An imaginary scenario somewhere between the schudio walls and electromagnetism.




Yin the buguiness the Nozzle/STYLUS diffused (tone-particles/sound waves) into the – air – that were picked up by floating magnetic tape angels (or two tapes twinned together to form a double helix ribbon, coated in lime which records the tone-particle/sound-wave patterns). The ribbons then entered human lungs, (beneath the ATM breastplate sigil worn by the operator) and diffused into the bloodstream, modifying the RNA DNA CNS processes. The Body-brain-mind transforms were then sent back out into the air (bluesphere) as – remixed – soundwaves, a kind of Airborn Audio; directed into the microphone wand, retranslated into analog signal patterns and then eteched onto the wax seal disk calendar. The disk was rotated upon the turntable, and by way of the stylus needle/nozzle – transformed – back into (tone particles/sound waves) recycling the process full circle. A self-regenerative ATM Universe. Aerosol Turntable Microphone world. ON-Word.

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