I was stunned to see the website – flashed out – of the new GAME MUSHROOM MEN, from red fly studios.

They have dug deep into mushroom folklore, biology and panspermia: (the seeeding of life on earth by extraterrestrial spores) and come up with a condensed interactive environment to explore these ideas through game play.

I am personally thrilled by the game and all of its positive iconography and names and wordplay and – poetry. It maybe the most naturally symbiotic GAME yet, as many of the ideas correlate, somewhat, with our own earth based natural fungus infested landscapes and spore packed planet. Indeed, you can play the game and then see some of it unfold in your back garden or local forrest, field or park. You might even find an interactive species and take it back to the video game world of mushroom men and see for yourself the endless possibilities of the spore of the words.

That Les Claypool has been involved with the project makes shroomsense and adds that extra cutting edge feeling of fungal wisdom and funkation’.

“Mushroom Men – Rise of the Fungi tells the story of the birth of the Mushroom Men. It starts out with the simple tribe of Bolete learning to live off the land. They struggle against their environment for a time until the Amanitas Empire arrives. To their dismay, the Bolete learn that their fellow Mushroom Men aren’t any better than the hostile insects and other creatures that threaten them.

Mushroom Men – The Spore Wars, the Wii version of the game picks up where the DS leaves off. The Spore Wars rage fully across the miniature landscape. The societies have advanced to a point where theology and metaphysical pursuits have developed. Pax does not yet understand his place in the world of Mushrooms, when he accidentally absorbs a meteorite while training with the Bolete Sage. Pax is then banished until he can bring back another of the life-giving rocks that the Sage believes made the Mushrooms sentient.”

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