First draft completed for Nanowrite month 2008.

The Nanowrite – Novel writing month – celebrations came to a close November 31st, and I’m happy to say i got stuck right into my novel and reached a word count of 54’000 by Sunday evening.
Its a stimulating way to begin to discipline yourself a little, as a writer and stay on focus. The pep talks sent by email from the nanowrite tribe really made the month challenging, by poking and waking me up with wisdom.
The excercise of coming back to the same puzzle-novel each day, and becoming familiar with the characters and their role’s in the action has been a very liberating experience, personally. And, i have a large chunk of writing about my subject matter – The Tale Of The Tribe – with which i will begin to rewrite, and overwrite in parts and apply various glossings and some more furniture.

The title on top of my document reads OUR HISTORYS BACK.

A Short Summary of the Novel will follow soon.

Steven James (fly agaric 23) Pratt.
MPHDJ & Tribetablist.

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