McJoy Brunosa stepped forward one more step towards the giant scales, his genius suspiciously dormant in his silence, yet his thoughts sparkled like lightening bolts behind his eyelids, externally McJoy Brunosa struggled to make out the unbelievable scenery before him.

Brunosa’s heart was projected as a 3D hologram onto a weighing scale that was balanced on the other side by nothing but an ostrich feather, the scale was spread out over McJoy Brunosa’s shoulders. Large figures loomed in the background like overhead clouds obscuring the light.

Ezski Welleson stepped into the chamber about 10 feet from Brunosa and watched him hold up the scales on his back.

“Thothttott” Brunosa said, in a deep booming voice.

“Thothttott” Welleson replied, twisting his eyebrows through his long fingers.

Brunos’a shoulders were like curved bananas, slightly bruised and splitting; Ezski Welleson thought

“Thothttott” Brunosa said again, struggling to take the weight and stumbling on the spot.

“tale-of-the-tribe” Brunosa continues…

Shannico Yeatzscher crawled to the edge of the star-shaft, and poked his head out the end and drops the bag onto the floor. Yeatzscher jumps into the chamber, opens the bag to reveal an ‘egyptian mouth-breeder’ fish and quickly suckles the fish into Brunosa’s mouth. Yeatzscher stares at a winged figure hovering in space a few inches above Brunosa’s head. Welleson focuses his sights on Yeatzscher’s tail tucked away in his trousers, ‘the tail of the tribe’ he thought, and smiled.

“I imagine my heart upon the scale, and guess the weight of the general heart, not lightly” Welleson said, gazing at the hieroglyphics carved into the walls that seemed to be depicting what was happening to them!

“Thothttott Language vs. the thothttott equation measured by these scales?” Brunosa said.

Welleson registered every wince and sigh that Brunosa made as his heart was interrogated and profiled by the great old ones.

‘Maybe we have the body as a reliable object of scientific study, opposed to the ‘imaginary’ ideas of the mind?” Brunosa said, with a bewildered look of concern on his face.

‘To weigh the general heart of history, the characters and their deeds, the thothttott; and transmit them into the head space and divine natural ” Brunosa said.

Brunosa’s shoulders shrug and touch his ears, and he sits, quiet, and self-composed like a stalk-headed monk.

Borskyopolos introduced us all to the wonders of short and sweet collaborative writing projects with his piece for MQ titled: THE WORK OF THE TRIBE 01.

Last week, I decided to have another go, but used characters from my NOvel’ Our Historys Back’ but these can easily be changed, and put into the context of three, or more characters, we might wish to animate and narrate.

Here’s what I came up with: Max’S eyelashes brushed up and down on the surface of the writing tablet, his saw a mosaic of colours and shapes flash by as if Jimi Hendrix had chose the interior colour scheme at Alhambra, inside a gyroscope.

Max’s shin bones were pushing on a padded bar, that linked to the water pump that was filling up his head-chamber with gamma tea.

Plush smoothly roller-skates into the laboratory studio like a snake, watching Max conduct his gamma experiment.

“AILMS” said Max, gargling a little tea.

“AILMS?” Plush replied, fingering his ring and touching it to his breast.

Plush thought that Max’s eyes appeared as two large apples, seen through the transparent gamma tea cup.

“AILMS” Max said, shaking his head a little due to the cold tea now seeping into his ears.

“Share these seeds of love” Max went on, still pumping the chamber up with tea.

(Just then some seeds fell from an apple Percy was eating in the room next door, and he was prompted to get up from his desk, walk into the laboratory and hand the large half eaten apple to Max, who’s head had stopped shaking now, and sat with his hand neatly folded together patiently)

Plush detects the aroma of Marijuana and can see the pot baggy shaped like a long bud in Percy’s jeans.

I’ll be rolling with you in a tick Percy” said Plush.

Plush and Percy add the AILMS to the waterpump, and the gamma tea begins to heat up.

Plush could now see the tea working on Max.

“Gamma tea time works on the other sides of time, other side of the tea-leaf” said Max, pinching his lips and squinting his eyes.

Max scoops an AILM from the tea with his tongue, as Plush watches his hand spasming, shaking with over-concentration.

Max then lifts his legs right up and out from under the bar and brings them near his mouth so that his shin bones are on his tongue, that lulls out in a relaxed way, his expression was like that of Popeye after eating raw spinach.

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