Squintin Quarantino: Mink Differently

Pontoon…that’s twenty twenty one
Put yer’ mask on, big task ahead son
SQ Raps, with zoonotic curses
A pox on capitalists, flock of bats in these verses
Swoop down with sonor into your town
James Brown on the speakers (get up, get down)
The message I got and medium hold it
Warped my mind, cosmos enfolded (tongue molded)
My joint hold it
That weed, sold it, green like Kermit,
supreme vermin, sermon turnin’
R-number determine the respect that you earnin’ (Zero?)
…I’m showing concernin’
Shut the fucking zoos and the schools, get learnin’

I look in mirror, and tap the sink
Double tap my head, think mcfly think
These rhymes on pages, unpublished gauges
For Le’ Mink I beg forgiveness from gods and sages
Animal trade brings a shit parade
Unless, in a lab, you think the virus made 
They farmed fur and fucked with the wrong mink
They picked the wrong Pangolin, wrong day, wrong drink
Now humanity caged, we all enraged (klink klink)
Klink klink
You put Mink and Pangolin and Bats in cages
Farm anything that walks, now the virus engages
Pelts and coats and eyebrows and soup
These mistakes not so man-kind, the guilty group (shot the coup)
You eat Bat Pangolin soup you die
You farm mink in squalour, boxed in you pay
Their natural habitat is 7 miles wide
They nurse their young on milk, down their burrow, inside
Netherlands, Denmark and US breed em’
Kill them, skin them, sell them and bleed them
Gone done it now, since pig sheep and cow
Back to bite you in the ass, better fast write a vow
The wrong Pangolin and bat-mink farms
The wrong politician and brats test our calms
When the wrong human spread the wrong virus
Cull in Denmark, our fault (I’d fire us)
Like a bat out of hell you’ll be mourning till’ the morning comes
I’m not surprised, got a gravestone on my drums
Pull your mind out the slums (hums)
Rise up with empathy, let it go, plums
Covid dumbos suck like a thousand jumbos
Wishful thinking, booze, god, where the mind goes
Rhymes runnin’ like yer’ nose in a snot green garden
Overflow hose with this prose keg yer’ pardon

Practically shut the Zoo, we haven’t any clue
How far up David Icke’s Rabbit hole do you have to goo
Until you smell the bull poo, I ask you?
Study mammals, the variants, tell parents
Mammalian pathology and Mink/Pangolin physiology
Check my methodology, questions, juss’ holla G.
You believe a bio-flu made in a lab just for you
Why shut a zoo when it’s Bill Gates crew in Wu
Antivaxx anti-lockdown virus madness crew, fuck you
I spit compassion for Mink, you just share sick stink
Common sense and decency on the brink
National health crisis, you’re brainwashed like Isis
Killing just as many, your poor mum dad or granny
Boris Johnson is a pure fanny
These dead-pan notes are not funny
Far right thugs and Facebook groups
Conmen and victims, all fodder for troops
Caught in the cross-fire, a zoonotic virus
I put my hands in the air, but nobody would hire us, they fire us!
Check the papyrus
2020 vision I got it
Published in March, I got a fly in my bonnet
This is no sonnet but if you sun it you get it
Vitamin DJ, TJ hooka’ beat smell it
Don’t forget stay fit, still dance and move your feet
Be discreet with your raps don’t write all caps
I’m like a Pangolin army walkin’ through cat-flaps
Flapping chops, cutting drops, wearing a bat bra singing four-tops
Turvey, squirrely surely shirley, upside down inside from scurvy
These liars unnerve me, chumocracy dirty
I’ve been saying this since I was twenty or thirty
Always wash your hands before eating at the canteeno’
The virus invisible, I’m Squintin Quarantino

They put animals and people in cages
Profited from misery throughout ages
Confuse health message as illness rages
The tabloid right wing news-reaper pages
Have I got news for you
This shit started in a make-shift wet zoo in Wu
The chinese contained it, but some tourists plained it
And some tourists plained it, and some tourists plained it
Skiers and first-world upper-class dummies
Picked up corona for a ride to their cities
Those living in crown cuckoo land, can’t understand what’s new
A new virus, previously unknown and that much is true
Faith salespeople and cheats pounce like vultures
I make word sculptures, music and cultures
You turn natural disaster into a man-made catastrophe
By not taking the scientific consensus seriously
Toilet papers hordes and 5G nutspiracy, embarrass me, callous me?
Qanon, wake up son, they’re lying about who’s lying
I’m flowing here trying to keep from sighing
Singing not crying, walking not flying 
There’s no denying, right wing leaders cause more dying
Look at New Zealand and Wuhan, which communist buying?
First world white capitalist faith-based disaster
Exceptionalism, conceit makes the virus spread faster
All the Trump Bolsonaro Bozo incompetence
Is reflected in numbers, the death and mere pitence
Largest military and best health care facilities
Can’t be used to help the people because their for-profit utilities
Public funds into private purses
What are you stupid or something, can’t understand these verses
You’ve been robbed, raped, thraiped and tortured
They stole the land, the trees, the air from our orchard
And although its awkward we must walk forward
For word brings hope and a rant helps my veggies steam
Environment a melting ice-cream, it doth seem, ripped at the seam
Tripped over the dream back to the future nightmare
But I’m awake, ready for the fight, who’s up and out there?
I’m here training in my yellow submarino’
Staring at Faceblock, Squintin Quarantino

–Squintin Quarantino

See 2020: Squintin Quarantino

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