To The Five Cereals God

Spring wind from the East
Whispers of four seasons killer king at large
Falling on deaf ears like snowflakes

Flowers burst late winter messaging
Sun’s fire and flood yin and yang
Man’s dumb bones silent and thick
The birds and bees return
I sigh with pain and with relief
The mountains and the milky way do not care
For my mouthful of air
When will I see my family again
Who will we have become
What of the badger fox and pheasant populations

A Tsunami of novelty wash over gold
Sunset on the horizon
Its sudden beauty deceives man
A novel king puzzle virus moves like a god
Invisible almighty all-powerful creator and destroyer
The slugs go about their twisted business
Fish return to the river
Men to their cave
Sorrow on the air like bird song

The countermeasures worse than the illness
Thank goodness for Shen Nung
The five cereals god
Hemp cannabis and cheerfulness

Funny thoughts dissolve
As the long night approaches
I start a poem and the moon sways
Simple good health cheer for all
May the cereal gods be bountiful
May the rains not fail to fall
May the greedy pulldown vanity
Let us swear to meet again in the new world after

–Steve Fly

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