C is for COINCIDANCE 1:11 PART 2.

How do i say it? how to describe the synchro-mesh of tech-support Dr. Robert Anton Wilson has provided humanity?


Well, i am editing my NOVEL at the moment, and i hope this will help contextualize some of my “saying it” but of course its limited. Sometimes its best to let the texts speak for themselves, and so the author, Coincidance:A Head Test. By RAW is possibly my favourite of RAW’s operating manuals for spaceship word. The HUMANITAS shines through on aspects of Economics, Religion, Politics, Science and conspiracy theory with a “precision and research” based language unparralled in 21st century culture, plus a dram’ of HILARITAS and a wind of goodcheer puts RAW at the TOP OF THE TREE for me, regarding the capturing of what it’s like to live in the 2st century – in English.

The big questions for us in 2009 of Consciousness, Mind and matter, Brain and Mind, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology and social cybernetics are tested and noted in all of RAW’s writings since around 1958. The consistency and the accuracy of Robert Anton Wilson’s choice of quality critters – whom have circled him like a flock of Hawks for over 50 years help to make his reseacrh and feedback all the more credible in 2009 IMHO. Starting with only Giordano Bruno and Giambattista Vico you can see how they’re arguments from way back then are today at the forefront of the majority of crisis, conflict and mis-understanding around the world. Centralization of power and the rejection of poetic myth and poetic history as a form of good statemenshop in favor of faith-based and divinely guided – church/states, for one example. And when these heretical peaceniks are woven into sentences, chapters, books and beyond by BOB they sit, like jewells in a timeless – space – floating inbetween states. A MAYBE. To be apprehended by the reader at any time if thy will, but by no means presented to them defacto! as a noun. A Thing, to either blame or worship as a saviour. Just a better, more intelligent data-field from which to begin asking better and more intelligent questions, hopefully from a comprehensive HUMANISTIC perspective. Thought-Actions on behalf of all-humanity. We need more of these thought-actions in aid of all humanity, like the works of Bucky Fuller, to pull together and put the fundamentalist materialist faith-based fossils into museums and Zoo’s, on display for the public to read and compare.

“It is amusing (or bemusing) to note that binary and I Ching are not only isomorphic to Finnegans Wake but also, as Martin Schoenberger has noted, to the genetic code. — RAW. Coincidance. p. 165.

“i am alpha and omega, the first and the last, saith the lord. — Revelations 1:11.”

“The double helix of the DNA does indeed look like a “strandentwining cable” and it is distincly odd that Joyce seems to have had the ALP and O and 1 binary symbols in mind so long before FW. — RAW. Coincidance p. 170.

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fflyagaric23%2Fscuze-me-while-i-kiss-the-sky& SCUZE ME WHILE I KISS THE SKY by flyagaric23

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