Off the Top Morning Moaning

Let it flow let it flow let it flow

Something about opening up

And spilt ink
Johnson Farage Trump Three Wanketeers

About psychology and votes

The glint in your eye

The wind in your hair

The sun bouncing about you

So many things, so little time to…

Back to breathing living survival

Back to the word, the global village

Back to the world

Colour does matter
Johnson Farage Trump Three Wanketeers

Identity, sex, music taste matters
Show me a hierarchy of your values
Otherwise the conversation’s in tatters

So many things to say, so little ear space
Where can I write and speak this exotica
Pursue the air music

The paper bag on a branch

The cat sneaking over the fence
Um’s and R’s and “Oh my god’s”
Hidden gems in every family loom

Each Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom
Hides a genius of that space
A magician to any outsider
Knows the stairs like the back of his hand
Could walk the path blindfolded
Everything in its right place

No space for change
Johnson Farage Trump Three Wanketeers

NO machine to rage against
Rage against the information
Truth and Lie
Up up up up

The bit of pavement outside your front door
The handle of your tea cup
The hole in your sock
These are the things missing
Under the torrent of geo-political deep state shades
Light in the pantry
Wisdom in your Grandma’s biscuit tin
Dew drops and flower tops
Once forgotten memories

Here now this is it
Shit or bust
Do or die
Funny or not funny
Choice is yours, future up for grabs
And for your children,and  grandchildren
A day out in Devon fishing for crabs

The postman tripping up the step

Your first bike ride
Wet dinners at school

Meeting new friends saying goodbye to old
Think you muppets, think

God damn it read into the stuff

And when you see lies kick up a stink

Whatever you do in life
Do it easy and to the best of your ability
Tolerate my manias and I’ll tolerate yours

Special effects are not the cause
Special defects and special ways of hiding shit

Ask me anything and I’ll give you my answers
I want conversation

A truly democratic vote would be
Johnson Farage Trump Three Wanketeers

On an individual basis
Tick the box for getting out of the E.U
Tick the box for staying in
Each and every vote is treated with respect

Get rid of this system where a bunch of

Half witted peeps, Oasis!

 drag the rest of the country

Off a cliff
WHO speaks if direct democracy
Each person can decide to remain in or leave?

Why does a country have such control of its subjects
And hold them to ransom based on its political climate

Johnson Farage Trump Three Wanketeers

Leave us the fuck alone and get out of my business
Vote for your own laws for your own family and friends
Leave my decisions up to me and my community
All talk of national and/or foreign policy is bunk

Represent yourself

Encourage others to do the same
Be the change you wish to see

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