“People have two harps in their head, their ears, just like a harp. They hear by the strings in their ears. If I play something very strange, then some strings that never vibrated before will vibrate. The whole nervous system will become alive — SUN RA. (Sale 1987: 55, also Corbett 1989: 24).

Brought to congress by Sonny Bount (SUN RA),
A cast of vibrational scientists combine their instruments in new ways
Exploring inner and outer spaces.

“.”The Others in Their World”, “From Out Where Others Dwell”,
“Moon People”, “They Dwell on Other Planes”.

Like the old hermetical saying, “As above, so below”,
You may operate spacetime & skyrockets that lie
Barely inches behind the eye-socket.
Marshall Allen like an optical scientist,
A Dr. of Saxophany. Probing the frequency spectrums.

The 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s were the space-race years
SUN RA and his Arkestra were in the race,
Playing the musical Nemesis of the arms-race.
Life music in good time.
John Gilmore breaking sound & light boundaries
Thought previously to be, boundaries.
Iron birds fly from the horn.
Babbling brook and chattering river voices.
From the 65′ Coltrane explosion, fragments linger
Like soft spoken Billie’s echoplextasy.

July 28th 1969: John Sinclair’s bogus trial had been postponed,
Temporarily for the spectacle of the moon landing.
After the landing the judges sentenced John to 10 years in jail
For being – set up – with two joints by an undercover police
Robot officer.

“The Satellites are Spinning”, “The Cosmo-Fire”,
“Lights on a Satellite”, “Cosmo-Energy”, “Friendly Galaxy”,
“Irregular Galaxy”, “Space is the Place.”


Sounds Fly: Music Writing

by Steven James Pratt et al.


“Poetry is a sort of inspired mathematics, which gives useful equations, not for abstract figures, triangles, spheres, and the like, but equations for the human emotions” –Ezra Pound.

SUN RA’s interpretation of SPACE, TIME, TRAVEL,


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