Music and Robert Anton Wilson

FLY: [What are some of your favourite music albums and recording artists?]

RAW: Well, I like and Bach , I like Charlie Parker and Thelonius Monk and John Coltrane . I like Harry Belafonte and The Weavers and a lot of other music. I like Mahler ; I like a lot of music. Next question.”

One thought on “Music and Robert Anton Wilson

  1. ….“The Chinese, who seem to have had more experience with this (non-local) system than anybody else (more than the Hindus, even) define non-local experience in negatives – “not mind”, “not self” “not doing” “not existence” even “Not non-existence. –RAW, Quantum Psychology, pg. 200. New Falcon Press.”“I call you on the phone. The words emerge from my mouth as implicate or unfolded sound-waves. The transmitter in my phone converts them to implicate or enfolded electrical charges. The receiver on your phone picks up these enfolded charges and unfolds them, so they become explicate sound-waves again, and you “hear me talking”. –Q.P Pg. 192.

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