Did the Duke Of Hamilton Lie?

Um, now that I see so many English Eton educated critters lying so obviously in public, I thought to myself, man, maybe the Duke Of Hamilton was lying all along, and in 1936, at the Nazi Olympic Games in Berlin, he did meet with Rudolf Hess, as Hamilton dined with most the other top Nazi brassholes.

“In Berlin, he attended numerous functions, including a grand dinner for the British contingent hosted by Joachim von Ribbentrop, the German ambassador to Britain and later foreign minister, where he was introduced to Hitler and other leading members of the National Socialist government. Hamilton had previously met Ribbentrop in London as the Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s. Hamilton was invited by Hermann Göring to inspect the newly reinstated Luftwaffe, for his professional interest in aviation. It has been suggested that Hamilton either through his own initiative or under instruction indulged in some minor espionage during these occasions. He claimed not to have met the deputy Führer Rudolf Hess while in Germany, although did attend a dinner party in Berlin also attended by the deputy Führer.”

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