My Covid-19 Guidelines For Small Businesses

Lead By Example

Hi, rather than perpetually moan and groan everytime I read an article about the impact of Covid-19 on businesses, in particular small hospitality services, I wanted to share my thoughts in the format of some clear bullet points, a mixture of gentle advice and strong recommendations. However much I wish the chaos would all go away, the new reality for us requires forward thinking optimism and criticism, in equal measure. The largest restaurant chains in the world such as McDonald’s, who don’t seem content with their existing Covid-19 safe…drive through are planning to re-open. I can understand it’s extra work and consideration on top stresses for small businesses, but please, don’t let McDonald’s be the only food outlet open for business due to the fact they published some flimsy Covid-19 measures. You can do better!             


I guess, in the near future, new Health And Safety rules will apply to your business and staff. Better go look them up now, create a Google Alert (Covid-19 Health And Safety) and add your specific location, e.g. in the UK see: 

Reconsider existing Health And Safety certifications and the process of gaining them. Did you or your colleagues take a test? What was it like, how might Covid-19 change questions and answers in 2020 and beyond. See the new Remote Auditing from Britsafe here:

Perhaps go further and begin to formulate your own certification, alone or better yet as a team. Explore ways in which you can improve the efficiency, communication and protection of your business in the new Covid-19 world. If you can prove your methods and processes as a team, raise each others Covid awareness, and if you can record your progress to provide evidence of your actions, you can lead by example. #CoronaHero
This could potentially make your business more attractive to customers and get you in-line for support…due to leading the field, doing what the government is not. Thinking for yourself. To be clear, these are extra measures on top of whatever current measures are in place.          


I consider the practical measures as a finite list and I sincerely hope that innovative minds out there will think of alternative materials and methods to further reduce any chance of infection. Please consider.

Protective Screens – At the point of purchase, materials, designs, microphone?

Floor Markings – Set to the advised spacing apart, simple.

Protective Masks – All staff and management wear masks (medical, non-medical grade?)

Protective Gloves – All staff equipped with ample supply of gloves and instructed on procedures for use, frequency of change etc.    

Ventilation – All ventilation systems are operating to ensure clean flow of air (Kitchens)

Public Information – Certificates and public info on view to make customers feel secure. 

Delivery And Service Providers – Share the same Covid measures and certifications?

Updated Cleaning Schedule – Based on new methods, frequency, cleaning agents.  

Team Building – A series of actions to encourage open feedback between teammates, a forum, Whats App group, Zoom etc.

Insurance – What can small businesses learn from the super giants, what changes? 

Test Trace Isolate / Flatten The Curve – Are your team and customers aware of larger goals? If not, why not?  

Solidarity – It is critical that governments and businesses move in tandem to ensure staff who may feel sick say so immediately. Same for those who have contact with Covid-19 cases?

Emergency Procedure – What happens if X Y Z? Protocol and plans for the future.

This Q & A on Food Safety and Covid 19, by the European Commission is informative.

Good luck out there. I hope to produce other such guidelines on other areas of impact this month. Much love,

Steve fly

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