. Only logical progress to colonialism that we use “The natural abundance of soaper-nature” for our own, Imperial de∜ices. And continue with our divine will to power, and To double product prices. Double product taxes. Water rates, OIY. Stop that tax. Tariff on imagination. Stop the tax. Contributions to clean water solutions come with poisons. Do our Rivers have pensions? I follow your stench along the watchtower, between the banks. Watching from my Apolination state. Conservativelϒ the mixed sewage reaches Lions largest River, ‘The River Seven,‘ like a slimyspace sausage of golden syrup. Im horrified at the deadly sinns committed by m☢dern industrial industry. Industry up☢n our naturally abundant channels of beauty, speechless, but not all of them. Most eye seer each day are dirty, p☢is☣nou$ to humans and ₤ull of shit. My own skewered gobservation mind you. I rest my case at the stourmouth delta, she speaks for herselves.: Gold en-eye appeared coughing up Jamaican flem. The tiny weenie-wee object said: “Wetleg, urinnavision: my Sunnydelight, urinnavision bong context where urinvention of Liquid lungwaj turns into runnaway success ripples in a pond, eye Understond; your bodily fluid dynamics have sprung a leak.” The Golden one €yed snake continued – “yourine sample flooded our Urinverse, stop Pissin about and go sear a therapisst. Look after yourine self OK.” Dripping on seeds during conversation with Golden flow, i said: “I’m a Goldonny chile of torrential water slides, upward fountain of youth; brainwashed by Urine Godziller X-streaming symphonies of Piss Orchestras, Loud special firewire brews of moist Media, through vine.✆ 1984 Wet wear, microchipped passports, trickle treats whizz, wee, Wazz, wet, WaVe, water, wash, wake, wripples. W = World word Psst.

River banks steer the currents through waterways. In River banks we trust. ℗Rats live in River banks. Willows droop their stuff, stingers aren’t really a plant. Revo… precession powered by passion fruit, stranger in a strange land wants to start a marching band and march like black ants through winter windowland, waking critters and walking weed garden dig your pardon plant forgiveness foretelling professional cycles seasons greetings bring light and rain to seeds and saplings strange beings with leaves and nectar amber Rumi gardens love and care with predictive prerogatives of the date timespace place pace of Gaia, seasons change flames into water, baths full of rain water nurture life, pond lyf stock and bond water running ripple dribble snow. Cells divide, finns gills and navigation through inebriation bring connexion with environment. Melk Galaxy. Homo sapplyng floating like single electron q-beats: floaters riding a medicinal River down snakeskin streams of healthy clear blood. A vessel to contain memory, a test tube baby. A revolutionary solution baby.I love you all. Good Luck gates, Stour ports. Nine portals “driving storm” to Butter-table-minster. 1776: Starport “licks”. I tell no lye, Its often gauged in a Lye group. Godisturberstourbridge forged keys for Alternativitea. Unlicked lockgates. acrillacked restraint. Daisy-chain makers arms scaffolded. Luckeygate. Rivers banks have her vested interest, opposite, mimicking every bow, crescent, chicane and curve. Who banks with river banks anymore anymoor. Oh shit Diaper backward spells repaid. Pantherina cokeri Cubensis chillin in the “cubehouse” with esculenta hemibapha frostiana excelsa aestivalis phalloides (these are Amanita species) rubescens velosa vaginata. Nu wyne, urine luck, silk Pyjama people of Kritik-tacky Genus. Harmonic Optical Transformation elves. Lung woids

Condensed occillating octagon node-points.
We’re impaled upon out points of view. One douzen notes, all of natures vibrating matter, vegetable digital kindness and do-gooding make, the charge. Feedback, from one another. Interacting woid processingsong. Scratching my face, contemplating filling tooth twenty two, next year its gonna be further up River, River rapids dissolve slowly and the rocks repeat like washing machines. Stoned i was smoking Swimming underTOE, looking up holding my nose, trees blurry squinted glosseye frayed glass stream of lights, ouch kicking a bit too wide, frog kick, deep toad breaths, breath flash of blueskytree grain layers of hyperlights, blue rushing waves of light. Ruddy hell Im miles downstram. ↓ Bubble in sand and silt grains mimic my hand, pebbles dashing a rolling my arms sculling figures eight, breath, breath blue greenhouse sky, with a touch of forest, lungs full of River dust. Medicine, up my nose in my ear she everyweir. River Oils for peace. Goodyear was 04. Steal this face? Give me my book back, give me my face Back, Maskbook, Task book, ∄-book, Acid…Macebook, pepper spray and spit from the Ace of face. Modus Vivendi’. Where are your poets. Line em’ up. Oh, and don’t worry, your just the other end of the wick. Its the Deadly Burrough Council dogs that pushed this DEAL through that have to carry the full burden of selling off “Fly Agaric’s” culture of Birthplace. Back through to the Merry Hill COMPLEX, and all the big UNITED SNAKES like DEALS made on behalf of Big Business and international capitalism–at the expense of CULTUTRE, COMMUNITY OWNED “CO-OP Local Exchange and Trade Systems. And with crime, violence, maximum security and fundamentalist MATERIALISM as the social fall-out from this Fake-Plastic Church (The Private Shopping Mall.)

3 thoughts on “S is For Stourbridge: what is for sale?

  1. In Banks We Trust by Penny Lernoux

    This book follows the same pattern of discovery that the investigation took, first describing the follies and dubious shenanigans of several large U.S. banks. The people involved are not necessarily criminals, although convictions may arise from one case. Rather, they are what is loosely described in business journals as wheeler-dealers—people who skirt the law or take big risks for quick profits. Some were plain dumb, in the words of a bank chairman involved in the Penn Square debacle, believing that there was such a thing as a sure gamble, only to discover, when the chips were down, that potential profits must be weighed against the danger of loss. Curiously, while malevolent, the criminal element poses less of a threat to the average American than the wheeler-dealers, who, as happened in 1929, could bring the economy crashing down. Indeed, it is the “anything goes” atmosphere in banking today—along with huge profits and virtually no government controls—that has attracted so many crooks.
    The second part of the book documents the criminal aspects of banking, showing how gangsters and U.S. intelligence agents have used the same banks. The Latin-American and Caribbean connections, particularly in the chapters on the Vatican Bank, relate right-wing terrorists to bank involvement in the U.S.-bound narcotics traffic, two thirds of which originates in Latin America.
    The third part also focuses on Latin America because of bankers' fears that a string of Latin defaults could end in a replay of the 1929 bank crash. Latin America also offers a good example of how human rights in the developing countries are linked to American pocketbooks. By so enmeshing their financial futures with Latin America, U.S. banks have probably done more than any human rights organization to heighten Americans' awareness of their neighbors' plight.
    Throughout the book there is a recurrent theme: the complacency in American society that tolerates—even admires—Mafia gangsters and the successful operator who makes a killing by bending the law. Or, as one criminal investigator put it, “It's time we Americans recognized that the idea that crime doesn't pay is pure nonsense. Crime pays more than any other profession, with less risk and a higher profit motive.” Especially for banks….

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