No Brexit Party No

Brexit Party, No. I’m a European, I live and work and love in Europe. (Edited from a morning rant posted unedited, and so with angry overtones, and irresponsible conclusions) I remain politically aloof, opinions are clear and published on matters concerning UK citizens today. Aristotelian politics, the arts, history, philosophy, music, poetry, culture, conspiracy, … Continue reading No Brexit Party No

Shamebridge Analytica (A Bootstrap Conspiracy), address, DOB, occupation, media habits predict what, and how accurately? how to measure coercion how to measure manipulation how to measure prediction? Claude Shannon’s Information theory, or Von Neumann and Morgenstern’s Theory Of Games, perhaps? How to measure the degree to which an ad' can influence human behaviour voting habits, foreign policy, thoughts about … Continue reading Shamebridge Analytica (A Bootstrap Conspiracy)

Digital Karmageddon: Blowbackfacebook Algorithm For Profit

Friends, wake up and smell the trough If you want to see photos of my lunch and scoff at examples of how fortunate I am and extreme narcissism, please add a turd icon in the comments below to illustrate that you want me in your deadly newly contaminated horseshitbook feed. This post is like a … Continue reading Digital Karmageddon: Blowbackfacebook Algorithm For Profit

Have you seen that vigilante man, on Facebook?

Silent But Dudley: Black Country Blues by Mr Steven James Pratt Link: Have you seen that vigilante man? Ry Cooder sings. A familiar tale these days, most but not all hollywood movies feature themes of retribution, 'Death Wish' being a prime example. In fiction, lets not forget, the protagonist is the partner of a murder … Continue reading Have you seen that vigilante man, on Facebook?


  Facestuck by Steven James Pratt (3/08/12) 1. Oh my god, those faces all literally glued to the screen, right across the planet, literally super-glued to the glass plasma crystal screens, unable to move. Eyes look sideways in terror at the images playing in front of them. Gangs of pixels assemble together in self-organized configurations: … Continue reading Facestuck