Flu Romance – Squintin Quarantino


(Shout out to Culpatino…no blame. Big up Gravitino, I feel you)

My gloves are on, the detergent is drawn
I’m ready for the virus from dusk till dawn
Break the trance with the vibes from Brian Eno
The sound flew off the tracks cuz’ I’m Squintin Quarantino

I’m like Kurt Russel in Escape From New York
Running man, stunning man, gunningham talk
Like Stallone in Lock Up and Hanks in Castaway
I’m stuck here in Quarantime looking for the way
I’m isolating nice things singing while tricycling
Flinging words stifling, the greedy are pilfering
The vultures are profiting
Don’t stand so close to me
I practice social distance Sting
I save Zoe…and my keys unchained Django
Watch me on screen, love, Squintin Quarantango
In Paris, with the butternut squash
In the bed with moustache sized buds in ma’ stash
High as a Kietel here alone in the hotel
Show tell bad smell brad pitted’ cherry bell
A big shout out to Mia Wallace and Gromit
She wears the wrong trousers and sniffed the wrong sherbet

Take the pandem-mic and make the people dance
Stay the fuck inside its no flu romance
I’m a natural born killer of this novel corona
Squashed it with my Ayahuasca ceremona
Original gangsters like Whitey Albino
Can’t shoot a shot like Squnitin Quarantino

Like Hoffman in a Hazmat suit
Prometheus blows mellow flute
Can’t touch the hammer you might go David Banner
The gamma-slammer-roller got your tongue on stammer
The Androm-media strain effect like a domino
I’ve seen it blurred before as Squintin Quarantino

Natural born iller than Jacko in Thriller
Beats lilted dilla Jackie Brown in the mirror
My mind in a sewer better sew something newer
Dip a toe in the water stay inside like befower’
I can’t be sure bruh my vision is poor
All out of focus from each scene to sceno’
Cuz’ in this sun city sin I’m Squintin Quarantino

Kick out the germs motherfucker stand back
I strike down with vengeance on corona claptrap
My angers are furious my facts Sammuel serious
A pox on those who poison brothers delirious
Me I like to trip the old acid amino
Shootin’ super hate cuz I’m Squintin Quarantino



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