Happy Solstice (First Thought Best Thought)

Tether up, weather up, hold the light
Energy burst, do it all again, haters cursed
Come together by day by night
Roots tied to truth to lies surprise yer’ flies kryptonite
Differences put aside for a few, I slide askew
The bond of humans true, solid branches
In solidarity, easy moon love mansions
Smile, be nice, say hi, lend a hand
Easy, take it nicely, voice it Monday
Turn the other cheek for a mile

Just until the holiday is over come
Have respect for the Jesus, for the Santa fans
The children, for their sakes, play nice
Keep down the arguments, hold off reality
Wait and see what comes next year
Practice tolerance for other belief systems
No matter how brief, no mutter ow’ stupid
Hold on a minute, don’t jump, don’t

Go on with it, wait, just wait
Hold it now, I’m signing off, just a tick
Sorry, I was late but it’s the holiday mate
We should all understand things are different
Today, a holiday day so hold your horses, take pauses
Take it easy, relax, at home with the fam’ hey hey
With global TV news and global entertainment
With Netflix, Youtube, cable all this, man. Cave. Hellven?

Me in this silence, just nodding over saying yes yes
Happy joy joy merry merry happy…all smiles
I’ll keep my mouth shut and listen
To the pine needles dropping on the wooden floor
This solstice I give in, I surrender protest and anger
Instead join arms and sing ole’ lasagna
How lucky we are to have this life thing, Ping!
Let us use it and cherish each hour
And lift up the great ball of light and throw it
Into tomorrow

Make sweet mix with sour, stand up, don’t cower
Into darkness, ignite the core again, flaming
Toward the light like a moth go
Toward spring and summer again flow
Together, all playing nice
I wish you happy Solstice.

Don’t take crap from anybody.

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