World Cup review no.1 England vs. Paraguay

I have decided to spit my thoughts and reflexions on England’s football quest for the holy golden cup. Contrary to what many of my own friends think [due to my criticism of corporate globalization and sell out sports people] i love football. I am especially fond of World Cup football. I like it when people of the world unite through competitive sports, a good example of positive globalization and the potential for international, unclogged-up, global communication. Here’s some of my thoughts just now [4.50 PM Saturday 10th June, 2006. West Midlands, England.]

Smiles caked upon Brit red faces – emerging in slow motion on video replay when the English goal was scored by one of paraguay’s own players.

The highlight for me came when Robinson the English GOAL-keeper launched the ball from his hoof and it bounced off the giant Television monitors hanging from the sizzling Frankfurt stadium cieling. It reminded me about how TV influences the game of football sometimes.

The referee called Marco Rodriguez seemed rather biased against England at times with his often skewed decisions, such as booking Peter Crouch with a yellow card for a tackle that appeared on video pretty clean and within the acceptable level of aggression to me – he went for the ball, but the player with possession of the ball went tumbling over in a way that gave the impression to the Mexican referee that Crouch was playing dirty and below the standard of acceptable conduct. I disagreed with that particular decision.

Songs such as “Self preservation society” and “God save the Queen” rang out from the England fans and i rekon Prince William who was at the game rather enjoyed this selection – rather boring tunes to my ears but nonetheless songs that aimed to brighten up the spirits of the English players who were especially feeling the 30 degree heat. They looked like frankfurter sausages at times in the second half of the match in which Paraguay improved their rate of shots at goal and their amount of time in possession of the magical football which is new and scientifically designed to…..swerve more easily? i dunno?

Thankyou Paraguay for helping England get 3 points from their first game and also for reminding me that the real goal is at home. The word home-goal represents to me, today the sense of self knowledge; and drives home the phrase “Home is where the heart is” into my mind.

It’s funny to me how all the goal’s in football only lead to winning a golden cup, the individual goal’s themselves do not have specific meanings in the sense of describing a set of desires or “things.” They just appear a means to win and what’s winning but an invisible concept attached to certain game rules and certain conditions? Goal’s are a lot like “thing’s” in that they are non-specific, like “stuff” and “whatchamacallits”

In football everybody will’s for a goal, a ball in the net thing – which i can only deduce from my limited perceptions to be related to the Golden Cup or “Holy Grail” of world football – Surely not – there must be more to this. An invisible force ? pride? prestige? patriotism or simple and innocent love of one’s own gene pool and country? Something!

I had fun watching the match, i loved watching the crowds faces igniting in slow motion when England scored, or should i say when Paraguay scored – in their own goal hole?

With the U.S.A and England and Iran and Saudi Arabia and Germany and France and Italy all playing games together, i would imagine that a GOAL; a real GOAL for this World Cup hoofball event would be to forge better relationships between these nations, their so called national representatives and the common people who live in these nations. Unified in their love for sport, competition and games!

Maybe they might start discussing their respective sponsors and asking themselves if football and beer, or football and fatty fast foods have much in common with one another? But hey this is just football right, not neuropolitiq or socio-psychological warfare between the worlds biggest corporate superpowers. Just a game right, and I’m lovin it!

P.S I just punched paraguay into GooGles search engine and the first link is to the CIA world factbook. Coincidently that’s also the top link for England too; according to google. Seems the CIA have a monopoly at google?

Here’s what the rest of news in cyberspace has to say about England’s 1-0 win.
Acrillic Figa

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