JVN is for John Von Neumann: Dr. Wilson speaks. Sep. 10. 2002.

With a quad pack of Guinness and some kind Humbolt nuggets I embarked upon my otherwoidly trip to powwow with Bob Wilson at his humble home in Santa Cruz County, California on 10 Artemis. 81 P.S.U. [ 10th September 20002 ]. We had a hearty good belly-laugh together to be fair, Bob’s subtle accenting and comedic timing turned what might be read silently as some kind of anarchist plot to overthrow ALL world government tomorrow – into softly glistening satirical situationism, exploding koans and hilarious loopy equations.

I hope that through sharing this interview bright KNU sparks can ignite other critters everyware into reading and re-reading RAW’s encyclopedic playtimespace . – fly agaric 23, Wordsley, England, – 8. Cib – 14. Mac [ 20th September 2006] 16.22 PM


FLY Agaric: [Would you be able to talk a little about Von Neumann and Games Theory and how they influenced the cold war?]

RAW: Yeah, I think were all still alive because of John Von Neumann. Von Neumann was the pioneer, or certainly one of the pioneers of programmable computers. The first computers at MIT were put together to solve specific problems then take them apart, put them together again and add another problem and Von Neuman drawn and invented a distinction between hardware and software and how you could use the same computer to do many classes of problems. He also wrote one of the best books on quantum mechanics but that’s a digression. He also invented mathematical game theory which he showed could be applied to poker and other games like that, strategy, and to tactics, and to war – pretty soon the Pentagon had a big budget to build computers and play war games on them. “If we attack Russia this way, how much can they hit us back” and the answer was always that the losses were too unacceptable, most of them were usually total obliteration so they went on playing their war games for 30 years until the funding ran out and they decided not to have the war at all because Von Neumann showed that by solving these things in advance then when you know you can’t win. Why go ahead and fight? why why why why why wipe yourself out, cut off your nose to spite your face? So that’s why we’re all still here and that’s why most of the controversy and opposition about Bush’s desire to invade Iraq, comes from the military because their the ones with the computers who are working out War games with Iraq on their computers, and they know it’s not gonna be the cake walk that George Bush imagines. This has been all over, even on television news, all over internet – that the people in the Bush administration, the people leading the rush to war have never served in a war. The opposition is almost entirely military men, they call them Chicken Hawks ; the guys who want war because they have never been in one and have no idea what its like. I can see the United States 20 years from now still bogged down in Afghanistan, still bogged down in Iraq, and attempting to fight Saudi Arabia! OY! – Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. [laughs]

Inspired by the structural analysis in
von Neumann and Morgenstern’s Theory of Games and
Economic Behavior Mirror

By flyagaric23 (model/video) & Chu (background)

No rational interpretation of the events of August 1968 in Chicago, satisfactory to all participants and observers, has yet been produced. This suggests the need for value-free models, inspired by the structural analysis in von Neumann and Morgenstern’s Theory of Games and Economic Behavior, which will allow us to express what actually occurred functionally, without tainting our analysis with bias or moral judgments. The model we will employ is that of two teams, an uphill motorcar race and a downhill bicycle race, accidentally intersecting on the same hill. The Picasso statue in the Civic Center will be regarded as “start” for the downhill motorcar race and “finish” for the uphill bicycle race. Pontius Pilate, disguised as Sirhan Sirhan, fires the opening shot, thereby disqualifying Robert F. Kennedy, for whom Marilyn Monroe committed suicide, as recorded in the most trustworthy tabloids and scandal sheets.

— THE FIFTH TRIP, OR GEBURAH Swift-Kick, Inc. Page 135,
Illuminatus! Trilogy, Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. Copyright 1975.


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