JOHN SINCLAIR: The Hardest Working Poet in Show Business.

John Sinclair, the – John Sinclair, invited me to join in his gathering of mental patients at the 420′ cafe during the first new light of the winter solstice. As ever we had a funky-good time – i had a problem speaking at first due to a joint lodged in my mouth that wouldn’t budge. Try saying “New York Skunk” with a Joint in your gob. Also i sparked up the reefer before the official opening toke moment! agh, that broke my rhythm a little. John’s tireless output of work grows on a monthly basis like a counter to the U.S debt of imagination, a stream of new blogs, fresh radio shows, book launches, poetry readings, book and poetry writings, edits, and meetings with his publishers and friends, not to mention his family, daughters and grand daughters, all equally illuminated in his daily thoughts. The following is lifted directly from his website-webblog. PLEASE visit it and pay attension to his writings, He writes from his rich, encyclopedic experiences in easy to comprehend sentences. Read him.

I have started a few different articles inspired, influenced and directly reflecting my interpretations of John’s poetry, prose’, music and cultural impact. Some of these are posted here at this ACRILLIC blog. I’ll be adding more as i edit the material and get around to posting it. Also, expect some new DJ FLY, DJ mixe’s and radio shows in the near future, John has been encouraging us to make show’s….

“The John Sinclair Foundation Presents
John Sinclair Radio Show 241
420 Café, Amsterdam
Monday, December 22, 2008 @ 11:00-12:00 pm [20-0861]

Larry Hayden and Steve Fly and I gathered at the 420 Café this fine Monday evening before Christmas to celebrate our existence, enjoy some Opening Tokes of New York Skunk, shoot the shit and play some music by Radio I Ching, the Howlin’ Diablos, Harmonica Shah, Little Junior Cannady, the Butler Twins, Detroit featuring Mitch Ryder, the Up, Uprising, and the great James Semark with John Dana & Ronnie Johnson from the Detroit Artists Workshop around this time of year in 1964. Merry Christmas, everybody!

Playlist 241

[01] Opening Music: Radio I Ching: Radio Groove
[02] John Sinclair Intro & Opening Tokes with Steve Fly
[03] Howlin’ Diablos: Back Door Santa
[04] Harmonica Shah: The Life of Every Party
[05] Little Junior Cannady: Everybody Likes What I Got
[06] Butler Twins: Might As Well
[07] John Sinclair Conversation with Steve Fly
[08] Detroit featuring Mitch Ryder: Rock & Roll
[09] Up: Come On
[10] Uprising: Long Hard Road
[11] John Sinclair Conversation with Steve Fly
[12] James Semark: John Coltrane Rhythm Ballad for All
[13] John Sinclair Closing Comments & Outro
[14] Closing Music: Howlin’ Diablos: X-Mas in Jail
[15] Baba Israel Outro > RFA Tag

Hosted by John Sinclair for Radio Free Amsterdam
Produced, edited & assembled by John Sinclair
Recorded & posted by Larry Hayden
Executive Producer: Larry Hayden
Special thanks to Steve Fly at the 420 Café

Looking at my logs for 2008 at the end of the year I was gassed to think back on all the places I’d made episodes of the show during the year, starting and ending at the 420 Café and hitting other Amsterdam spots like the Rock-It Coffeeshop on the Nieuwmarkt, The Dolphins by the Leidseplein, Coffeeshop Basjoe, Eat at Jo’s in the Melkweg, Hempshopper on the Singel canal, Overtoom 301, OCCII, and the Cannabis College.

On my travels I made programs at WWOZ Radio, Piety Street Recording, Handa Wanda’s, and in the streets of New Orleans on Mardi Gras; at the Butchers inn, No Cover Studio, the Holice P. Woods Studio, the Jazz Loft and the Bohemian National Home in Detroit; SkyDog Tower in Paris; Tokyo Hipsters Club and the Ooze Charm Coffeeshop in Tokyo; the ZXZW Festival in Tillburg and Megaplaten in Utrecht, NL; Pheasant Hollow Winery in Wittenburg IL; Common Ground on the Hill and the Roots Music & Arts Festival in Westminster MD; Piazza del Erbe and Cafe Mentelocale at the International Poetry Festival in Genoa; Lee Harris’ Croft in East Anglia UK and a ton of shows in London including the HeadPress Bunker, Royal Festival Hall, City Inn Art Cafe, CafÈ Oto, World’s End Tavern, Raindance Film Festival HQs, Biddle Bros. Bar, Second Layer Records, Rough Trade Records, Bamalama Poster Shop, Big Green Books, Waterstones Books and Resonance Radio at The Foundry.

Man! No wonder they call me the Hardest Working Poet in Show Business. That’s covering a lot of ground for a man who made 67 years old last October 2nd, if I do say so myself.

I was enjoying a very relaxing holiday season at my new residence in Amsterdam near the Oosterpark where Steve Fly & Sweet Jane have made a room for me when all of a sudden both of my hosts were gone to visit their families in England and Norway, respectively, and I was all alone on Christmas Eve. To keep from getting lonely I thought I should begin a major year-end-type project and, after bringing all my files as up-to-date as I could manage, I took on the exhilarating task of assembling a new book from my 44-year treasure trove of writings.

For some years now I’ve wanted to make a book of my writings from and about New Orleans called Mardi Gras to the World, and once I put my nose to the grindstone I had a ball digging out everything I could find in my files, knocking the dust off, up-dating and beating up the writing a little bit and stitching the pieces together to make up a fairly coherent compendium of stories from 1976-2008, as follows:

By John Sinclair
A HeadPress Book

[01] Mardi Gras to the World: Running the Streets of the Crescent City
[02] Make A Joyful Noise: New Orleans Calling
[03] Keeping Jazz Funerals Alive: Brass Bands & Backstreet Culture
[04] Big Chief Got A Golden Crown: The Wild Indians of New Orleans
[05] The Bach of Rock: Professor Longhair
[06] Stone Originators: Dave Bartholomew & Earl Palmer
[07] How Long Must I Wait? Tommy Ridgley
[08] Soul Queen of New Orleans: Irma Thomas
[09] Give Me My Flowers Now: Johnny Adams
[10] Unsung Heroes: Chuck Carbo, Eddie Bo, Deacon John, Snooks Eaglin
[11] Ain’t Gonna Be No Stopping: Ernie K-Doe
[12] The Wolfman Is at Your Door: Walter “Wolfman” Washington
[13] Fiyo on the Bayou: The Meters
[14] Yellow Moon Rising: The Neville Brothers
[15] Prophets with Honor: Harold Battiste & Wardell Quezergue
[16] Turn On Your Volume Baby: New Orleans on the Radio
[17] Record Men of the ’90s: Carlo Ditta, Gary Edwards, Harris Rea
[18] Remember Me? Roland Stone
[19] Louisiana Medicine Man: Coco Robicheaux
[20] Invitation to a Ghost Dance: White Buffalo Prayer
[21] Carrying It On: Updating the Traditions
[22] A Very Joyful Kind of Thing: The New Orleans Nightcrawlers
[23] Born with the Funk: Davell Crawford
[24] Jazz Funk from the Future: Michael Ray & the Cosmic Krewe
[25] 21st Century Blues: Chris Thomas King
[26] Wade in the Water: Notes from New Orleans After the Flood
[27] Go Get Your Big Chief: Mardi Gras in New Orleans 2008
[28] Provenance & Publishing Credits

© 2009 John Sinclair. All Rights Reserved. –

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