Multi Model Agnostic Geometry: MMAG by Steve Fly Agaric 23

His philosophy was one of multiple model agnosticism – not just simply about the existence of God but agnosticism about everything. With MMA, there is no point getting hung up on the models themselves because that’s all they are – models.—John Higgs, KLF. pg. 258.


Multi Model Agnostic Geometry.

by Steven James Pratt

Flyting: Selected Writings

by Steven James Pratt



For more maybe try these writings by fly:

1. ETTT: Icosahedron by Steve Fly
2. Alan Moore on RAW
3. John Higgs on RAW
4. Robert Anton Wilson & The Tale of the Tribe
5. Hermetic structure of Pounds Cantos
6. Toward a RAW A.I.

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Alan Moore unlocking safety latch and taking a clean head shot.

John Higgs: paying tribute to Robert Anton Wilson at the Horse Hospital.

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