Grand Deft Mamalujo and Joycean computer games 2012

My google alert just alerted me to a New Yorker artcle by Mark O’Connell called ‘has James Joyce been set free?’ which overviews the recent changes and probable ramifications of the copyright expiring on some-but-not-all of his work.

Towards the end of the article Mark writes something very interesting to me, today, whereby he describes how his off-handed joke to a friend about a James Joyce first-person-shooter game, gestates into pipe-dreams about a Ulysses inspired game. A little bit like Grand Theft Auto, but set in a Joycean world.

Yes, yes, I say YES. This ‘Joycean computer game world’ might be the best idea, next to my own, of course, that I have heard this year so far…once again…Joycean computer games, or to explain a bit more precisely: the interactive visual translation of his languaging engine could lead us into a literary inspired exploration of great literature, a new way of reading, a whole new style, and have it begin with the great master and grand architect James Joyce.–Steve.

“Sean Latham agrees that there will now be somewhat less quality control on Joyce publications, but sees it as not such a terrible development, pointing out that no one is much concerned about there being too many editions of Dickens or Shakespeare. As with most advocates of Joyce’s work, he thinks anything that might bring it to a wider readership should be welcomed. When I made a joke about the possibility of a first-person-shooter video game of “Finnegans Wake” hitting the stores in 2012, he mentioned that he himself has had pipe dreams about a “Ulysses” game. “I have an undergraduate student,” he said, “and we fantasize about exactly how such a thing might be devised. I know there is a Jane Austen video game being designed, so a ‘Ulysses’ video game can’t be far behind.” If any game developers happen to be reading this, I hope they take note. A simulated ramble around Edwardian Dublin—a sort of Grand Theft Auto without the theft or the autos—could make for a powerfully immersive gaming experience. It would almost be worth doing just to see how Stephen Joyce might react.–

.”…and their farthing dip and read a letter or two every night before going to sleep in the twilight, a capitaletter for further auspices on their old one page codex book of old year’s eve 1132, M.M.L.J. old style, their Senchus Mor by Mrs Shemans, final buff lunch edition, and Lally through their gangrene spentacles and all the good they did in their time for Roe and O’Mulconry a Conry ap Mul or Lap ap Morion and Buffler ap Matty Mac Gregory for Marcus on Podex by Daddy de Wyer, old bagabroth, and one by one and sing a mamalujo.–James Joyce, the Mamalujo vignette, taken from an early draft of Finnegans Wake.

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