Ram Bomjon sitting Za Zen

May 16, 2005 – March 11, 2006 = 360 days.
Inside The Sacred Fig Ficus religiosa
Sitting Za Zen, coming back in 2012 maybe?
Goal Accomplished.
Za Zentertainment, moved ON!

Individual Sacred trees join together
Jātaka seeds spread, sacred FIG grow strong,
Purple, green, ivory.
A Maitreya Bodhisattva, as a fig
“The accomplished goal?”
Sitting, Za Zen.
Moved ON!

Palden Dorje [Ram] seems like a living Buddha to me!
Turn off your computer for a moment
Relax your mind, switch off TV

Think about him…
The authorities froze the bank account
Of the local committee managing the crowds,
While RAM Bomjon sits,
Frozazen like 600,000 Rupees
Moving on….

Pipal (Peepul) or Ashwattha tree,
Species of banyan fig,
Ram Bomjon’s like Robinson Crusoe from the 1719 British sort of Jātaka tale, ,
Crusoe made his home in a Banyan tree too
But R.C is restless and roams and wonders…
And is a fictional character.
Ram Bonjom Sitting SILENT.
Za Zen. Like thoughts Move on.
So move on…

Just a thin cloth, through ALL seasons, sitting
Immune to fire, immune to cold and snakes bites.
Sitting through FAST headlines shooting
From satellite to satellite claiming –
“I’m a Buddha boy, get me out of here!”
HOAX whistleblowers “i don’t believe etc.”
What boy is not Buddha Boy?
Move on,
All equally coming Yogi lovers

Ram was sitting,
And he HAS moved on, moving NOW already!
Goal Accomplished, must meditate 6 YEARS
Back in 2012, maybe?
Sitting inside a sacred Fig tree,
A large and beautiful tree that produces

Sitting Without food, water, sleep or
The need to use the Toilet.
Bomjon RECYCLES like a human can!
Like a TREE,
Like a TREE you see, why “I” wanna be a TREE too!
Ram sits, he satisfies me, he DOES it!
Silently, Bravo,
Za-Zen of the Jungle Chitwan
Jungle heart.
250 kilometres south of Kathmandu his
Distinctive sloping shoulders intertwined
With FIG arms, Hair like John Bonham,
Like the Saraswati River shoulder, bend of bay.
Rigvedic river swimming along, branching –
Sitting Za Zen. Silent.
Reaching inn for Za Zen,
Swirling ZA
360 days, 366 Billion worlds and no words.
Continuously meditating in the same position
For at least 12 hours a day
Goal accomplished – Move ON!
Joined TREES> of the Terai region together,
Made peace with Rhinoceros unicornis and jungle Tiger
Bless you, thankyou
Keep on Moving

Acrillic Figa

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