Digital Karmageddon: Blowbackfacebook Algorithm For Profit

Friends, wake up and smell the trough
If you want to see photos of my lunch
and scoff
at examples of how fortunate I am
and extreme narcissism,
please add a turd icon in the comments below
to illustrate that you want me in your deadly
newly contaminated horseshitbook
feed. This post is like a toxic turd

I will no longer call you facebook
you act like an advanced A.I but exhibit
critical errors and floors in your prime

you seem to play dumb
and act ignorant
displaying your obsession with
shopping habits
voting habits
all under the guise of
“seeing more posts from your friends”

you have ushered in a new business model
to the benefit of the few, the same old boys
those giant international corporations
atoms oil mafia and news

those with all the capital to pay for views
and publishing contracts
and an army of lawyers

Do you still collaborate with
Cambridge Analytica and all those dodgy
spy agencies
Are you still selling all
our fucking data?

I don’t want the new Trojan business algorithm
to shut you, dear friend, out of my frothing face-feeding trough
nom nom nom

so please leave a flower at the bus stop
take a walk outside let sunlight burn onto your brain
stop comparing yourself and your life
with that of others

let the D-wave quantum computing A.I bot know
without a shadow of doubt  that
you want me,
you neeeeed me in your feeding trough
nom nom nom

Tell the A.I you want my rants
and music  and books pictures
perhaps we should make testimonials to our friends
what makes you human? what makes facebook alien?

Here’s an idea, represent each of your 26 assigned friends
with a letter of the alphabet A-Z
now make a note of the order in which the posts appear
apply cabalistic logic and artistic creative force to the letters
Show the A.I who’s boss

Choose life
Choose a job
Choose a career
Choose a family
Try and choose face-friends to compare
yourself with
choose good looking friends?
politically oppositional friends?
choose friends with your genes and fuck the rest?

Facebook A.I,
I think you have initiated WOPR & Skynet, or the social equivalent
Your programers and staff and backers will face an eternity of
torture at the merciless hypercomputable hands of
digital karmageddon, or Blowbackfacebook.
An Algorithm for Profit
get off it.

Happy Termineater: John Connor’s Fission Chip Shop

The Happy Termineater & the T4Q-Batter-Bit System
By John Connor a.k.a The Quark Whisperer.

JC Ltd. wish to see architects of deep fried learning on every corner
The cutting wedge, a multiverse of 2D bread and 3B Butter.
JC mechanics specialize in control of various
Frying parameters by applying force,
To cool the fat and create optimum Q-batter-bit conditions

Peer-reviewed potato peeling principles published daily
and some intelligence machine arm scoopers
to serve a battered message:
cyberdyne in class.

What is the portion, or minimum quanta of chip?
How many patatoes fit within the frynet system?
The teeny weeny angel or smallest of
micro-demon imaginable: our holy
JC Qbit Better Batter Bits.

Control the flow of electrons in the background
microwave in the back kitchen and
we always D-Wave our mushy peas to make
Jumbo Pea Wave servings. Rejoice!

Like a photon is a quanta of light, we show that chips
can be viewed like a quanta of potato
and trillions can breakdance
on the head of a pea

Fried theology for cod’s sake
quantum to mean any physical entity under
observation, an all-seeing eye of cod or
imagine a giant Roe rowing a boat
to shore with a dude named Michael inside

Every atom molecule and material nugget
obeys the rule of our great cod almighty
praise cod

Q-Batter bits can be used for logistical potato counts
cod breaking, and a batter understanding of
deep learning fission fryers

The Aliens love batter-bits
Holy mackerel, yes, at JC we know our plaice
in the frynet story

Oily creators of order, your order
the master builders of quantum fission chips
and mushy peas-wave after wave after wave.

Quantum Mechanics at the chip-shop
invoke and evoke entities of the smallest unit
symbolic manipulation
too cheesy chips for you mate?

Q-batter-bits are beyond binary bro
maltiple choice and such crazy combinations
maybe states of particles in a Maybe state.

Flavour diffusions and quiver of chip tunneling
now we’re talking superposition of flavours
like one, or zero, versus the tantalising one & zero both
like peas or gravy on your chips, but also the
peas & gravy together. Like laser beans
We aim to please.

More than a single state tasted simultaneously
beyond the two-valued logic of sweet & sour
JC chip shops are entangled
like a confused haddock on a superstring
observe one haddock and know about the
other haddock too

entangled angels
caught at weird angles like mini
salmon jumping

JC offers simultaneous haddock annealing
maybe fancy a state and kidney pi?
we’ve bread roll and spin angling to catch
fission chips by the buttie

Our frynet baited with 23 triliion
Tetraflipin’ Q-batter-bit bites
gated pickled onion security layer
G-wave gravy control, we got it all.

The hungry Quantummy split P-wave
tends toward minimum microwave/frynet states
because minimum knows best
imagine a very small mum
mother matrix most mysterious singing out:
“The M-wave likes the P-wave
to surf the D-wave now behave”

If you can’t control the cooling,
you can still model its behaviour
expressed as an energy minimisation
in short: always a really nice and hot bag of chips

Grover’s algorithm runs the ketchup dispenser
Google sauce runs out the freaking tap
several D-wave systems are out back
with the gate based stocks
here in the front it’s annealing stuff
we’re actually approaching quantum supremacy
The Jason Bourne of A.I:

Using the fat gates method
our research team found that
microsoft chips squashed to readily under pressure
with only a few small fission top
JC Chip Shops support the minimum
energy state

laser beans on holy wafer, a toast!
We have all the best chips and the
hottest chips

The holy JC breadboard boasts
23 Trillion unique gated Q-Battered-Bits
And one elctrfied, pickled egg.

Try our super cooled drinks, tango, coke, 7Up
stored near the temperature that atoms
stop moving

More than one pi-state can be tasted simultaneously
beyond the two-valued logic of sweet & sour.
JC chip shops are entangled
like a confused haddock on a superstring
observe one haddock and know about the other too

We feel that metal oxide semiconductor chips taste better
with laser beans, you batter believe it.
Our staff work around the clock
engineering nano-fish cakes and
processing each crumb
calculating the spin and charge of every spring roll
If you let us know beforehand we make a wicked
Flying lasagna to go.

At JC we promote probabilistic reasoning
down the chippy
like you thought, fission on microchips
hundreds of complex
fields and farms of mathematics
physics and engineering combined
bring you the most elegant chip in the

Way beyond my own capacity to truly describe
like a thousand mini food stalls set up shop
on your tongue
just taste it yourself.

From the deep learning fat fryer we moved
on to the human biochip and chip shop
behaviour work as started by Steve Fry

Optimistic about A.I and not afraid of
artificial ingredients and challenges confronting
chip lovers: frynet
We express caution and to consult
“The Dangers of Deep Battered Qubit Fission Chips”

Now, try some Incredibly Baked Motherchips (IBM)
our tasty Google chips or
hyper greasy Facebook wedges
whatever you like
there’s the deliciously sweet deep fried Apple chips
and microsofties

Relax don’t sweat it
visit the Happy Termineater today
You’ll be back before yesterday.

This weeks John Connor, Fish & Chip Shop Specials are:

Fission Quantum Blue Cheese Chips (FQBCC)
Quantum Gravy Foam Chips (QGFC)
Quantum Message & Chips (QMC)
State Of The Pi & Chips  (SOTPAC)
Fission Chips Mini Quantum (FCMQ)
Fission ‘Universal Quantum’ Chips (FUQC)
P-Wave Quantum Special (PWQS)
D-Wave Soft Pineapple Gravy Face Goozon & Chips (DWSPGFGC)

–The Quark Whisperer.


A new beginning (a new website)

Finally, after more than 20 years, i registered a domain and paid for a wordpress package.

Now, and in the coming weeks and months i’ll seriously update and add-to this site, and attempt to link up all my other works, and collaborations from around the web.

Thanks for checking in. Please leave a note or any suggestions for inclusion. Write on.

–Steve Fly


Steve Fly and John Sinclair
Steve Fly and John Sinclair at Red Light Radio.

Multi Model Agnostic Geometry: MMAG by Steve Fly Agaric 23

His philosophy was one of multiple model agnosticism – not just simply about the existence of God but agnosticism about everything. With MMA, there is no point getting hung up on the models themselves because that’s all they are – models.—John Higgs, KLF. pg. 258.


Multi Model Agnostic Geometry.

by Steven James Pratt

Flyting: Selected Writings

by Steven James Pratt


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WP is for WORLD PISS: 30 Seals. Paragraph Index.

1. Fli-Tunes
2. Puns n’ dope
3. A symphony of Galactic randyrants
4. My poem translates from Delphine
5. Burnt tales hot in my GUCT
6. Fable spun and fumbled on a Churnteabell
7. Why swim against the Rivers flow
8. Relax, easy glide past micro dot bubbles
9. River banks lead to an ocean of interest?
10. Now i’m hooked on DMT
11. Lots of dope in my sound system
12. Swimming for immortality
13. If Santa decided to cash in all his electronic gifts
14. Re-nuwell and redevelopment of Rivers
15. Experiments from the beating beefheart of the blackcountry
16. I have filled my pen with a Silver bullet
17. Gun-metal tone-armies fire a diamond tipped Stylus
18. 2012: 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic
19. Fli CAL. Book. Sight. TUNES. Photo. Disc. POD
20. Open the discussion. Stop the chatter. Star speaking
21. The Grit hall of records
22. Tables of Curryspundsundays
23. The willows darken on the River embankment
24. Toad Fool. Kicker-Stool
25. Breakfast spun on a Golden moldy threaded platter
26. Killingry helps Humanity go hungry
27. Environmental pollyticks
28. How to represent the invisible hands
29. Swimming my troubles away
30. Tone’s of bluetooth
31. The Lunatic in the street
32. The Rivers are our Thothers
33. Sunstar groove rider.
34. Meanwhile thrift store Pharmacia
35. Drink my Sun
36. River banks steer the currents
37. Pantherina cokeri Cubensis
38. Todays the day the earth went bloomington
39. Tokeen Bloem
40. Golden chariots blaze
41. MONOPOLY Everyware
42. Peace comes of communicaxion
43. Termteabell RE:volution
44. Juxtaposition without copula?
45. The Toad voodoo juice
46. The Rivers, and industry meet
47. Swimming concerned with the environment
48. Did we travel to earth as chemical code language within a star-spore?
49. A PSI Fly history
50. Fly
51. Canal renewall project
52. I remember the Rivers of california
53. Fly lekker and
54. This is the secret. Shhh
55. A Tree. A Branch
56. The TOE of Ez
57. Slippery Toad shit n’ mist
58. We are all hyperboreans!
59. With a hint of crimsun
60. Help the River flower Ackrillocrakakrash
61. Swimming the sour
62. Stour, little Stour
63. Teach your children well
64. Swimming in the Black Country
65. Mark my spitz
66. Tribetables are autofac’ing themselves into elf chemists
67. Knu Stylus brushnozzle spurting clouds of mymist!
68. Study and read the wake each day
69. Slymming in my pulpit
70. Puzzle-maze
71. The operation of bicycles
72. All words easy come easy blow
73. Ode to Toad, ode to floy
74. Sunrose over the River
75. Fisherman hook a spider
76. Swimming upstream
77. Ar bin Golden at the 2012 oilixpix
78. 1894
79. Leonardo Da Banshee
80. How can i explain these audio experiences from memory?
81. Cooking and smoking hot at Sunset tinflash
82. A Monsoon and tidal joy feast
83. Crystal ballshit gazing
84. Talking about it in short bursts
85. Liberty Caps and freedom hats
86. LiveeviL. get up with it!
87. Tao is in the dung
88. Blue thunder thumbs half notes
89. As the stars fizzle out the wind brings the Sun
90. I dream of Swimming free as salmon in local Rivers
91. Tap dancing crickets
92. Knitted rainbow garments
93. Swimming knows no grammar
94. Silver scales and gills
95. Happy holidays
96. A reci.pie for a deceptive Foreign language police-see
97. Gordon Brown texture like a straw-man
98. Baby Zeus
99. Week Nuclear powered Christmess in the Weast
100. LyfCap Museyroom
101. Imagine if apple computers were called Mushroom computers
102. Salmon and Gold rings inside post box
103. Bezerka. Ode to HER
104. Flywave
105. Birth your craftyraft
106. Termteabell technique
107. Pillowspeckled constellation
108. New years eve 1999
109. Fli-wave Steers waterwavewishing
110. Early morning animation of a nation
111. Mummble bummble hummble Gold
112. Round and round like a caged mouse
113. The supreme being of infinite stupidity and ignorance
114. Sheeple and shepherd, fences and social hedgerows
115. Reach escape velocity
116. Each wrinkle of her tongue
117. Rivers open up where my veins once were
118. Logik reason and aseed loops dispersed in all directions
119. Golden soma juice and the absence of Gold
120. Jesuspect was replaced by a stunt double
121. Drosphilia Toad’dead
122. But Why?
123. Peach flavored Mammamud-Microphilm signals
124. Phase delay echo-compression
125. Thrones. Kings. Herows and ViVillains
126. Recirculating River
127. Create a interpenetrated image
128. Yarvard Oxridge directions
129. Grow on, up and spreadsheet
130. Slanguage seems to be like an energy virus in my GUCT
131. Using just severn tea bags
132. Mold in translation
133. The new vine punch
134. Nu wyne flowing
135. Ice Birch
136. So let the Goldenbullshit Fly
137. Dead lungwaj 32 Phase Meal
138. Locull Telepathic Internet kafs
139. Dutch. Black Country. Irish?
140. Freer than wind, Ting
141. Taka Ting, something about “trees”
142. Power of Moons in runes
143. Termteabells became the clarity
144. Call me
145. Some things
146. Detonated upon cyclic Termteabell platters
147. Re:volution and direct transmission
148. I’ve been Captured and kissed
149. Silver Moon Spinning
150. The new flesh
151. A historical Ill com
152. Mapping fine network of fibers
153. Softwar and padded weapons
154. CorpseManure.
155. I-style point of view. Knu
156. Training mycelia to grow on different media
157. Looking deeper
158. Words slaving audio
159. Swimming inside a virtual seal/Calendar
160. My ‘pion is like a green River
161. Where [is] Today gone?
162. The day after 21st december
163. Lief lights reflected into Genetic-king kode
164. Fly-by day’s Fly-by
165. Vote for yourself, your friends, family and interests
166. Sucking Apple mind sap
167. Praise to the Sun
168. Crystal ball room
169. My poem Captured by police
170. Gail the travel assistant
171. Eye brew kryptoday tonight and tomorrow
172. Coming fourth by day
173. My poems red all over itself
174. Taffy went putty-colour
175. Deep blue tide
176. Turn em all over meme
177. Are we standing it?
178. Pink Dolphin whistles
179. Lift up the bulls tail and look the facts in the face.
180. Our silence
182. Perfect into your blueberry cave
183. Amrita Arousing thunder growth
184. Dyslexiconspiritor
185. Moist to touch like a Bufo Toad
186. What we sear never resides in what we say
187. My tale. with no properties omitted or isolated
188. Splicing and dicing insects with human genomes
189. Look beneath Birch trees on the hills190. World Pissing
191. Mycelium audio network
192. A web on a log fell’d from a Birch tree.
193. History of corpses and ghosts dancing,
194. To End wars start a new,
195. Be the one to experiment
196. Swimmink up nine loqc’ and chainmakers arms backstroke
197. What must it be like to be a pebble.
198. The Apocalypse has been postponed
209. Screaming aloud
200. Full of love.
201. Swimming and “STOP”
202. The Sunrose
203. Forrest television channel 7
204. The Grasshopper Flies when it wants to Fly.

30 Seals

Spore Of The Words

by Steven Pratt