I is for Immigration: Fly drops some straight talk.

What the hell is going on? bird flu epidemic, a swine flu scare, what’s next…? Flying Pig Flew? How did hoof and mouth disease get such a name?

Maybe Cancer might become chancer over night, a tumour turns into a rumour at the dinner table, a terminal illness can now be seen as a simple term related illness at the hospital check out desk, even death can be revised optimistically to breath, at the end.

symbol structures that define you and your world – might entrap you – mentally, physically if you let them – new language provides a new path out of totalitarian states (inner and outer). Gno Word Order. Why don’t all those immigrant yeast spores fly back to the star system they came from? taking up our jobs and resources. Immigration, huh, do you think that the prefix (im) versus (em) can really help us when looking at migration of human beings?

I think that humanity should be able to traverse the globe as global citizens, citizens of earth, you dig, a nomadic-migrant humanity. I think immigration, the word, causes more than half of the problem concerning foreign migrating workers that wonder far from home, and then get portrayed by the satanic newspress, often as a straw-man, an immigrant.

From the point of view of valuing all humanity as citizens of spaceship earth – we are all migrating beings, you dig – depending on the time-map and language-metaphors used to describe any individual. So now, the immigration wing-nuts, who fan the flames of racial hatred, dogmatic communications and straight up racist lies would not be able to produce havoc surrounding immigration if they were not a part of the conspiracy to use immigration language trickery as a decoy, a straw-man argument and a political hot-dogmatic word-world-war potato to help raise the frustration, chaos and blood pressure of those on the receiving end of the warped messages and imperialist lingusitic deception. Crazy i know, but just hear me out here. OK.

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