A Rub Or Tug Job A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Poet as early warning defence system?
Don’t panic, I should listen to myself
Heading into a new dark 3.0
And out the otherside when a new dawn will break
A rug or tug-job a day keeps the doctor away, in the meantime

To repeat, make Bloomsday of doomsday
Plant seeds and grow your own medicine
Food fibre fuel and head-food
Do your chemistry homework now
Rice, coconut oil, turmeric, lemon juice, honey
All naturally occurring medicines are your friends
Re-introduce yourself to the produce

I’m going through changes
From complacent to intrigued to worried and back
Know this fact, we all must act and spare a thought
Self isolate and stop the wheels lower the probability
Usually, I’m the one saying “just get over it, think yourself well
Here I’m increasingly considering FULL CAPS
Not to get shouty with orders but please…

Including a little research into the global picture
Other countries and their response
Either get to where I’m at with this: CANCEL EVERYTHING
Or come up with a really good reason why not to?
Based on what evidence and statistics?
From what I can gather, we’re heading for a novelty wave
A tsunami of novelty where things will mutate and change faster and faster
Get your thoughts in order, make a mantra

Hard questions for me to answer
Stop smoking immediately in the interest of others?
Cancel work, gigs, meetings, social engagements for at least 3 months?
Stock up on food that will sustain in event of lockdown?
Keep talking and writing to myself or start sharing these questions.

Dear Boris and Mr Hancock and Mr Trump
Contain yourselves
Consider the vulnerable, the at-risk when you speak
Falling on deaf ears
So forget about them and reel in your reality back home
Isolate meditate contemplate
Poetry and masturbation poetry and masturbation
Stay awank, we need you

Love, steve fly

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