Generally when people don’t understand things they go for a sinister explanation, a conspiracy, a disaster – and hollywood – it’s producers, screen writers, actors, media spin doctors and pundits seems to be to be at the cutting of sinister explanations, turning superstition into cinematic science; a great skill when used on behalf of humanity, not the box office, don’t get me wrong, i admire the possibilities of cinema. But cinema in conjunction with history, science, language and humanity.

A 2012 movie shall be made to reflect the positive transformation possibly due around about 21st December 2012.



  1. Although this writing here is not in E-Prime, I can appreciate the positive effects given off when one uses certain semantic hygiene when describing certain phenomena, and I feel that the entire 2012 industry now emerging on the fringes of Hollywood and the New Age circuit and book clubs would benefit, and be a whole lot more useful to humanity, if they adopted E-Prime, or other scientifically, operationalist’ oriented language. After all, one model not mentioned in the book – yet – that I imagine for the 2012 Solstice is a complete revision of languages, maybe the English language will become useless in the face of the new technology awaiting us, just around the corner, you know, the translinguistic goo or T9000 Glossalalia?… (excuse me, I’m off into a short story scene once more.)
    The end of the word! Might fit with the idea of the end of history, in that without words the imperial history of empire and all that resembles it, crumbles into dust, and then gas, big farts escaping out into the cosmos. Yeah, and Finnegans Wake has done most of the hard work for us, yeah, you knew FW would come into this didn’t you, eh. Haha. Well, I got this from Bobby really, but I do think that FW and the 2012 phenomena are complimentary to each other in that they both represent the end of the word, but also, interestingly to me, link to the sinking of the Titanic in April 1912.

    Oh, and one other thing about Terence and the 2012 phenomena, one thing that distinguishes Terence from the rest of the crowd seems to be not only his adoption of positive psychoactive drug related theories connecting ancient cultures and the use of various intoxicating sacraments, such as DMT by various time-space obsessed shamans around the world, to gain insight into the sub-microscopic and macro-cosmological realms, but Mckenna’s modern day – active resistance – and campaigning against prohibition and the criminal war on some people who use some drugs, he was in the brave warrior tradition of Leary, Wilson and a few others. So I ask the question, can we have our world block-party 2012, and time-travel wherever we like, without our drugs? Umm, now, that kind of question raises the question of a chemically mediated 2012 phenomena, a super happy knowledge virus? Edible internet Solstice sales? But seriously, as I just read somewhere in the book – many of the 2012 experts have not had a psychedelic experience, but claim to know all about Mayan culture, their symbolism and calendar and what they mean. I must agree, as a bit of a psychonaut myself that the insight gained from positive tripping on psychedelic compounds of one form or another might be THE most important experience and question for any scientist, in any field, anywhere, as it brings into question the nature of the experiment, the experimenter and hidden variables with a striking clarity and neutrality, at least in my limited experiences. Terence often seemed to me echoing this sentiment, and again, other than Leary and Wilson, and maybe Bill Hicks.

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