Climate Transformation By Human Ignorance

Holy shit!
My response to reading this:

The Uninhabitable Earth: Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cooks us: What climate change could wreak — sooner than you think.

If we were to be honest, really open up and try to comprehend reality
We might begin planting trees tonight, naked, sweating in panic.
Begin campaigning to end fossil fuel use tomorrow, quick flash
Might dump the car / motorbike / and jam all engines of destruction
We might pray for forgiveness for all the plastic we ever used
and then threw away, pray it does not haunt us tonight
Pray that the seeds germinate in time, and nations plant billions worldwide, hurry hurry

If we were to see the reality of climate change, as it actually is, we might scream “NO”
We might throw ourselves in front of bulldozers, stop fracking with hunger strikes
Suddenly campaign day and night for regulation and strict laws
Demanding a curbing to the huge global industrial monsters burning fossil fuels
We might plead with the military to scale it back, stop all wars immediately
stop wasting energy on killingry. Man. Stop it.

Denial? Time to look the facts in the face, we fucked if we don’t plant trees man
Time to look abroad, to mean, outer space? (say what)
Maybe Bob and Tim were right after all?
Maybe they foresaw the trajectory of the humans scrawled on the wall
And thought, we gotta’ get off the planet damn it? 

No, silly, it’s not that they didn’t want to save it, good god, how they tried
But perhaps they saw the downward trend into narcissism and ignorance
And realized, “we have to look elsewhere, a jail break from prison planet”
Okay, far out, but just keep that in mind and

Stop burning fucking fossil fuel, please. For your children’s sakes, at least.
You might start a band, write songs and make a movie , desperate to speak
Tweekin’ at the thought of total environmental collapse
Keep Calm and carry on being a smug self righteous douche’
Take no notice, carry on regardless, project climate fear, fingers in ears, head in beers

Tears may roll down your cheek when you get a peek at the future

And you could have spoken out, you could have done more (I damn well could have) 
Bleak for humanity bleak for the planet to be honest
Who is honest these days? We all want to smooth things over with
“It’ll be all right bab” well no. I say, It will not be feckin’ all right.
Wake the fuck up and smell the glacial melt and methane release

Do whatever it takes, my advice
Plant TREES. (Why not make em’ skunky and hempy)

love all the people

–steve fly

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