Flyku 2020

I was planning to make these into a book (Coming Soon at
No time.

Love, you.

8 / 3

Iridium Jazz

NYC 2004

rip mccoy


toxic news be like

horror quarantino film

panic sells papers


Invisible air

water droplet to earth

fire spirit


the countermeasures

worse than the corvid 19?

now wash those brain cells


a social virus

under your fingertips now

don’t touch your facebook


mystical sarist

tory super poop spreader

diss inn fact virus


box don’t shake on it

knuckle-off switches and knobs

elbow cough sneezy


scaly pangolin

no care for cash nor power

happy eating ants


no time to die

time for market strategy

covid bond delays


cancel olympics

compete to save the planet

and the human race


burn all your money

vote conservative virus

wash laundry offshore


no border no flag

no gender race or culture

escape corvid king

watch your mouth time

know nose taste tongue ear

eye skin dew droplet


washington hands

wringerhand of rose water

soap on a europe


you might be okay

please consider the others



Feb. 22


mcluhan market

media epicenter

global pandemic


cherish your childhood

remember play and first love

stop being a nob head


ice cap melt land flood

blame it on the sunshine rain

blame on the boogie


make the good days count

paint and write and dance and love

take the high road man




e u k trade war

waged in the name of tories

not so free market


stuck on a ship

waiting to get the virus

to live stick apart?

england has fallen

lunatics are at the wheel

cummings and johnson

meathead no veggies

twelve steps to benzo life

jordan peterson


12 – feb

butterfly backstroke

breaststroke crawl through the liquid

swimming on titan



scaly anteater

most trafficked in the world

horny scale killer

chinese pangolin

critically endagered

poached for revenge

eye of next

and the toe of a frog

scale of pangolin

scaly hill borer

animal digs through mountain

all around the world


the stakes are high for

poor giordano bruno

magick cosmos man


language as class war

giambattista vico

history cycles


god is dead for now

friedrich nietzsche moonlight

eternal return


chinese character

ernesto fenollosa

medium for po

lapis lazuli

the best lacking certainty

will butler yeats

no aristotle

in our alfred korzybski

sweet semantics


like the god of word

james joyce made it new

hologrammic prose

no great mystery

about the tale of the tribe

cantos ezra pound

dymaxion he

bucky fuller synergy

all of us or none

hot cold media

marshall mcluhan prophet

global village seer

the information

claude shannon explosion

negentropic bit

drama and magic

cinema of orson welles

shooting raw wisdom


spreading like racism flu

check your prejudice



with all east asian people

li sao for sorrow


language is virus

from outer space-time binding

Infected poets


Feb 02

jeremy corbyn

is a socialist caring

about all the folk

hooligans of god

alt white right wingers

bald weeterbix toss

swallow all the lie

reject social corbyn peace

for war on the poor

can you turn around

and scratch my backspine

recording artist

rotate calender

chinese hindu mayan noh

play the timetables



isness is illness

see racist sexist i.d

process in e-prime

my world processes

weather patterns recog

nature nomad life



tale of tribe

of robert anton wilson

saves the world

preying on poor folk

punching down infirm and young

the tory virus

stupid thick brexit

tory motherfuckers

no longer my friend


kukulkan sun ru
21 / 12 / 2012
hopi synthesis

amsterdam sun ru
25 / 1/ 2020
coincidance now



tory cu ts here

poor dudley to loose 5m

north robbed blind


if only cuts

affected tory voters

not everyone




let us play a game

of who can unfriend who first

no tory brexit


give boris a call

in saudi arabia

they are listening


fire in the sky

orange liar in white house

oz red air by day


country before self

america first not you

the donald trumpfish

country before self

britain first not you boris

trump lapdog bozo




the meaning of life

rare british common ground film

the life of brian


impeach cheetoh

bolten will testify now

lock him up down


greta at davos

world economic forum

the house still on fire

eminem dem

murder meme game cinema

syllable sees red


two thousand twenty

mmxx balancing

love to rewind spin

twenty one twenty

a new decade and new date

time flies calendar


rota 360

revolution hemp wax



like water skaters

boomerung mirror scratching

breaks surface beats


what kind of dj

no saddle or horse disc

jocks and rubbers run


egg to butterfly

craftwings from chemical

nature beat juggle


hornet on leaf

big round green one in pond

stylus touch down


saturns rings spin

particles of planet rock

waves in vinyl


black crow claws

engrave the pattern on ice

triple groove scratching


licking perfected

pussycat on internet

feeling scratched up


each city morn

same old trees sway in wind

rewind selecta


world turning

just like these samples

a stylus skipper


playing tune backward

invoke enochian

tribe to table


break beat with hand

recycle the old to new

straw in bird nest


dolphin’s water ring

artfoam and sea culture

tablist v dj


sigil platterpuss

scratching nail into wax

milking of jugla’s


moaning and steaming

dog trot curry-go-around

turd table shit


both there and not

scratch record collect of

erwin schrodinger


this table slipmat

spun from finest spider silk

flyometree spins


fish in eagle claw

stylus pick up and drop fin

set keel to breakers


the twenty two trumps

intelligent nu tarot

on tribetables


woodpeckers notches

concentric around tree trunk

reel dial-log


this play skips tragic

comic alternate currents

transformer flare

white shark teeth

in the leg pulling under

this deep scratch


sex and some money

trump race and the religion

of billionaires

united in faith

Islam fundamentalist




billions in bank

never enough for vultures

fail-out flybe


a wartime nazi

can come to america

make drugs and rockets


top nazis all white

once the american men

gave some safe refuge


a nazi hunter

does not have to look that far

in 2020


cia nazi

dragon return to the nest

mi6 nazi


looting and plunder

investigation unit

nazi brexart


Art Looting Investigation Unit ALIU


give back the stolen

art gold and jewelry

to poland and hungary


what do you call an ex cia agent


what’s the difference between the cia and kgb?

Putin can count?


sorry I missed you
alice coltrane always there



do you understand
stellar regions and coltrane
pop music is dead



ocean heat rising

the number of trees falling

my mind drifts seawood


god or cia

made donald the chosen one



temple on the mound

first was the native shaman

second coming christ


give all that you have

and live on a minimum wage

prince harry step back


thick racist sun mob

inflict soverign self harm

harry and meghan (knight rooked the queen)


racist pantomime

actress formerly known as

dutchess of meghan


cast as brown villain

corruptor of royal blood

tabloid race baiters


i can break it down

like however you want to

i can break it down




with bob in palm springs
photo is by paul krassner
rest in peace great men

oh bob you were right

war spirals from bad language
beware of the fnords


Robert Anton Wilson


full flying dutch maan
licked a schaduw van water
january ten fits

the same old moon in

iran, us, uk, world

try to see the licht


tsar mmxx
communicated slogan
fake back great control




watching pmqs?
or planning a drunk night out

ignorance is bliss


boris soundbiting
hard leave and war in iran
corbyn still for peace

election bros deaf

no care but for hair and nails
no due diligence

empty promises
full corporate fascism
nhs for war


war trade or trade war
sell nhs to buy bombs
blue brexit ponzi



give back chagos now
you rotten stealing cheaters
mauritius now

the only drone strike
brexit voters care about
is a pizza drone


proxy morons war
kangaroo burning in bush
cool it for christs sake

bloody red by day
black country thick smog by night
indust rev spread fire


like a hungry stalk
i beg the deaf blind for peace
waiting for the spring


cat piss’d at fire works
felt the new year terror game
rocket dogs of war

the new year next year
is not a homing pigeon
but a lying ass

I miss mosquitos
flies spiders bees moths and sun
hibernating life

go into the light
can you lift up the great ball
love all the people?



borris morrison
trump conservative white men

love hot war sore glow

lapdogs and english
are leaving the eurozone
with light on amber

no predator drone
in sky over amsterdam
so i’m alright jack

pale cons turn peach

world fire lies on beach
trumpkin johnissun


missile on gulf course
broken egg shell promises
agent orange chimp




mushrooms make it rain

from forest ecosystem

brainstorm in spore cloud


u.s gammon sale

in u.k gammon market

both bomb poor children


brexit tory cunt

no thought for other people

now trump war fuckers


curse on the uk war

wish all sides could be beaten

let england shake off


51st state twat

thick white islamofoam

football hooligob


I hope a gypsy

travellers site is built by

your home in hagley

charlie underdog

bebop jazzman big bass moan

mingus dynasty




remember his name

Bruce Shillingsworth who spoke truth

first nations ozzie

cradle earth rocking

ecological finance

no conservatives


wind part of process

firestorm part of the process

the rainfall process



the new right-wing popular

gene-pool chauvinist


iron fire bird

iran under red bushes

iraq brain drones reign


strong ozone and cloud

fist in the orange sky smoke

today sad air strike




naked trees felted

birch barking at silver moon

quilted in arclight

duck dives tin-flash lake

I feed the gulls some old bread

breath America


make everything new

return over a new leaf

like ants bridge building


rot stench of kippers

axe to divide poor people

the stinky blue thumb




fire and ice in heart

love buds first new year skyline

for twenty twenty


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