Bandersnatch: Netflix Meta Viral Mind Control Black Mirror

[possible spoiler alert]
Destiny, choice, reality, TV, games, movies, endings? A white middle class paranoid schizophrenic computer programer works on a game based on a novel with multiple realities, gets high on acid to discover Netflix is a time machine we all think we control, but really controls us with emotional blackmail, cliche’ climax, and special FX. It’s nearly 2019, reality is malfunctioning well.

Bandersnatch maybe a game or an Interactive film, what is a game? A rooky programmer is mad for a fat alternate fiction novel by a wacky sci-fi cult author called Davis, the maze man. Our boy working on an adventure game based on novel. He gets a dream job at computer games firm. Choices. His boss goes for fast cash on his game idea, messed it up. Alt choice. Adventure game style. Interactive choice. Now he leaves some parts open in the book, a work of early VR and before it’s time, Boss sez. There’s a Huxley / Leary quote confusion about the Doors of perception. Psych sessions with nurse, shrink, asked questions about mother. Choices. Yes / no. Fate theme of destiny. Choices. “Can you or can’t you change it” asks the psyche nurse, 1984 music soundtrack. Interactive choices. Vinyl disc soundtrack.

Sub plot about wacky sci-fi cult author, Davis, The Lives of Tucker Davis, mind-control conspiracy, murder dark lunatic. Making game. Illuminatus Sized Novel. Choices. Shout at dad /  pour tea on computer? Music is “Making plans for Nigel” Driven by his Dad back to Psyche ward where told not to bottle up, on Anniversary of mother’s death, stay on pills and up the dosage. “We’re not alone, in together, one for all and all for one” sez the shrink. Choices. Eat pills or flush the pills?

TV Game review of Bandersnatch repeats the theme, is the game good? A movie about crazy Davies speaks of complex games, multiple realities, and the start of his mental collapse, claims of being spiked with psychoactive drugs, Pax, the lion figure from bandersnatch games. Freak out at free will question. Theme. Choices. Fate dictated, why not commit murder, are we puppets, destiny wants you to do it? Choices. Not in control? The Davis Doc ends and our boy is naturally confused, shocked.

Climbs through window into alter world, and starts talking to entities. Choices. Symbols on screen. Choices. Symbol. Choices. Netflix! Has mental fit. Flash forward of all movie so far, a supercut of the beats. Choices. Kill dad or follow colin. Follow colin and smoke weed to get out weirdness, leads to LSD trip. UBIK poster on the wall, nod to the Sci Fi book by Philip K. Dick (much better story teller). Colin rants about multiple realities and cosmic time trip speak, flash backs, mirrors that let you move through time. Rants about gov. Drugs in food, subliminal pac man messages, control control everywhere, major tin foil hat conspiracy tropes. Again. No fate. Question theme of Free will / maze / trapped in a system, the Matrix of paranoia, Orwell like control and paranoia. Nightmare world is real and we live in it. Acid speech end. It’s all code. Choices. Cosmic flow chart of where you can and can’t go in alternate realities.

Jump to death from balcony. Choices, Who. Demon bandersnatch shows up briefly. Wakes up to find hidden stash of spy tapes, mind control study – DNA – acid kid test. Huxley Brave New World. Choices. Stage show, like the Truman Show. Meta Meta. Choices. Choice of phone number, input a string of numbers. Do you have control. Choices.

Review of movie / game again. Netflix choice. Theme jumps out the screen. Netflix, explains itself to protagonist in postmodern moment. Is it entertainment from 21st century controlled by somebody from the future. Me, or you? Choices. Whoever, whatever the user / viewer is? Theme. Promise of premise. Flash back to psych nurse: “Netflix, is that a planet?, is it like a computer game, from 21st Century?” Choices. Reality or delusion. Trying to describe Netflix to a shrink in 1984! She askes, “Why not in more entertaining scenario, inject some action? Choices. Fight scene. Choices. Choices. Choices. Rabbit is found under the bed, past is changed and his mum does not miss her train, and so does not die in train crash. Happy ending with his mother in light. Cut to his corpse talking to shrink, died of unknown causes.

Was it a case of Netflix Meta Viral Mind Control Black Mirror?

“Reality is whatever you can get away with”–Robert Anton Wilson.


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