Around August 1st, 1936 Berlingham:

…and humanitas Y’all toegather geoglyficali hoisted dynastic games. Plush spun down to the stylus ship, set needle to breakers, past pretence future weave of atumz and wiffs froth broth on the godly wave riverum tumble of Sheanimate Gobjects.

Plush set up mast in mist & sail in hail and antenna on that stylus ship which rings us buoy a turntabius vicus of recirculation back to back to No Yolk and Rapateen and Merlinghum environs: august 1st 1936. Giles Chase wrapped in nanotube paste fr’over the shirt snot sea with billyum canvases rearrived again from mouth Amorika heavy with weeping and winds from starboard blow to fight his pen-isolate war on the words at the Oilamp Trick Gums.

Giles Chance cheesed in a close webbed soundcloud djinn’d by Ira Pod, Cutler Bates and Marten McLure doubling their mumper with a glitter of sun-rays, pitter-platter of Bates brewed by arclight humm’d by harplite. A prayer to the sickly death’s heads ringsome on the aquaface. The fall from centre. Foul you might rise up the well you mast!

And the penmen rose’ shadows from a swarming disk memory stick, spirit smelliported to the oil-drums and their upturnpike point and place. Poured we libations unto each the dead retaled in bed. And drawing Stylus from hip I dug the humptyhill head upon the Altumble Tabletoe step.

History clashes with wills, many men mauled by the scribes and the oystrygods. History HOAX HOAX. Singular hilarity singular. These historical forces and values gathered about me, where? Unsheath the narrow stylus I’m going into Berlingringstroms matey. But first came McLure our friend McLure, what chance cuddleys of going down the long ladder unguarded to engineer molecular mark’s.

Chromatiq thunder strux, what chance cuddleys, what chance? holding his golden drumstick his tete in a tub of firewater for to watch the future of his fate, but ere he swiftly took it out again ouch from the pouch of pouk. Dunntales and gums wave intermixed disks on our Altable. Ira sailed by Sirens the trim-coifed goddess path outward, ebbs away from Eye duno to Amorica to your hopebridge where?

Raptonne a blanket of fog:

All-town myth to cypher city and to sing singing matter and shouting mountain mutter, dancing mitten of youth and old socks. Ira fell downdown the unguarded ladder and shattered a nape-nerve against the buttress. O, you’re vine to study reading books and history to cut and sew waves at R’ town.

Flight of the blue spill abducted the town with music, painting and poetry. Bats flew in. In the best modern way. Hang it All Cutler Bates. Exit through the out door. No mystery about the Dunntales they are the tile of the fibre from the nib-nozzle of Ira and the Nob-Nuzzle of Chase.

Compiling the Camel-fnord book of dates, Ira’s news comes in, and Bates and his ship landed twelve weeks later, eyes of Dali’ water cutting under his keel overdose. Indestructible mind of Gyres’ bringularity summert summit. Phallanx of Chase history Pod’s and economic triplicity books inexstiguishable.

And the wave runs in the Rap beech grove, the stylus runs in the disk groove, RNA ink runs with atoms and quiffs in the Hawks well at noon and poor Giles blind as a bat. Invenci first doodle-cross search engine in 1922, but hark! some voice juice like thunder spake Mythalized and idealized twinned.

Three mysters of celtic quantum indetermine to be seeing cling-film animations of the rocky shoreline from swerve of shore to bendy bay, the West’s awake to the yeats and the West’s awake to the beats, there is a wine-red glow in the shallows a tin flash in the sun dazzle.

Ira, Giles and Cutler overthrow up history over the lingham wall, potting her soiled soul buck togather again wit murmur of great old one’s and the clash of our cries till we spring to be free radio. Wake running off from the bow of Rapallo. ‘Watch till death for Erin’s sake and by the Gerritsen rock pool a young boy loggy with vine must was spotted by musta’ Wools. Three quarks for Bygmester Shermon: Humanksi, Wools and Muller muttered Bates.

Apollodelphi Now Yowlk.

Young boy of four from Gerritsen beach plays McGraff’s younger cousin in McGraff’ by Carsun Wools, when they brought the young boy i said: he has god in him, though I do not know which god.” Carsun said of young Bob. The water-bugs mittens show on the bright rock below him. Shermon conceives midgital communi’ using the long moon for a churn stick.

When the snow was like sea foam Humanski Carsun and Muller watch hawks circle a well, and Sonny Bob transfers fourier transfers to Shermon by spinning the head on him in a caster of his reasons. The wave-chord plashing around the theatre hollows of pine trunks, bebop bellowing out theatre ritual into blocks of light on the knight of July 31st, 1936. This holy platterplate place of turning.

Finger Ring, Breastplate and Disk in dymaxion tension. Error Error 33 Midgital communication was error, who observes a design in process and dynamic maximum attension. These great tales told by Sherm and Shan in the gritty Shannani Wave brew Chase’s masterpiece of mathematical genius which launched the midgital information age off the page.

Glass-glint of wave in the tide rips against sunlight. Mr. Adams saw waved through the bank hoax. Grey peak of the wave, wave crest woolsrusspower to all-around humanity. Pull down thy vanity fairez. From grosskopp to megapod as from the beginning of wonders Humanski went in for structure but consumption is still done by animals.

Holy snakes chase me charley & Eva’s got barley under fluencies! Tempus tacendi, tempus loquendi. And the plot to alert Ira got underway by Wittgenstein. The scarab is bowed at the altar, dung beetle rolled and the green light gleams in its shell, folded hands bow as the head and gun sales lead to more gun sales, guns, guns, guns.

Dollis and Skully Von cum to have Adolphted such a Adelphus! O, the singing contracts to secure guns and dope. Using the people as a mere dupe undercover: the oilympic troops. Mr Pope has conformed it to the notions of writtishmen and Americans in Tacitus and in Homer. Ingle end says now for know. No to greed and guns, enough already.

Stevenscum, Dollis, Folly and Skully Von and the Berlingham faith exchange sickness. Germoney, Inkland, Mitale’ Amorica, Oh where in history will you find em? Isle wail for yews said Chase, the spooks grilled Pod, Bates and Chase, literally, electrochemically shocked them blotch and void.

I am noman, my name is noman. Ira announced to the twelvepodstall inquisitors. The old moderns resisted Spengleton’s pet project Sadio: Trading Hallibut-Cola, Christy crude oilam, a kind of Christmess speedball for summer 36’ around the globe. Let those I love try to forgive what I have made. Do not move, let the wind speak for all their faults I am pissing out. “yes” Ira, Chase and Bates said, in beautiful synchrony, Noh tales.

steve fly ‘Agaric 23’

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