Fresh Off The Dome Of Squintin Quarantino


On the way to brum there’s a place called Quinton
I saw it through the window and my eyes started squintin’
I jumped off the bus and was shot in the head
By a fake bullet “for a scene” the chap said
Step the fuck back bruv, do I know you?
Naa’ just kiddin’ saw your hat, checked your crew
We went into the cinema and smoked some strong indo
Turned off the lights and sat Squintin Quarantino

Don’t call me squintin’
When I’m locked down like San Quintin
I’m quitting’ spittin’ sittin’ here knittin’ new mittens
Cute scratching like kittens
Most my girlfriends were fit ens’
So many in the art game get paid a mere pittance
Patience, stop and read the has Beano
The world is hulk fiction and I’m Squintin Quarantino

I step into battle with shaker and rattle
Dressed like a cow I move the crowd like cattle
Commune-immunity with no vaccine is lunacy
Move your dumb ass inside the virus is real you see?
Stop gambling with your life in that fucking Casino
Stay home and kill ill like Squintin Quarantino

Take that 5G conspiracy and give your third eye a squeegee
When you get bored source your news from a Wiji
Bars I got plenty my mouth never empty
Call me Squinting eyes prize flies twenty-twenty
With a mouth full of fevers like you’d never believe us
Hip hop inglorious spit smells like Brad’s Pitt
My reservoir dogs bark at Al Pacino
Don’t fuck with the camera guy I’m Squintin Quarantino

This band is bound for mumu land
Turntable spray can mic and handstand
Stay the fuck home with stuck home syndrome
Play games fly drone make rhymes dry bone
I’m in quarantainment thinkin’ bout the government
Doing edu-tainment writing to contain it
Outbreak beats from tribal elders to bambino
We’re all bastards now bro just like Squintin Quarantino

We await a second universal base-sick incoming
Incoming…I juggle beats in my heart I’m drumming
All washed hands on deck, sick seconds to wreck
Better put on a mask and better wynd in yer’ neck
And get set to a task
Like making gowns gloves food poems and masks
And if in the night you get a strong dark urgy
To go into the streets get a bit purgy
Breath and hold down the fort, stay home, it’s a sport
And I’m the Eddie Eagle Edwards of ski-board rap warriors
Don’t jump stay home, stop worriers
Don’t be hateful mate be a loving hero get leano’
I’ll be here scribblin’ bruv peace Squintin Quarantino.

OUTRO: When your locked up inside and there’s nowhere to hide and the last plane has flied and the tough man has cried the criminister lied as the last poet sighed and we all on this slide of mosty unsatisfied we look back and we tied our prejudice to pride and teachers they tried and preachers some died and screetchers they scryed guilty they hide and greedy they seek and the spirit of Apocalypse Cow moooooooo. How do you treat your meat? “if Covid 19 is the China virus, school shootings are the white people virus…” the other Quarantino said. Fly out. Yeah yeah. SQ in the house. Hey, stay home, stay in bed yer’ bellend. Ha. What you looking at now? Why you squinting? Dis ting…here, look, down at your toe, go, run that riddim’ track….flow.

I feel like Rambino when I’m in my Lamborghino
Wearing my chino’s reading porno magazino
From the fam Gambino I gamble rambles for vino
Split the spleeno of geno now I’m singing Turna Tino’

Walkin’ down the streeto, just eating my cheetoh
Girl turned and shouted, “hey Squintin Quarantino”
I said “hell no, what the fuck do you meano”
“I’m smoking that icky girl-scout cookie pheno”

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