Thoughts On Race Identity Politics Conspiracy


Our pen names, pet names, imaginary friends and guardian entities are not just simply fiction. (a lot depends on who you’re talking to). Yes, we are our names and social security numbers, our birth certificate and our identity cards, but we are so much more than that. Inner self-identity can be deceiving. In a digital landscape of splintered digital identities, consider becoming/seeking the author of your authentic identity by doing language, before it does you. Work with your dog-given infinite-flux of beingness to track and trace distinguishing features, differences…between biological, written and imagined identities, seeking group narrative story as a means to investigate inner/outer unity of beingness. Find coherence in feedback from the tribes.  


Our ancestor worship and cultural genetic complex of origins is not fiction, it’s in religion for some people, it’s within biological genetic family tree diagrams for others, but it’s so much more too. Outward appearances can be deceiving. Use your innate human abilities to distinguish contour, tone, pattern and features for celebrating similarities and showing empathy where injustice and tragedy is endured by any tribe. A rainbow of inclusive narrative stories. India, Asia, Africa, Indonesia, America’s and Europe are all in the story. Seek out new narrative stories in groups to celebrate the never ending story of races, demonstrate once and at the same time: honoring of ancestors, by sharing, comparing with your tribes and the others. The tale of the tribe is a tale/story including all the other tribes, by default a rainbow coalition of earth peoples. We’re all in it together trying to make it (the story) cohere. Actung! never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups. 


Progressive dreams of a world without war, where all are housed, fed, clothered and loved is not fiction. Yes, we are the X on the ballot paper but we are much more than that, we are more than the policies and the words of those we vote for. We’re not their logo or their brand. Party politics can be deceiving, two party politics is divisive. Perhaps, work toward joining affiliation groups that better reflect your place in nature, in society. Question the relationship between the individual and the state, use critical thinking to unite opposing forces through group feedback/synthesis. Seek a new group narrative story, consider each major culture and their founding story, consider founding one that includes all around the earth humanity, celebrating individual liberty self-owning ones.


The trust must begin somewhere, if eveything is a conspiracy then nothing is a conspiracy, check those equivalences again and again, avoid the slow slip into the slop of solipsism. Who benefits? who can break their spell and how? Conspiracies are by definition deceiving. Use a hierarchy of values approach, with a probabilistic language to explore shades of conspiracy, toward a conspiracyometer that ranges from highly probable (revelations from the Panama papers) to total batshit (flat earth, satanic invasion, one almighty creator), that’s to share my conspiracyometer. Seek group narrative stories that are informed by all above questions: individual vs. the state, inner/outer self identity, biology vs. never ending story of races. Flip the script to produce benevolent altruistic conspiracies, secret plans to bring health, wealth, love, comfort and good cheer to all around the world humanity, by tomorrow night! 

These are my suspicions, I’d be interested to know your thoughts on these critical issues facing all-around-the-world-humanity.


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