poets who spoke in poetic characters’ Vico and the artificer

While modern theories of knowledge begin with something present to the mind – e.g., Descartes begins with self-evidently true, clear, and simple innate ideas – Vico, begins by asking how it is that the mind comes to have anything present to it at all (Verene, 1981).
And it is precisely to this question that Vico claims to have an answer, indeed, it is the master key of his science. “We find,” he says,

“that the principle of these origins both of languages and of letters lies in the fact that the early gentile people, by a demonstrated necessity of nature, were poets who spoke in poetic characters. This discovery, which is the master key of this Science, has cost us the persistent research of almost all our literary life, because with our civilized natures we moderns cannot at all imagine and can understand only by great toil the poetic nature of these first men” (para.34, my emphasis).

But to understand what he means here by saying that the early people were, by necessity, poets (where the word “poet” is from the Greek poitetes = one who makes, a maker, an artificer), we must divide the process of making involved into two parts: i) the first, to do with the forming of a sensory topic, and ii) the second, with the forming of an imaginary universal which, from a ‘rooting’ in it, ‘lends’ the topic a determinate form.–John Shotter, CMN/UNH, http://pubpages.unh.edu/~jds/VicoNotes.htm



Around August 1st, 1936 Berlingham:

…and humanitas Y’all toegather geoglyficali hoisted dynastic games. Plush spun down to the stylus ship, set needle to breakers, past pretence future weave of atumz and wiffs froth broth on the godly wave riverum tumble of Sheanimate Gobjects.

Plush set up mast in mist & sail in hail and antenna on that stylus ship which rings us buoy a turntabius vicus of recirculation back to back to No Yolk and Rapateen and Merlinghum environs: august 1st 1936. Giles Chase wrapped in nanotube paste fr’over the shirt snot sea with billyum canvases rearrived again from mouth Amorika heavy with weeping and winds from starboard blow to fight his pen-isolate war on the words at the Oilamp Trick Gums.

Giles Chance cheesed in a close webbed soundcloud djinn’d by Ira Pod, Cutler Bates and Marten McLure doubling their mumper with a glitter of sun-rays, pitter-platter of Bates brewed by arclight humm’d by harplite. A prayer to the sickly death’s heads ringsome on the aquaface. The fall from centre. Foul you might rise up the well you mast!

And the penmen rose’ shadows from a swarming disk memory stick, spirit smelliported to the oil-drums and their upturnpike point and place. Poured we libations unto each the dead retaled in bed. And drawing Stylus from hip I dug the humptyhill head upon the Altumble Tabletoe step.

History clashes with wills, many men mauled by the scribes and the oystrygods. History HOAX HOAX. Singular hilarity singular. These historical forces and values gathered about me, where? Unsheath the narrow stylus I’m going into Berlingringstroms matey. But first came McLure our friend McLure, what chance cuddleys of going down the long ladder unguarded to engineer molecular mark’s.

Chromatiq thunder strux, what chance cuddleys, what chance? holding his golden drumstick his tete in a tub of firewater for to watch the future of his fate, but ere he swiftly took it out again ouch from the pouch of pouk. Dunntales and gums wave intermixed disks on our Altable. Ira sailed by Sirens the trim-coifed goddess path outward, ebbs away from Eye duno to Amorica to your hopebridge where?

Raptonne a blanket of fog:

All-town myth to cypher city and to sing singing matter and shouting mountain mutter, dancing mitten of youth and old socks. Ira fell downdown the unguarded ladder and shattered a nape-nerve against the buttress. O, you’re vine to study reading books and history to cut and sew waves at R’ town.

Flight of the blue spill abducted the town with music, painting and poetry. Bats flew in. In the best modern way. Hang it All Cutler Bates. Exit through the out door. No mystery about the Dunntales they are the tile of the fibre from the nib-nozzle of Ira and the Nob-Nuzzle of Chase.

Compiling the Camel-fnord book of dates, Ira’s news comes in, and Bates and his ship landed twelve weeks later, eyes of Dali’ water cutting under his keel overdose. Indestructible mind of Gyres’ bringularity summert summit. Phallanx of Chase history Pod’s and economic triplicity books inexstiguishable.

And the wave runs in the Rap beech grove, the stylus runs in the disk groove, RNA ink runs with atoms and quiffs in the Hawks well at noon and poor Giles blind as a bat. Invenci first doodle-cross search engine in 1922, but hark! some voice juice like thunder spake Mythalized and idealized twinned.

Three mysters of celtic quantum indetermine to be seeing cling-film animations of the rocky shoreline from swerve of shore to bendy bay, the West’s awake to the yeats and the West’s awake to the beats, there is a wine-red glow in the shallows a tin flash in the sun dazzle.

Ira, Giles and Cutler overthrow up history over the lingham wall, potting her soiled soul buck togather again wit murmur of great old one’s and the clash of our cries till we spring to be free radio. Wake running off from the bow of Rapallo. ‘Watch till death for Erin’s sake and by the Gerritsen rock pool a young boy loggy with vine must was spotted by musta’ Wools. Three quarks for Bygmester Shermon: Humanksi, Wools and Muller muttered Bates.

Apollodelphi Now Yowlk.

Young boy of four from Gerritsen beach plays McGraff’s younger cousin in McGraff’ by Carsun Wools, when they brought the young boy i said: he has god in him, though I do not know which god.” Carsun said of young Bob. The water-bugs mittens show on the bright rock below him. Shermon conceives midgital communi’ using the long moon for a churn stick.

When the snow was like sea foam Humanski Carsun and Muller watch hawks circle a well, and Sonny Bob transfers fourier transfers to Shermon by spinning the head on him in a caster of his reasons. The wave-chord plashing around the theatre hollows of pine trunks, bebop bellowing out theatre ritual into blocks of light on the knight of July 31st, 1936. This holy platterplate place of turning.

Finger Ring, Breastplate and Disk in dymaxion tension. Error Error 33 Midgital communication was error, who observes a design in process and dynamic maximum attension. These great tales told by Sherm and Shan in the gritty Shannani Wave brew Chase’s masterpiece of mathematical genius which launched the midgital information age off the page.

Glass-glint of wave in the tide rips against sunlight. Mr. Adams saw waved through the bank hoax. Grey peak of the wave, wave crest woolsrusspower to all-around humanity. Pull down thy vanity fairez. From grosskopp to megapod as from the beginning of wonders Humanski went in for structure but consumption is still done by animals.

Holy snakes chase me charley & Eva’s got barley under fluencies! Tempus tacendi, tempus loquendi. And the plot to alert Ira got underway by Wittgenstein. The scarab is bowed at the altar, dung beetle rolled and the green light gleams in its shell, folded hands bow as the head and gun sales lead to more gun sales, guns, guns, guns.

Dollis and Skully Von cum to have Adolphted such a Adelphus! O, the singing contracts to secure guns and dope. Using the people as a mere dupe undercover: the oilympic troops. Mr Pope has conformed it to the notions of writtishmen and Americans in Tacitus and in Homer. Ingle end says now for know. No to greed and guns, enough already.

Stevenscum, Dollis, Folly and Skully Von and the Berlingham faith exchange sickness. Germoney, Inkland, Mitale’ Amorica, Oh where in history will you find em? Isle wail for yews said Chase, the spooks grilled Pod, Bates and Chase, literally, electrochemically shocked them blotch and void.

I am noman, my name is noman. Ira announced to the twelvepodstall inquisitors. The old moderns resisted Spengleton’s pet project Sadio: Trading Hallibut-Cola, Christy crude oilam, a kind of Christmess speedball for summer 36’ around the globe. Let those I love try to forgive what I have made. Do not move, let the wind speak for all their faults I am pissing out. “yes” Ira, Chase and Bates said, in beautiful synchrony, Noh tales.

steve fly ‘Agaric 23’

OUR HISTORYS BACK: a tale of the tribe

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Category Literature & Fiction
Description The MPHDJ Method translates roughly as mixing special kinds of sampled literature using the approach of a musical DJ or turntablist. In our historys back this method is applied to ‘the tale of the tribe’ as defined by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson and brings together some of the greatest minds of the 20th century to rewrite history with their genius and invention. DJ Fly Agaric 23 lays out his vision for 2012 where the tribetable method becomes a tool for scholar activists and historical researchers who wish to move beyond rhetoric and into psycho-drama.
Copyright Year 2009
Language: English
Country United Kingdom

SP is for Steven Pratt: Fly Agaric 23 Knotwerks





A handful of posts and early freestyle writings from my time in America formulated my book: World Piss’ The Spore of the Woids. Last year in (2009) this project morphed into SHANNANIGUMS WAVE. Now available at Lulu, and partly at wordspore.blogspot.

While living in New Orleans I started the poem TRANE YOURSELF: a homage to John Coltrane, inspired by Jazz ployrhythms and African American culture. A theme in my early poems crafted in America, while living in New Orleans, New York, and the Bay Area, surrounded by awe inspiring music and artists.

I feel honoured to collaborate on a blog with good friends and longtime memebers of the maybelogic academy. (now sadly closed for good) The IMPERFECT INDEX of ONLYMAYBE acts like a prototype model for this post here. Onlymaybe or maybelogic.blogspot is kept up and running and brimming with content by Bogus Magus (Toby Philpott, and Bobby Campbell.

Thanks Bogus, and thanks all the contributing artists for their voluntary efforts to keep the RAW web afloat with data and links. To Bobby, Borsky, Fuzzbuddy, Minja, Prop, Chris, NP, P.G, Quackenbush, P Smith, B Kane, Eva and all the faculty staff and those I Forget.

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McJoy Brunosa stepped forward one more step towards the giant scales, his genius suspiciously dormant in his silence, yet his thoughts sparkled like lightening bolts behind his eyelids, externally McJoy Brunosa struggled to make out the unbelievable scenery before him.

Brunosa’s heart was projected as a 3D hologram onto a weighing scale that was balanced on the other side by nothing but an ostrich feather, the scale was spread out over McJoy Brunosa’s shoulders. Large figures loomed in the background like overhead clouds obscuring the light.

Ezski Welleson stepped into the chamber about 10 feet from Brunosa and watched him hold up the scales on his back.

“Thothttott” Brunosa said, in a deep booming voice.

“Thothttott” Welleson replied, twisting his eyebrows through his long fingers.

Brunos’a shoulders were like curved bananas, slightly bruised and splitting; Ezski Welleson thought

“Thothttott” Brunosa said again, struggling to take the weight and stumbling on the spot.

“tale-of-the-tribe” Brunosa continues…

Shannico Yeatzscher crawled to the edge of the star-shaft, and poked his head out the end and drops the bag onto the floor. Yeatzscher jumps into the chamber, opens the bag to reveal an ‘egyptian mouth-breeder’ fish and quickly suckles the fish into Brunosa’s mouth. Yeatzscher stares at a winged figure hovering in space a few inches above Brunosa’s head. Welleson focuses his sights on Yeatzscher’s tail tucked away in his trousers, ‘the tail of the tribe’ he thought, and smiled.

“I imagine my heart upon the scale, and guess the weight of the general heart, not lightly” Welleson said, gazing at the hieroglyphics carved into the walls that seemed to be depicting what was happening to them!

“Thothttott Language vs. the thothttott equation measured by these scales?” Brunosa said.

Welleson registered every wince and sigh that Brunosa made as his heart was interrogated and profiled by the great old ones.

‘Maybe we have the body as a reliable object of scientific study, opposed to the ‘imaginary’ ideas of the mind?” Brunosa said, with a bewildered look of concern on his face.

‘To weigh the general heart of history, the characters and their deeds, the thothttott; and transmit them into the head space and divine natural ” Brunosa said.

Brunosa’s shoulders shrug and touch his ears, and he sits, quiet, and self-composed like a stalk-headed monk.

Borskyopolos introduced us all to the wonders of short and sweet collaborative writing projects with his piece for MQ titled: THE WORK OF THE TRIBE 01.

Last week, I decided to have another go, but used characters from my NOvel’ Our Historys Back’ but these can easily be changed, and put into the context of three, or more characters, we might wish to animate and narrate.

Here’s what I came up with: Max’S eyelashes brushed up and down on the surface of the writing tablet, his saw a mosaic of colours and shapes flash by as if Jimi Hendrix had chose the interior colour scheme at Alhambra, inside a gyroscope.

Max’s shin bones were pushing on a padded bar, that linked to the water pump that was filling up his head-chamber with gamma tea.

Plush smoothly roller-skates into the laboratory studio like a snake, watching Max conduct his gamma experiment.

“AILMS” said Max, gargling a little tea.

“AILMS?” Plush replied, fingering his ring and touching it to his breast.

Plush thought that Max’s eyes appeared as two large apples, seen through the transparent gamma tea cup.

“AILMS” Max said, shaking his head a little due to the cold tea now seeping into his ears.

“Share these seeds of love” Max went on, still pumping the chamber up with tea.

(Just then some seeds fell from an apple Percy was eating in the room next door, and he was prompted to get up from his desk, walk into the laboratory and hand the large half eaten apple to Max, who’s head had stopped shaking now, and sat with his hand neatly folded together patiently)

Plush detects the aroma of Marijuana and can see the pot baggy shaped like a long bud in Percy’s jeans.

I’ll be rolling with you in a tick Percy” said Plush.

Plush and Percy add the AILMS to the waterpump, and the gamma tea begins to heat up.

Plush could now see the tea working on Max.

“Gamma tea time works on the other sides of time, other side of the tea-leaf” said Max, pinching his lips and squinting his eyes.

Max scoops an AILM from the tea with his tongue, as Plush watches his hand spasming, shaking with over-concentration.

Max then lifts his legs right up and out from under the bar and brings them near his mouth so that his shin bones are on his tongue, that lulls out in a relaxed way, his expression was like that of Popeye after eating raw spinach.

THE TWELVE (12 the book) BY William Gladstone synchronicity

While in the American bookstore on Thursday here in Amsterdam, I stumbled upon a book called THE TWELVE, I was shocked to see a book concerning the end of time, Mayan Prophecies and generally the 2012 phenomena that had a protagonist called MAX. I was a little shocked by this, in a good kind of epiphany shocked-way becasue I have a character called MAX in my new book called OUR HISTORYS BACK, which is set in 2012 and includes many of the 2012, Mayan, time-travel themes, except I am hinting at the possibility that by that date, somehow humanity has fully digested what Robert Anton Wilson might have been tryoing to tell us with his TALE OF THE TRIBE.

I have not read the book, but as a loose 2012 drum beater’ I suspect I may, just to see what MAX gets up to.


A tribal Tale play. By fly.

MPHDJ Plush, and his new friends Percy Yu, and Max produced a new play with words, cutting.


Hollywood Studios – Dark. Night: Dr. FRANKENSTEIN says: “These machines will have an input, and an output. The input will be an infinite sequence of binary digits.

CUT TO: John Coltrane saying: “This definition is extended to infinite sequences, as follows…

CUT TO: Film footage of Jesse Owens at Berlin Olympic Games 1936.

NARRATOR: “Think ‘infinitely’ to see the paradox of writing about paradox.

SUBTITLE: To appear in the cosmology of the infinite.

CUT TO: Studio Engineer: “And hence the rate should probably be defined with respect to a machine whose tape is infinite dimensional.

CUT TO: Old man in library reading book. We pan into the book and see the chapter heading: Infinito – De l’infinito, universe et mondi.

CUT TO: Tight close up of map with red, blue and green dots on it:

SUBTITLE: “He had seen as in a glass darkly.

SOUND: A shot rings out. Narrator falls dead in studio.

Camera pans back to Announcer with gun.

CUT TO: Announcer saying: “Musictime & Sporthistory (An introductory fable) to cable.”

SUBTITLE on screen: A survey of the music, painting, sculpture, and poetry of the decade as seen by a vorticist.

DISSOLVE TO: Close shot of young female Italian Gymnast at the Games saying: “We imitate this geometry in our art, music, and architecture, and express it in the symmetry of our own bodies.”

SUBTITLE: A discussion of geometry; musictime’ and the dissociation of ideas.

Camera Pan around a class room, An old GREY BEARDED SCHOLAR says: “…Ending with a piece of music, this chapter also helps explain that a work of art, architecture, music, or literature should proceed linearly and logically, with harmony, symmetry, proportion, and concision,

NARRATOR: “That was the rule laid out by Aristotle in his poetics.”

CUT TO: The ocean, Aristotle is seen by children on the beach, far-out swimming with a porpoise.

SUBTITLE: Accidental music providently arranged by L’Archet…

NARRATOR: “Garments were adorned with the figures of suns, moons, and stars, interwoven with those of fiddles, flutes, harps, trumpets, guitars, harpsichords, and many other instruments of music, unknown to us.”

Camera pans around the Apollodelphi theatre, as the band play their decorative instruments and the actors play out the last scenes of Mcgraff’.

CUT TO: Four men sitting back in the eighth row with speech bubbles hanging over their heads full of mathematical equations, musical notation and more.

CUT TO: Man in audience turning to his neighbor and saying: “In that music I thought I heard an earthquake letting loose a primeval life-force that had been dammed up for ages.”

Zeppelin flying over Berlin plays ‘Beethoven’s Opus 109’ on massive speakers.

CUT TO: Obi Wen Kinobe to Luke Skywalker: “Use their ways and their music, keep form of their charts and banners.”

CUT TO: Man behind cell-bars: “T’ao Ch’ien heard the old Dynasty’s music as it might be at the peach-blossom Fountain.”

CUT TO: Photograph of Ira Pod, Giles Chase and Cutler Bates sitting at the Oilympic fountain in the village.

INTERCUT: A Talking turntable character on the telephone saying: “The ear analyzes a sound wave into its component frequencies.

NARRATOR: Question, what is music?

MAN:“The pregnant recurrence of domination notes in the melody and chords in a harmony.”

WOMEN: “The separation of words and music by the print technology was no more decisive than its separation of visual and oral reading.”

CUT TO: close up of a painting – Acrylic on canvas – depicting the musical stave with notes in black and white, with red paint dripping through the scene, swirling toward a download Icon in the bottom right hand corner.

CRIMINAL ARTIST: “You have a music magazine. You have a magazine on economics. Why? Because the advertiser pays for the magazine.

DISSOLVE TO: PLUSH, responding to BBC radio interviewer: “Sound effects and music are essential to any air drama; we are using all the equipment that radio offers. Economically and intelligently. We are smuggling implements of music.”

CUT TO: POV of automobile passneger passing a Billboard on L.A’s sunset strip for ‘Radio hobbyhorse: All music when you come to think.”

DISSOLVE TO: Still shot of LP cover art saying “Music rots when it gets too far from the dance.

SOUND: Sequence of voices recorded from Tape reel and new acetate disks:

CUT TO: Young musician: “Words were printed with the music?”

CUT TO: On a TV screen we see three Nordic, leotard-clad, full breasted girls swinging exercise clubs decorated with symbols, in union.

RADIO NEWSCASTER: “…and there was a failure to supply music for those entering the Oilympic stadium.”

NARRATOR: “Question, what scale of values, what preferences in music, for example?

Newspaper headline in Rapalltown: “All that Italian florid music.”

MAN ON STAGE: “But let gentle silence wrought with music flow.

CUT TO: Guinness TV add, Einstein flying/falling through a clockwork Universe.

CUT TO: PLUSH asking: “How confident did my dream look on this finite world?

SUBTITLE: “The number of words in such a vocabulary, natural for man, is infinite.

MAN ON STAGE: “Acting in illegal secret, pouring oil on the press, giving nominal loans on inexistent security.

Close-up Photograph of piece of tape, with caption: “Fly-catchers of the moon,

STAGE ACTOR in McGraff: “It is time I wrote my will; I chose upstanding men.”

CUT TO: Max typing the words: “Sonny did not set out to discover prejudices; he did not even set out to criticize our conceptions of space and time.”

CUT TO: Door to door time-machine salesman: “We may question and revise our conception of timespace. Opening new adventures in literature for our time, space machine. Read this…”

NARRATOR: Question, Tell me, who made the world?”

MONTAGE: Vincent Quarantino saying: “The real film-maker is a writer. He or she makes the world.”

INTERCUT to Lisa Simpson on skype: “I think the maker Transforms in Hilbert space.”

CUT TO: Photograph of a Turntable with the slogan: “The technical revolution of our time.”

CUT TO: Inside the Temporal Institute, three scholars discuss a timespace machine, reading the transcripts of voices recorded earlier that afternoon.

BILL LASWELL: “Axioms, provide an overview of the evolving concepts of geometric space and form that have impacted the literary imagination throughout western history. In a sense, for any input situation including past history, E’ merely looks up in a “dictionary” the appropriate response.”

VOICE 3: “That changed endocrine history.”

FLASHBACK: Percy passing Max a photograph of an MRI scan of his brain.

DRUNKEN HISTORICAL ENGINEER: “A period of history of a process. A period of History defined by the prevalence of some particular state of things. Like the Glowball Illumage defined by Mclure.”

NARRATOR (Voiceover): “An event ‘E is representable by a property of the state at time ‘p of a finite automaton with an infinite past, only if E is definite.

CUT TO: Realistic film of a singing Bard riding a comet to earth: “The phenomena of the idea, arise and pass away in time like fleeting dreams.

VOICEOVER of TV ad for an ‘Elvis’ DVD: “He offers a history of philosophy from the beginning to our own time.”

NARRATOR: “But he had not solved the problem of how to include novelistic realism and history in a modern literary work, especially a poem.”

CUT TO: Back blurb of a Novel: “Social and political issues, religion, British History, advertising, and naturally enough the conflict between art and economics.”

CUT TO: Photograph of an Andy Warhol Obama button on the orange jacket of a prison inmate.

CARTMAN from South Park: “The time has also become ripe for a conception of human knowledge, history, and the human condition.”

CUT TO: Man receives fax from his fax-machine reading: …And they ran into debt to keep up appearance, they were there busy with sciences, poetry, history, dancing.

MAN at the Butchers: “Persecution, says he, all the history of the world is full of it. Perpetuating national hatred among nations. Can I have some chicken wings mate?

CUT TO: Old man in a libarary:“…so pay tribute to the Confucian tenets found in shu jing or the Book of History.”

NARRATOR: “Question, what is history?

James T. Kirk: “All history is the experimental refutation of the theory of the so called moral order of things.”

CUT TO: Hannibal Lector in Berlin saying: “There is reason in History?”

DISSOLVE TO: Photograph of Newspaper headline reading: ‘Economics and national security?

LONG SHOT: Data screen showing wiki page, from inside a Prision cell: “…This stupendous double antithesis seems to me the most significant fact in all history, certain ideas and theories placed the history of civilization in an unusual light…”

CUT TO: Swiss Sports coach shouting: “Rules involve interpretation, and to escape the infinite regress there seems to be no escape from the necessity of considering agreements concluded outside the game.

INTERCUT: Max saying into his phone: “Different meanings for different specialists?

SUBTITLE: “Von Noman’s response was similar to that in his formalization of quantum mechanics: just expand the formal character of the ‘space’ in which the model would reside.

CUT TO: Bard on a hill: “Sing, O you little stars.

SUBTITLE: “Infinite-valued, process orientations.

BARD on hill: “About the stars and moon and sun…

SUBTITLE: “All statements made about them stars are only probable in various degrees.

CUT TO: Studio engineer: “We may think of a Turing machine as having three parts: a control element, a reading and writing head, and an infinite tape.

CUT TO: Percy saying into his phone: “He was trying to write an epic poem.

CUT TO: Man holding Koran and Bible in hand saying: “This book can’t be the whole of history.”

TV SPORTS COMMENTATOR at the 2012 games opening: “Berlingham provided a suitable backdrop for the greatest spectacle ever seen in the history of sport.”

MAN WITH A MEGAPHONE: “Men and their business took the soul’s unchanging look. An epic is a poem including History. Increase their flow, throw flower at histories feet, when will we meet?”

CUT TO: M.I.T Professor: “Well, Santa Monica was a point of reference to those working on Game theory.”

CUT TO: Bankman, the economic superhero shouting: “Merchants will not confess over trading nor speculators. Do they pour national revenue into banks of deposit in seasons of speculation?…

CUT TO: Hadron super-collider firing lottery balls against different currencies and Scientists and economists gathered in the lab, measuring the scatter patterns left by the collisions.

SCIENTIST: “Terminology continues to be traditionally magical, covered in the writings and signs of the past, and with these signs over-painted with new signs in a cyclic nervous chain, interconnected in a bewilderingly complex way.”

SUBTITLE: Clouded silence : Silence that is the infinite of space.

CUT TO: Max saying: “The fourier transform of a function vanishing exponentially.

CUT TO: Studio Engineer: “The term ‘finite’ is used to distinguish these automate from Turing machines, which have an infinite tape, permitting them to have more complicated behavior than these automata.

CUT TO: Film of Rotating figure eight – Mobius strip – made of magnetic tape.

FLASHBACK: Plush, reading in the wave the words “Infinite swell in unfitting induments.”

CUT TO: Photograph of guitar covered in the world’s currency symbols and signs.

CUT TO: Percy: “All we shall have to do is unveil it, to simply remove the political cloak. The Olympics and other competitions exist partly for this purpose – to wave their cloaks and flags.

LONG SHOT of Max running with a flag bearing the symbols of the other flags at the games, flags of nations on one side and as he runs past, corporate logos combined with the symbols of the stock and bond worlds, and currencies from around the world.

CUT TO: Close-up of Max saying: “The most striking result of this cloak-research, by von Norman, elaborated his theory of ‘Olympic games and economic fluxuations’ after his 1928 paper: “Time, and the Oyl Race: The political use of the Olympic games, time and money.”

CUT TO: Tight close up of paper by von Norman, being inspected by Plush and Percy.

CUT TO: Man at speakers corner, London: “To have shortage neither in time nor in place but to have money there ready for sailing of ships, wangles of merchants and for the due pay for soldiers.

CUT TO: Max speaking of Geo Runoh: “The notion of a group is transformation and invariance. For these are not on terms, they twain.

PLUSH saying into his skype headphone: “This is the multiplicity inherent in his rhetoric. To weave and share. To approach the infinite by form, he was revolting against art.

INTERCUT: PERCY replies on a cell phone: “He demanded more wood alcohol to pitch in with.”

CUT TO: Artist in the dock: “I’m drawing on the methods of Imagist lyric, of drama, of narrative poetry, the realistic novel, cinema, to create a synthetic form capable of including the scope of modern consciousness, sir.

CUT TO: Computer screen froze during ‘Prose-tools’ session. Message flashing Reboot!

LIBERAL JUDGE: “But the results of human acts and decisions are alterable by acts and decisions.

COURT HECKLER: “This statement is equivalent to the assertion that it is the product of two functions; ‘ren or virtuous human nature and ‘Jing, Respect.

CRIMINAL ARTIST: “A precise language of sharing can be built up of stable, visually perceptible signs.

CUT TO: Looping footage of Angel falls.

NARRATOR: “Nature, image and sound play significantly interlocking parts. These parts are now altered, and augmented with a cyclical view of history.

Plush: “That history proceeds through corsi and ricorsi.

Percy: “The method of construction is roughly as follows;

CUT TO: Plush, Max and Percy in the studio.

PLUSH: saying to his friends: “We design a rhythm machine with an alphabet of ‘m letters (symbols used on the tape) and ‘n internal states,

PERCY repies: “We design a machine with two internal states, a rhythm-sharing machine.

NARRATOR: “Both man and Universe are indeed complex aggregates of motion.

CUT TO: Ezra Pound asking: “What could save infinite time and labour for pore mutts trying to learn a little Chinese.

SUBTITLE: “The overtones of words, the halos of secondary meaning, are struck among the infinite terms of things.

CUT TO: Peruvian Shaman, translated: “You won’t really need all that money.

NARRATOR (VOICE OVER): “Question: In What sense does the infinite universe radically modifies the relationship between God and the world, between God and human beings.

CUT TO: Frank Zappa: “Let us suppose that f(z) is measurable, and of summable square over any finite interval.

SUBTITLE: “Representability in a finite automaton with an Infinite past.

CUT TO: Jesus on the cross, the hill crowded with bitter faces, the wounds in palm and side, the vinegar heavy sponge.

CUT TO: Tour guide, as she folded the phone into her untidy bag and snapped the catch: “The Egyptians finally used abbreviated pictures to represent sounds.”

CRITIC: “Well, I cannot swallow all the sacrosanct principles and accepted truths underlying the writings of people who try to deal seriously with the problem, that is, the expression of the wave.”

BEARDED CARTOON PIRATE: “The great new tool of this age is information, from which has been born sharing.

CUT TO: Screen shot of computer running a Bit Torrent download.

VOICE 1: “The infinite which it superficially concealed in the notion of “any”.

VOICE 2: “It cannot be elsewhere, since its coincidence of spirituality with infinite matter means that ‘elsewhere’ does not exist.

CUT TO: Backstage at Rapalltown Hall, a Woman is responding to a question: “I did not catch the words, so I couldn’t respond to what he just asked. Mechanics represents an average of…the total weight of values…what?”

DOCUMENTARY STYLE VOICE OVER: “The Greeks invented both their artistic and scientific novelties after the interiorization of the alphabet.

CUT TO: Footage of a man making a cross-word puzzle on his plate, using alphabet soup letters.

OLD MAN saying: “Masterpieces of art, if they were stated formally in the language of self recursive function theory, and not tomato sauce…

MONTAGE: BATMAN: “Napoleon has invented a word, Ideology, which expresses my opinion:

SUPERMAN: Let S be a sequence of symbols. S is to denote the Set of all pairs.”

SPIDERMAN: “There was a whole will of the people. Knowledge and love collide and coincide with their object in the infinite.

CUT TO: Old man tapping TV screen with walking stick.

SUBTITLE: Language poetry, and the transparent slingshot”

SPIDERMAN: “Then came an adder and bit his throat so that he cried out in pain.”

CUT TO: Computer screen message:“To Play thou schouwburgst, Game, here endeth.

(The curtain drops by deep request, the image of a large hand projects onto the curtain, pointing to a sign that reads: The danger of single, absolute, or hegemonic principles or rules can be overcome with awareness of multi-dimensional meanings.)

CUT TO: Documentary Film Producer: “The above explanation, as well as the neurological attitude toward meaning, as expressed by HEAD, is non-elementalistic.

TIGHTROPE WALKING PHILOSOPHER: “It is an earthly virtue that I love the hierarchy of being extended between two extremes, pure act and pure potency.”

CUT TO: Independent 16 year old scholar on youtube: “The 21st’ century renaissance occurred because of a shift in the way the scholars regarded timespace, and linguistic relativity, it seems.

WOMEN TEACHER: “The limit of the integral of a function of the sequence is the integral of the limit.

RUPERT MURDOCH high on LSD: “But a visually homogenous mass consists of individuals in a new subjective sense, lecturing mostly on Highgull and Human-bat Spincer. We should be dazed and terror struck. ”

CUT TO: Plush tossing a coin in the air.

CUT TO: Percy saying: “Both finite and infinite games are analysed.

SUBTITLE: “Thus the formulation of the present infinite-valued non-aristotelian system became also an imperative necessity.

CUT TO: Man: “But what will you do with that money?”

WOMEN: “The return to the tribe!”

SUBTITLE: “It was in order to avoid an infinite regress that Aristotle taught we must assume premises that are indubitably true.

Photograph of M.C Escher’s ‘Reptiles’ with the caption: “Infinite regression of proofs?”

BARD singing: “In sum an infinite great fall of rain and all refreshed.

VOICE FROM THE DIRECTORS CHAIR: “When the camera falls in love, what’s begotten is the authentic movie star.”

A ginger cat walks stiffly around the leg of the directors table.

YOUNG MAN: “Sewing machines will never come into general use’

OLD MAN: To study reading-books and history, to cut and sew and be neat at everything.”

Sound: First notes to ‘So what by ‘Miles Davis’.

CUT TO: fragment of a letter translated from French: “I Don’t know whether they were right or wrong?

CUT TO: Film canisters being thrown into an incinerator by Micky Mouse and William Randolf Hearst.