The Mother Of The Mother Of Tobacco Is A Snake

A research study conducted in France has found that inpatients and outpatients who smoke tobacco are 80 and 75 % less likely to develop symptomatic and severe Covid-19 infections. My instincts tell me these findings are worthy of investigation, new consideration. Their methodology and experimental conditions are detailed and published HERE.

To embolden the general idea I ask… what can we scrutinize about this study? How do we make their findings more robust and further expand the study, cross-examine other such studies? 

My hunch starts with research conducted by Jeremy Narby and published in his book The Cosmic Serpent

Below I’ve included screenshots of these two sources, together forming a balanced picture (a roughly left-brain and right-brain stereo mix) of what I have previously mused upon: indigenous shamanic practice using Ayahuasca and Tabacco and its role in our fight, as a interconnected global species, with novel airborne Coronaviruses.

I’d like to encourage you to refocus (defocus using stereoscopic thinking) on the recent rigorous scientific study on Tobacco / Nicotine and Covid-19.

Please let me know if you have any feedback in the comments.

Much love, steve fly.

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