In like

Out the dirty bin, like Flynn, trippin’
Sin of Johnsin, Jonesin for deregs
Suckin’ the last dregs of capital
From a burst bubble

In, in with them, in it together
With Europe to weather the weather
You choose Trump or Tusk?
In with your kin
Folks in mass who be from working kingdom class

In for the workers rights
In for fair and decent opportunity for all
In for one and one for all in
In good we trust

In over your head with the out gang
In the thick of it and getting thicker by the Wetherspoon full
Think McFly, think quicker
Sicker and licker shot to shoot the big dipper dobber

In, like cucumber in Gin
Like a holiday abroad on a whim
For consumer rights
For human and animal rights
Stay in, come unity
Not separatism
No schism

Ready up for the fight, for the flight, the blindsight roulette zit
In like a hole in one
Like a slam dunk, a corner kick, a prick
Inn like a stable for Jayzeus

In without Tory heist
In without Brexit Party hallucinations
In like Quintin Tarantino movies
In your face Ian Turncoat Austin

In the pool of commerce the largest market
In the mood
In the future of international learning with European cultures
In the market place of market places
In your own skin
In place in positive spin

Shedding Camerons pigskin and Johnson’s sheepskin
Leaving deadley sin, Dudley sin by Ian Busted Austin
In with the strong, in to underpin your rights
In and ready to take it on the chin
Begin trackin’ thin lines that lead to lies and Gove coke puffin’
Boris de Pfeffel huffin’ lies and elitist disregard
For everybody but them, the Bullingdongers

In like the loony bin Boris should be confined within
In like the firing pin
In the cross hairs of hate I relogate to the trash bin
Reason, fairness, openness and up-to date information
In memory of Heathcote Williams
In time
In like Huckleberry Finn.
In like a drawing pin to the shin of Boris Johnsin.




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