Domesticated Ostrich Syndicate Emu Race (DOSER)

Yesterday, I woke up to this fragment of a dream, and went with it. A dream you can join, order an egg and incubate.

Future prophesy #23: Domesticated Ostrich Syndicate Emu Race (DOSER 2020)

The Ostrich will become further domesticated, and perhaps genetically altered or drugged to behave…at least as well as a teenager…in the urban environment. No city and rural transport system proposal is greener than this one! Ostrich transport (with saddle and other accessories, Ostrich carriage tbc…) neep-neep.

Also the 2020 Green and lean domesticated Ostrich can provide what used to be measured as horsepower. Replace those pesky street robots currently doing the rounds. I am going further than Vermin Supreme with his “one pony per person” promise. An Ostrich can outrun a police horse, and if trained properly jump high and far. “One Ostrich per person” is campaign promise any political hack can dig on.

**Let’s get this bird on the road…neep neep**

Furthermore, Ostriches provide manure which can used for fertilizing the crops, if you know what I mean, plus, Ostrich eggs can be consumed and/or sold…both with high value (real nutrition value and monetary value…a rare mix). They can also provide good company, if trained right, and give that loving feeling to those who enjoy animal comforts and companions. Oh the chicks are soooooo cute.

Ostriches boast a rich and vast global history, when fully grokked in the context of my new bird plan, can tun your hair peacock. From ancient Egypt, Sumeria, Greece and into modern times, the Ostrich has been poking his or her regal head. into the shot: photo-bombing history. Ostrich feathers were once worth more than their equal weight in diamonds. Fact.

I argue, if they can send Ostrich eggs through the post to make an Ostrich farm for fucking Ostrich meat! and leather….for crying out loud, I say JUSTICE in this instance, is a movement to incubate, nurture, train and grow Ostriches, from chicks to domesticated urban Ostriches.

“Ostrich McBikes not McNuggets, you monsters!”

To be raised, perhaps on CBD oil, to become fully functioning Urbirds (Urban Birds) streetwise, more beeeeeyuuutiful than any Tesla! or metal death machine, tram or train. A living thing god damn it.

Ostrich culture will emerge in the 2020s, some will be bred for a varied palette of rainbow plumes, and some cosmetic boosts. How would a little bootox here and there enhance an Ostrich face? You might get to hang with the president of the USA.

Please consider joining *OLF* and/or *OLGA*

Ostrich Liberation Front
Ostrich Liberation Gang Associates

“Get dem’ eggs, build an independent army of Ostriches, dash the system. neep-neep”

I recognize that currently, Ostriches may not like to be ridden like a horse, and it can damage their wings. I propose a humane and caring program to domesticate the Ostrich, and entertain other ideas for integrating them into our human civilization.

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