V is for Vinyl: Fly’s Maybelogic #4 DJ mix.



“Mixed by the Knu Dj fly agaric 24.
Running timespace approx 78 earth minutes.
A guide the 14 tracks spread about MQ#4. – http://www.maybelogic.org/maybequarterly/04/0401EditorWelcome.htm

Recorded on the fly lyvf with two vestax turntables, one Tascam mixer and a stack of phonographic discs plus some stinky nuggets got smoked up during the mix, im fed up with all this talk about how artists say “no” to drugs – they are drugs, their brains are full of em, somebody tell me i’m wrong. The following is a textual interpretation of my own truth using the track titles and artists names arrested into the mixture – my turntables are now retrofitted to handle text books and thoughpolice. Synchronistickly one of my own turntables just went missing – i am now just a turntable manipulathor and it goes a little sumthin lyk this,

Aphex twin druqz Anna Livia Plurabelle Ambient music for airports Brian Eno Boards of Canada Anna Livia Plurabelle John Lee Hooker Country Boy Cabbage boy sausage doctor Anna Livia Plurabelle Boards of canada, Max 404 oddity Shem the penman Cyril Cussack Pressage The media Miles Davis live at Filmore wednesday Miles Jello Biafra The big ka-boom part one Cabbage boy sausage doctor Anna livia Plurabelle Shobhan Mckenna Timothy Leary Jimi Hendrix Buddy Miles You can be anyone this time around Aphex Twin druqs T.S Eliot East Coker from the four quartets Duke Elington Solitude W.B Yeats Crazy Jane The first dream The Garage Mahavishnu Orchestra Sapphire bullets of pure love Anna Livia Plurabelle Deathcap Mushrooms fungus Flash Gordon Trip to Mars The Clash Death is a star Pink Floyd money Amendment 10 The United States Constitution Lord Buckley Hip Ghan Cabbage boy Sausage Dr. E.P T.S Eliot The dry salvages Anna Livia Plurabelle John Coltrane Ohm Pink Floyd Final cut Squarepusher Music is rotted one note United Nations Ralph Gleason Alice Coltrane Galaxy in Turiya Alice in Wonderland The Mock Turtle Mike Ladd In perspective Guitar History Prince Paul Psychoanalysis Pressage Mr. Dibbs Secret Society United Nations Ralph Gleason Saul Williams Not in our name dj goo mx Pressage Mr. dibbs Doze New World Order United Nations Ralph Gleason DJ Shadow What does the inside of your soul look like Anna Livia Plurabelle Death cap mushrooms. – http://www.maybelogic.org/maybequarterly/04/0401EditorWelcome.htm

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