The Medium is the Massage–Marshall McLuhan (FULL FILM)

A member and nodal point within the tale of the tribe, Marshall McLuhan made a great impact on the thinking and writing of Robert Anton Wilson. McLuhan, like Wilson performed by example the role of an ‘intellectual celebrity’ (sadly missing in 2015 pop culture?) as Richard Metzger put it, at Dangerous Minds. McLuhan speaks VOLUMES about political showbusiness (election show-business) and hundreds of other cultural phenomena that can help all of us process the billions of signals we have to deal with today, in our hyperconnected global village.

I find the number of views on youtube of this video very very sad indeed. To me this experimental TV show from 1967 acts like a unique time-capsule (a sharable time-capsule) capable of describing the genius of James Joyce, Ezra Pound, Norbert Weiner, Buckminster Fuller and Robert Anton Wilson, all-at-once. You really should try and find time to watch this, or at least bookmark it. (you might want to open a new tab and use your search window to search some terms and names)

Perhaps I am over sensitive?

–Steve Fly


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