Ninja Jamm Pro – Now You Know

The team of beat headed boffins at Ninja Jamm have released their latest son, or daughter of Ninja Jamm (2012) called, Jamm Pro (2020). Previous upgrades to Ninja Jamm, have evolved the on-the-fly remix and performance APP, but the new JAMM  PRO is altogether a different beast. Fit for 2020, and full of all the bells and whistles required to launch the software once more, into the jam.

JAMM PRO has the dual purpose of being a live performance tool and a capable studio tool for recording and spicing up whatever patterns you might have lurking? And so much more yet to be discovered. It’s an innovation tool in itself. Keep that in mind. Never be afraid to try new things.

JAMM PRO is exclusive to the I-Pad, and I imagine this is due to the massive expansion of functionality that would require a tooth-pick, or other such poker on a cell phone-sized touch surface. I’m biased, in that I picked up an I-pad exclusively for the purpose of running Ninja Jamm in 2012, and have always felt that the extra yard, or extra surface space of the I-pad suites the NJ APP.

JP exploits every millimetre of space on the pad, bringing a full studio of delights to the user, just under the finger tip, toggles and sliders and touch-sensitive pads all over the shop. You can wiggle your pinky and make bass that’s stinky, to mean, the touch sensitive pads respond to the slightest of motion, as demonstrated in the video below.

In typical, Coldcut style, you can input an array of audio data of your choice, from drum machines and other instruments to anything you can play through a microphone (Beatbox, Kazoo, the spoons?) plus MIDI capabilities.

There are four channels with nine sequencers each (modulation, slice, pitch/reverse/drill and gate) and up to 64 patches, allowing a staggering 2,304 sequencers for each sound pack (Sound Set in Ninja Tune’s lingo). You can finally use your own samples as well, whether they’re from Sound Sets, external sources or straight from the iPad’s mic.–Here’s a review from ENDGADGET

I’ve previously spent days creating my own custom tune packs for Ninja Jamm, thanks to the open source approach of the project, now, you can focus on the music and remix,  and input readymade files, hasstle free. I’ll be using it in conjunction with my turntables.

JAM PRO is available for half-price, $9.99, for the first two weeks of sale. A bargain on top of a bargain if you ask me. I’ve used Ninja Jamm in a variety of settings, jamming with musicians, in the studio, composing, and within DJ sets (portable turntablsist take note) and it’s easily best interface for flipping the dopest beats and jamming new ideas on the move. Jam Pro opens up the trick-bag and hands over the goods. Do with it what you will. Make it new. Make it rock.

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p.s You’ll see my work, as fly agaric 23, on the list of HOTTEST JAMS at
NINJA JAMM. There’s sure to be some new hot slices on the way.


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