No Brexit Party No

Brexit Party, No. I’m a European, I live and work and love in Europe. (Edited from a morning rant posted unedited, and so with angry overtones, and irresponsible conclusions)

I remain politically aloof, although…my opinions are clear and published on matters concerning UK citizens today. Aristotelian politics, the arts, history, philosophy, music, poetry, culture, conspiracy, these are some themes I have dedicated my life long study to. And I can tell you that the Brexit Party, and the ERG, and UKIP, and anything connected with Steve Bannon is rotten to the core. Voting consciously, humanly might be your best bet to secure a future.

If you are thinking of voting Brexit Party, but not sure, inbox me, we can talk this through. I’m not saying I don’t want to talk about this, or even change or modify my mind, IF….somebody can present an argument (For Brexit Party, and/Or Brexit) that is coherent and based on solid information, not some dodgy Fortress Europe paranoid fantasy, or baseless racist ideology dressed up as a political strategy. (e.g, Theresa May’s hostile environment, and Farage’s Breaking Point campaign.) As I said, I like to write and to tackle difficult questions, and strive to build bridges by encouraging brighter minds. The capacity to think, consider, suspend judgement, and kindle compassion. These are the tools to defeat fascism, from whichever polarised side  




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