Salon, The Independent
and Fox News say $250.000
I say 23
we got this, who’s in?

2,300 5 x Jetcat Engine’s – 11,500
R & D  (friendly rates) – 4000
Suite and fancy boots – 3000
Good helmet – 2000
3D Printed Jet Housing (open cog support) – 1000
Film Crew (plus volunteer) – 500
Total = 23, 000

Reports whizz around the internet
about probable disruption
to airlines and flights
after Brexit, here’s one solution:

Flyting: Selected Writings by Steven James Pratt
Flyting: Selected Writings
by Steven James Pratt

get busy making your personal
jet pack, it’s time to join
the flies and birds

now’s the time to become your own airline
built in your back garage
by you and your friends
spark my words

steer your own jet
take control of yourself, take a boost
imagine thrusters on your arms

stay under the radar
work on fitness,
shoulder and chest strength
study aerodynamics,
birds, remote control aircraft
design innovation
make it lighter and lighter and lighter

and make it new
then get high and glide
take off waft on my crazy angels
flutter well, be free
hurtle and streak away, maybe abroad?
whizz-woosh and swoop

straight up and away,
my solution for a clear exit
a home made jet pack
to reach escape velocity
into outer space?
man, who knows how high
we can get?

to collectively navigate our way
to real freedom, freedom that
our ancestors dream’t about,
now in grasp so soar aloft
and out manoeuvre gravity itself

come on, take the leap
reach escape velocity
get off the ground
tomorrow we switch
from vertical to

horizontal flight
then we fly right
with lights day and night

do your research
buy a jet or 5
build test
train and test and train
jetxit jet packs
might keep you alive

gather your loved ones
begin to train, teach to fly
design sketch flight paths
prepare for the transition to
aerofoil lift destinations
jet package holidays?

lose weight, gain strength
consider the fact women have
lighter bones than men and that
children may fly best

or, just buy a remote jet plane
on Ebay, remove the Jets,
strap em’ on and
zoom zoom zoom
the equation to consider:

your body weight plus
suite helmet boots and jets

approx 120 kilos
make it lighter
you need
one jet on the back
two on each arm
the will to fly
strong arms
vector intelligence and
muscle feedback
and remember

the fastest single jet engine ‘model’ plane
travels at 451 MPH!

let’s get horizontal and talk about it
and let’s use jet packs for peaceful purposes
to soar and feel free in flight
to explore space

to those who need hands free jet packs
to operate other machinery and
killingry, i hope a pigeon flies
into your turbine

—Steven Pratt (Fly Agaric 23 airlines)

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